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I'm very interested to see how the Wii U holds up long term. I'd be even more interested to see if they can get some newer franchises going in addition to building off the old faithfuls. They have the chance to provide a really unique game play experience to their audience, but I don't think we'll see the Wii U hitting it's full potential for sometime. #2
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Just to clarify: In the article I am ONLY talking about the side scroller Super Mario Bros. game that has been ported repeatedly over the years. I am not talking about any other Mario games. "I’m not attacking the Mario franchise as a whole (though it should be noted that the character has been featured in over 200 games since his inception), we’re only considering the classic side scrolling Super Mario Bros. games for the purpose of this rant."

There is a lot of... #1.1
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From what I gathered, the issue this artist has is that he work was recreated digitally without his consent. It's not so much that the fighter is displaying the tattoo, the issue is that THQ replicated it without permission. I still don't think it's right though. #3.2
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Terribly sorry about your sister. I personally have two band tattoos and neither me or my tattoo artist are the creators of the core images I used. It's bothersome to think that someday I may have to cover those strictly because the images are not my own. That's an extreme concern, but who knows! #2.1
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Author here: I agree! If Joe the Champ has 20 tattoos from 20 different artists, THQ would have to contact and pay royalties out to all 20 creators. Not gonna happen. But that's what this suit seems to imply. #1.2
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