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Wow spelunker!!!! Will buy day 1 #55
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I had a vita and ended up selling it and getting a 3ds instead. The games werent a problem for me... My issue was that i got severe hand cramps after just 30 minutes of gaming, i even bought grips for it and that barely helped. Decided its not worth to keep a system that was such a pain to use...

Gravity rush was my favorite #15
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if you are a pc gamer the incentive to install linux is huge, because if you have the mental capacity that is larger than a mouse you build your own gaming PCs and dont buy from a company.

That means you avoid the MS tax and spend the money on better hardware or games instead.

Purchasing inferior software is a waste of time. So is Windows Metro tile interface. #12.4.1
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Using linux is more geeky than using windows? Lol.
The fail of logic in some people is pretty big.

Its actually easier to use and more user friendly than windows. So it sounds to me like you are the geek here. #12.1.3
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Valve is releasing their own OS that is based on debian linux. Hundreds of games have been ported already, including Dota, CS:go, borderlands, etc. Other huge games are on the horizon (star citizen is getting a linux client).

And all of this has happened in a single year simply because of valve. I am not worried about game support. #12.2.1
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Yawn. Linux mint >>>> anything microsoft can come up with

Now if they just release ubuntu phone soon.
.. #12
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disgusting to keep seeing new cod titles in the news.

How many yearly rehashes do they need to make until people stop buying? unbelievable. #37
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medium #124
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you guys rock, please enter me into the contest! #261
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sums n4g up #16
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weird. i thought brits were smarter. #75
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not surpsied tbh. Sessler is like 20% below average (as avg is 81 on metacritic). Imo sessler is just an attention whore.

either way... I always thought infamous games were mediocre, maybe thats just me. Def not the best of playstation franchises. #80
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$100 online / year for online acces for your both consoles + 30-50 for internet from ISP?

lol. #1.2.9
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lol that sounds terrible.

gotta have a tough skin i guess. #2.1
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Ms panties. End of story bra. #37.1.6
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To console fans like theredbutterfly

Leave the specs discussion to pc gamers. You have no idea what you are talking about.

Ghz cannot be compared 1:1 across different architectures. How clueless are you? by that logic any cpu from 10 years ago that had a clock of 3-4 ghz would be faster than a 2-3 ghz processor of today.

Here is a hint: anyone who thinks that has the mental capacity of an armadillo. #30.2
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fanboys like you wont see a difference either way. u are wearing MS themed panties so that basically sums it up. #37.1.4
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buying a company or funding development of exclusive games is different than throwing cash at a company to negotiate "an exclusivity" agreement.

MS supporters dont see any difference? good for you. #37.1.2
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another reason why you should never buy anything microsoft related.

Sony hires or creates new studios to make new exclusive games for people who buy playstation that would not have existed before.

Microsoft goes to a company that was going to make a multiplatform game, and pays them off to have the game NOT be on any other platform. If it wasnt for MS everyone would have been able to play titanfall.

this is a scum company, i dont even own a p... #37
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@ Papashango.

First of all that's a personal insult.

Second of all, you have no idea what you are talking about. Being fat for that long has def. had an effect on his arteries.

He may not be as fat as he was before, but he is probably still in the overweight category. Look at his abdominal region. If you cant see that fat sitting on there then buy a pair of glasses and stop insulting people on the internet.

Especially w... #6.1.1
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