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Damn it I will be at work and we are locked down on internet.

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Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus
Crimson Skies
Brute Force
Phantom Dust

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What happened to "It doesn't matter what it looks like"? I read that comment several times after Sony's reveal didn't showcase the actual console.

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I am 44, a Star Trek fan, and I thoroughly enjoyed Into Darkness. Now I suppose someone will tell me why I shouldn't have enjoyed it.

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You ever think of maybe sitting a few out? kinda bored with your sillyness.

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Milk, Milk, lemonade....

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Sadly that's all it takes....

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Game looks stunning, but my god you people are a bunch of sissies for crying over a video game character. Seek professional help.

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I know, which is it ND? Is it tapped or untapped? If you are talking about simple numbers that don't transfer to the screen, such as a fraction of a frame rate or some such silliness, then please just shut the hell up about it.

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I think your over stating the modding community a tad, but the rest I agree with.

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Starting to look like you people copy and paste each others comments. I mean really, at least try to come up with an original thought and contribute to the discussion. And also, maybe save yourselves an ulcer and not comment on something you obviously have no interest in.

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My god, we know the list backwards and forward. I may just stop reading articles altogether until Tuesday. Who am I kidding? Of course I will.

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Oh brother, here we go.

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With respect to Carpenter as he is one of my all time favorites, the genius of The Thing was also due to the efforts of Ron Bottin, the special fx guru. Without his vision of what the creature was to be the movie would have turned out a whole lot different.

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Five PS4 Announcements That Could Steal the Next Xbox's Thunder

On N4G.

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Only on Ps4.

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No click for you.

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Microsoft didnt develop DVD, either. Think on that and get back to me.

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I finished all 3, enjoyed every minute. Not sure why some people wanted the same game 3 times.

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I remember the first time I popped in Halo 1, for its time it was astonishingly beautiful.

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