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Can't wait until he plays it at length. #8
Borderlands 3 for free? #1
Awesome! Can't wait for more. #1
I'm just amazed at how organizations like PETA can stay around. I mean, who is getting the money and for what? Making fun of a video game to make people aware? #2.2.2
Would it lose the family friendly rating? #5.1
Where do they get their money... #2.2
They rely on those sites for the 10 out of 10s. #1.1.4
Awesome news. #1
Some PR answers for sure. But, the whole market could get crazy the next 6 months with prices. #1.1
How so? #1.1
This game showed up out of nowhere on me. I didn't know about it until today. Sad. #1
It would have been failed if it was a legitimate piece without Pachter's name and another source on it.
This is clearly an example of terrible journalism, and the piece should have been failed. #23.2
Bad journalism is bad journalism. This should have been failed before/after the update. #22.1
This really does sound like a great title. It has now been added to my list. #1
There should be some skill involved, other than mashing a button for toll dice. Rubberband AI needs to go and stay away. #1
I wonder what the developers think going back to their older games. #1.1
Sony is losing sales right now on the PS4 because it doesn't exist. They don't know how to run a business apparently. Just as some don't know how to write. #101
Trashtaku. Bottom of the barrel. #2
Except. President Obama has horrid math and apparently thinks a few extra trillion is great. They are both bad. Wouldn't use it as an example ever, always consider the source. #6.2
Other gen maybe? If the next child had another mother, which 2 months later I would imagine that was the case. >_> #1.4.1
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