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Sad but true. #1.1
Seems weird title for localization? How popular is this one stateside? #4
IGN's opinion matters? #2
Hmmm. Shame EA has the rights now and these type of SW games probably won't happen. #1
It looks okay. Gotta remember marketing trumps final product in some cases. #3
Enjoyed RtCW, wonder how this one will hold up on the story side. #14
Should be a 10/10! But the price and content hold it back huh? #1
For the time Daggerfall released, absolutely! #2.2.6
LOL, what did I just watch? #1
I ALMOST clicked this. BUT, I want a bit of surprise. I'll wait for now. #26
Just Dance 4 is the best so far. #1
Yes. #10
Enjoying the game a lot! Hope it's fixed ASAP! #1.1
Apparently 7 people do say. #1.2.1
How is this at 30 degrees with one approval?! I know it's had a bit of a rough start, but I hope things straighten out quickly for it. #2
We have come a long way since the original. Or have we? #1
I wonder when Wal-Mart will become a staple with pre-order bonuses. #1
LOL, I almost reported this as "Wrong story type" when I first saw the title. Sure enough, there is a review format there though. Addressing more than just RE6. #1
This is going to hit 5000 degrees and shut N4G down. #1.1
Microsoft could go with a special marketing scheme like a subscription fee. Like cellphones. Get the console for $300, with a 3 year Xbox Live subscription. #2.1
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