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Talk about blowing the waters out. Release and "HD" 2D only system. 12-bit, for $50-ish bucks.
It has the power for HD style 2D graphics, like NSMBW and perhaps U, but has very limited space for the games. #1.5
Nintendo was Nintendo for the most part. They should have had an Eternal Darkness though. A Star Wars exclusive? N64 and GameCube had Star Wars exclusives. #3.1.9
They did have the Unity deal out of nowhere. Netflix is popular on the Wii. They have one chance left really with their Wii U online presentation before it launches to seal the deal for many. #2.1
I get tired of the PR answers from the higher ups. #1.10
"They are remaining tight-lipped about what they are working on- it is the usual vague marketing spiel for now- nothing tangible."

I don't know why they even waste time on this. #1.1.2
Kotaku. Important. Important. Important. Get the media on this now. #21
Betting on when DX11 will be standard probably. Nintendo sees one now, upped it a little, and will play the wait and see game. They waited for HDTVs to be more "standard" and are probably thinking the same with DX11? #3.6.1
I put Uncharted 1 first, only because it got the series started. They're all good though. #1.1
Is the first that good? I could grab it for the 360 I guess. #48
First day for sure. Not sure of Deluxe. #1
1080p, good enough for me. #23
Interested to see if it does anything that different. #1
Definitely must play, just for the art style. It's stunning what they did. #1
League of Legends, 100%. #2
Superman 64. #1
Halo games are made with more realistic atmospheres so I can see a GPU update benefiting the game. Not a bad thing either. #1.3
Great series. Wish it sold more. #1
Don't forget Halo. #1
Glad to see Bastion make this. #1
The game is running a lot better now, and the players seem to be a little more GR experienced than when it first released. #1
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