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Yep see ya idiot you're missing out on an amazing system

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The average demographic of the people that will be playing this game are showing their age...

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Yes I agree, Theirs a few minut things that can be fixed but other than that it's almost perfect.

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Yes but historically they were only in WW1 for a fraction of what the war was actually fought. It should actually be a British, french, or German Soldier. They fought much longer than anyone else It's only fair.

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WW1 was a war fought almost entirely by Europeans and millions lost their lives. Americans were only in the war for a year. If this was WW2 or Vietnam I'd understand. I see this as an insult to the majority of men that fought in the great war.

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Enjoy those likes, 3 o'clock came and school is out. Those 12 year old's are making sure the PS4 rules n4g like a Totalitarian with a napoleon complex.

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No, both my Xbox one's play games just fine but thanks for your words of moronic wisdom.

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Those disagrees are people who don't play the game or didn't do the exploit. It made the Game extremely fun and brought something new to rapidly growing old content.

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Who the hell is CeX

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This PC world I'm living in, is getting old real fast.

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I know I won't be wasting my time and money on anything destiny

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Still can't play multiplayer, I've never had a game that I couldn't play four months after its came out.

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And no one will buy that album either.

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I've known this but here is a great post from reddit

You do not start the game at level 4, it starts at level 1. (You know nothing Jon Snow)

The DZ vendors in Beta were purposely given (purple) items, they will not be so easily attainable full game. These were placed in for testin...

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I had a better time in both betas than I ever did with the full destiny game.

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I never played Diablo but I've been told about its loot system and I think you definitely right.

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Yes you very well could be right, but if that's the case it would be a waste of DZ credits if buying that high-end weapon is trumped by a blue or green. After transcending into the next DZ area. But also is known that the highest gear and weapons obtained will be the ones created from blue prints. Once you reach level 30 all DZ area will convert to level 30.

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Seriously if you people think that the actual game will be even close to the beta you're wrong. You couldn't customize, you couldn't score the other 7 abilities, the other 38 perks, the 16 skills. If you think you'll start at level 4 you're wrong, if you think you'll be able to buy purple gear from a vendor at level 8 your wrong. If you're moronic enough to think you can but high end hear at 8 you're flocking wrong! It's a mother flocking beta people! It...

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