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@MPOG You rang? Can i help you? Scratch that, you are beyond ANY help!

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LOL. Keep telling yourself that son.

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I look forward to seeing the XB1 footage. this 360 stuff looks OK. Textures are rather low to mid res. Great games though.

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@MPOG. LMAO! One core you say? Everything so far on XB1 is running on one core? Holy mother of god! I see you've been drinking the Mr X Media Kool Aid again. Your wall of text is awesome, and so incorrect i feel sorry you believe what you type. Classic multi account POG. Never change, you bring comedy to N4G!

Both CPU's are THE SAME, aside from the fact that one runs a wee bit faster than the other, however in real world applications the PS4's CPU is more efficien...

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All 3 are basement dwellers. Worst sites in the history of video games.

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You are few and far between. have a bubble for a non fanatical (unlike a number of other XB1 supporters) comment.

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Morpheus support was confirmed a while ago.

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So never then?

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No it won't. There will be no decisive moves. It may sway users looking to buy one way or the other, but thats as far as these things go.

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Lol, another dreamer! You are not very good at this reading lark.

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LMAO! Keep the dream alive you nut job!

Misterxmedia is not a good source for rumours, given that's where most come from!

You are too funny, please continue...

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FH2 is no technical marvel. Drive Club on the other will melt faces! The Crew, is sat in the middle.

LOL at MPOG! God loves a shill, and you are just the top of the tree! How you've managed it for 8 years is truly next generation stuff right there!

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We need more "will it" articles. Clearly not enough.

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See you when the game hits. 99.9% don't you just love it!

Please, continue comforting yourself 8)

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Yep, Xbox should of gotten the best black crush nod. We'll wait for DF analysis then. You always waited for their head to heads last gen I remember. Or maybe your tune is changed now the PS4 is proving to be the superior machine for multi plats?

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Yeah? No. Hundreds of awards say you are full of it. Cutscene to cutscene you say? Lol, no again. Stick to praising Xbox, your stealth trolling skills lack nuance.

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The most technically astounding racer currently in development ...

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@MPOG LOL Hyperbole much? You do like to over praise things. Oh, and Drive Club tramples all over FH2 in the technical dept, but FH2 looks really fun to play..

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