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Ooo, yes. #6.1
Looking at some of the other emails, Sony Pictures employees as a whole treated PlayStation simply like another company. Here and there in the emails, however, you can see the 'One Sony' initiative brought up and slowly start to work on some. #3.1.1
nDreams doesn't say this, they just say they're not doing a game for it. It may, or may not, exist. #1.3
It could. #2
Ebay #10.1.3
Yes, it's the PSN itself for a lot of people #2.2.1
I'd suggest you, and anyone else online, not going off, because it's probably harder to get back on. #3.1
Or pedophile websites, terrorist sites, rape video sites, etc...

Or just get a life. #2.1
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Wtf #1
If you're in the West, then it's still OLED everywhere #8.3
Well this is actually about their other game, Indoor Pub Games Sports World, rather than Life of Pixel. #4.1
:( #1
I love the Steam sales, but my imaginary wife hates them. #1
Not sure that's scientifically possile #4.1
Trippily #3.1
2014 is going to be awesome #1
Fbook, Twitta, Youstreamer, SwatchTv #4.1
Ok, I won't. #2
Only tweeted one pic so far and it worked fine, although I'd have liked to have been able to just save the screenshot to my HDD. #1
Blahhh #155
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