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Wii U make more of these type of games, I'd probably dig it.. platformers are my fave gaming type handsdown. #10
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Sht... XboxOne near killed at the beginning. #50
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You and me both.. #3
These are kind of watch I want.. not the stupid smartwatch crap. #33
Man, that's sad.. Now I have to say, don't ever kill yourself over people comments on the internet, they're nothing but a bunch of stupid. #50
It happens.. nothing lasts forever.
I got most of the Silent Hill games anyway. #39
I'm the same way, and have been this way for a long time.. I love buying games, my mind gonna play til the end but never did finish.. got bored after first 20% or so, got new games and played, the old thing happened again.. I don't really wanna quit, but it's coming to the point I'm just imposive about buying. Although I don't buy games til the price dropped but still $19 or $29 times 3 every week, they add up. #7
I couldn't agree more.. now we have to buy costumes and weapons for the games, instead of unlocking them by playing through the games.. I sure hell never want unlocked the worthless trophies or achievements. #3
That's why they get where they are.. Sony and Playstation yeah!!!! #23
Sure does look like it... #14
SH are my favorite... but they don't have to keep on making too many of them, I still have the old ones all that matter. #5
Playable Demos should come with every new game you bought.. #8
Yeah, a lot of them on PS3 now and coming more.. I have a whole lot on my wishlist. #53.1
When is it coming out?! #54
Yes, for PS3 too.. the system I play. #9.3
Rainbow Six used to be my fave, played all the time. after Black Arrow, it was done.. If this bring a good time back, then I'm back. #5
Awesome... and longer hours gameplay too, will you please?! #11
What's he gonna do.. casting spells?! #3
I loved PS Home, hanging with virtual people were my thing... but froze too much on my PS3 after new menu update, and it was gotten too many locations to go to the point didn't know which place to hangout... it would be great if PS Home comes back on PS4, but keep it not so big, simple and fun. just my opinion. #12
Actually PS3 right now is the best time to own - it took almost ten years of hardwork to make all the great games -.. makes no sense to by PS4 with a few games, and a bunch of remakes.. it makes no sense to play remake games on a new system.. I have lots of PS3 games and still buying more PS3 games yet, I'm not even done yet... I still PS2ing too.. did I mention it took almost ten years of hardwork to make all of the great games?! #14
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