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I agree, however, my original point was that I don't want EA allocating resources to Dragon Age Inquisition when they could be using it elswhere on upcoming games in development. All these remasters, and GOTY editions are making me uneasy. I want next generation titles, not remasters of old. I want another dragon age game, developed for current generation consoles. DA Inquisition runni g at 60fps would be nice, but at this point, why?

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I know how framerate works...... i thought games like tomb raider ran alot smoother on the ps4 as opposed to the 360 version. I could see the difference. I would rather play a game at 720p running at 60fps then play a game at 1080p running at 30. Depends on the game though. In my opinion, I didnt think a game like dragon age not running at 60 fps is a big deal.. When im in a battle, fighting in real time, I dont experience any slow down or framerate dips. Maybe there are, but I don't see ...

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Battles are chaotic enough at 30fps. At 60 you wouldnt be able to see what the hell is going on. If you use the strategy camera what diff does it make? Leave the freaking game alone. Spend your resources on making a sequel instead. Try to get that at 60fps . The last thing we need is a Dragon age Goty edition running at60fps at the expense of getting us a new game to experience.

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More remasters, ughhhhhhhhhh.

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Its not april fools day yet

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In Far Cry 4, I have a tendency to accidentally hit the pad with my thumb, causing me to switch weapons when I don't want to. Just a little gripe. At least Ubisoft is trying to find ways to utilize it. When playing MLB The show, it would be cool if they implemented the sound of the baseball popping into the catchers mitt thru the controller speaker, adding a 3rd dimension to your proximity of the baseball. Same could be said for the sound of the bat hitting the ball coming through the spe...

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Well said Tony. Your opinion piece should also be the basis on which games are reviewed. Putting scores to game reviews are deceptive. I like your style. Unbiased and stating facts. Let the gamer decide if its a game they want to play. Don't put a score on it and "Tell me", if whether or not I should purchase it.

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I believe it depends on the replay ability of the game. How many "carrots" will the developer hang in front of gamers faces? For example, are there hidden items, unlockable character skins, higher difficulty settings after beating the game etc..... I have faith considering "Ready at Dawn" worked on some PSP God of War games. Those games had some good reasons to return to them. I don't care the length of the game, I just care if it's awesome. This may be a bad analo...

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It looks really good next to that video. However, it doesn't look that much better than a PS3 or Xbox 360 racing game.Is it because I havent seen a Last Gen racer in over a year or is it because the graphics aren't that much better?

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Must play this......wwhy must i have to wait......why.....

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If you do the side quests and find the hidden notes left by ajays dad, it gives a little insight as to why hes a bad ass mofo right out of the gate. I agree though, at least the protagonist in FC3 had reasons to brew up to a cold blooded killer. In Far Cry4, its assumed its in his blood and nature. A real weak way for the writers to show ajays out of the box kick assery. With any luck, maybe Ubisoft will release some sort of Prologue DLC That can explain ajays claim to fame. Rigjt off the bat...

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I think his preview and concerns are fair. This game will sell itself based on it's awesome visuals and art style. It seems like it might be a game that some gamers will love or hate and nothing in between. I don't know if this game will have a multiplayer component. If it does, is there any feedback on that component yet? I watched this video and in Spite of what the person covering it said, I am more psyched for it now then I was 3 months ago. It looks like it has the potential to b...

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The issue with cut scenes is the same problem with movies. If you think a narrative in a game sucks, then you will be skipping cutscenes left and right. However, if your into a story, then they could be perceived as great. When reviewing a game, I'm always careful to separate narrative and gameplay. Some of the most fun games have crappy story lines and are loaded with cutscenes. Metal Gear IV to me, is an example of "too much cut scene".

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What happened to the free ps plus version?

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Some of the better games in the last year or so are developed with smaller teams now. However, is it 80 more people they have added or does sucker punch only have 80 people developing their next game? Either way, they know what theyre doing

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An article produced to make Sony look bad. Ive never had a problem with Sony customer seevice

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Whether or not you like the Xbox1, if you are a gamer it should be important to you that both consoles have success. Even with Sony's huge lead, Sony is still being pokey with features and games, just like they did with the PS3, PSP, and the Vita. If MS continues to move machines at this rate, they will catch up in numbers, release they're heavy hitters ala. Gears of war an Halo 5 and could potentially bury the Playstation in the next couple of years. This 63.5 million dollar loss is ...

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Excited, but the game seems overwhelming. Journalists that have had it for a week have totaled 50+hours with one of them claiming they haven't scratched the surface. I feel bad for the kids and wife after tuesday. Dad's not coming out of the TV room for a month

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Not my first, however, I concur with this article. In the last few years I have passed on Madden, call of duty, assassin's creed. Looking forward to far cry 4, but if there is another one next year that is as close to FC 3 and 4, then I'll start boycotting that too. Phhht humbug!!!!!

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So was Watch Dogs, Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed Unity. They have all fallen slightly flat, leaving us wanting more. Or expecting more. I just don't believe Just Cause 3 will be that game.

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