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Actually PS3 right now is the best time to own - it took almost ten years of hardwork to make all the great games -.. makes no sense to by PS4 with a few games, and a bunch of remakes.. it makes no sense to play remake games on a new system.. I have lots of PS3 games and still buying more PS3 games yet, I'm not even done yet... I still PS2ing too.. did I mention it took almost ten years of hardwork to make all of the great games?! #14
Yes, they ruin games... people who play trying to get most achievements/trophies to show up on their profiles which to show off on friends list how many they got, which never even care much about the games.. which none of the friends don't even give a sh*t about. #15
Oh well, I don't buy consoles anymore anyway, I'm happy with my PS2 and PS3.. if Nintendo done, I'm done.. shit, I'm done already even before Nintendo done. #25
Ummm.. xbox One?! #4.1
There are GTA games for mobile, that that mean RockStar sink ship?!.. no. #12
Whatever,Cliff... I'm gonna be playing some Ninten-games on my phone. and been I have been playing all kinds of mobile games already. The screen size of my phone already the same as DS. #10
B/C PS4 sux... #9
That's about right.. #29.2
My GTA5(PS3), up and kicking again.. tomorrow tomorrow, I love you tomorrow I love you.. tomorrow #7
Xbox Live should be free to begin with... PS4 online should be free like the PS3 online was... that's why I don't buy those consoles. #15
It better be out for PS3 too... or I'm gonna mmmmmmh ahhh!!! #9
Can we just delay one more time... please? #6
They just wanna buy a console and plug in and play... not spending time putting PC parts together. #18
RIP... to young to. #63
I can't stand this dude ugly face.. how a $^##@** he get so many views on Youtube beyond me?! #25
Good idea, I would be playing more on PC instead.. oh wait?! #4
Fanboys is an oldthing... #30.1
I still loving my PS3.. but if I had a PS4 I would never gonna touch my PS3 again.. So to me PS3 for another longtime. #62
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All I can say is.... YES!!!! #21
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Sears are closing everywhere.. they ain't gonna sale sh$t. #31
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