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He bought an xbox 1 instead because there are plenty of those to go around #71
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My sixth sense tells me the wait for TLOU 2 will come sooner then we think. Keep your fingers crossed #19
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Xbox one is a joke, it's going the way of sega #77
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They sold out at retailers that only were carrying like 10 units. #76
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It's not that he exposed his wife, it's that his wife is ummmmmmm, not something that you would really want to see naked....... #51
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Seems unbiased. Both consoles score even pretty much. If those scores matter to you. I just love these articles because they get the fanboys going crazy. Quite frankly, I love the competition and the passion fans of their respective consoles display. There are some funny things people ramble to either attack another or defend their decision to purchase a machine. For example, I think the Ps4 is "the TRUTH!", while the Xbox one is nothing but a facade of mediocrosy! Let the hatin beg... #15
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Uncharted 3,gran turismo 5, mlb the show and killzone 3 #4.1.1
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I like my PS4. Not as big of a wow factor like the day I got an xbox360 though. Stating that, I know I have to keep my expectations realistic. It's going to take some time andunderstanding that not everything's going to be perfect. This is the price gamers pay for buying first. However, first comers will also get dibs on the first great titles that come along. For example, 6 to 12 months down the road there may be a great game to be released. Who knows maybe watch Dogs. Point being, I... #34
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I though my 3dtv was reasonable my priced when I purchased it last year. I enjoy 3d movies and prefer them over standard movies when available. Video games are another story.i have a difficult time playing games in 3D. I usually turn the effect off after 15 minutes or so. I would like to see smaller slower paced games use the effect. It makes me think about a game like "MYST", and how cool that game would have looked in 3 dimensions. #4
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NBA 2k has been great for years, this just made my jaw hit the floor. I never saw this one coming!! Awesome #8
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Trouser explosion #2
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No offense to Ellen Page, but when I sleuth for celebrity nudes, she is last on my list for searches. Let's face it, she doesn't come off as the vibrant, dumb, sexy type. #40
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I worked at GameStop years ago. I got fired for calling a customer a "stinky inlaid chronic masturbator". I was an underpaid clerk at the time, worked hard and always kept a level head when dealing with challenging customers. I snapped that day! It was the week before Christmas it was busy and GameStop did nothing about how to handle customers with large trade in transactions. I asked the guy if he wouldn't mind waiting 15 minutes or to come back when things slowed down. He tol... #95
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Love these kinds of videos. To be fair though alot of the ps2 and ps3 games shown we're a little later in development then some of the PS4 games shown. Believe it or not, I expect future PS4 games to look alot better then what you have just seen #10
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Have faith my friend. Have faith. Sony hasn't played their full hand yet. There will be a diamond in the rough at somepoint and the casual masses will come in droves. DROVEs!!!!!!!! #18
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Good article. I agree. I am primarily a playstation 3 gamer but used to own an xbox. I miss forza, gears of wAr and the online community that xbox established. I havent purchased another xbox because up to tjis point the PS3 has given me enough titles on a consistent basis that I havent had a reason too. I, a PS 3 gamer, want the xbox 1 to succeed. #17
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Will we get need for speed : mw in the states? #23
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I went through again and checked. Your right. He just discusses the process in which ellie will go through to manufacture a cure, giving you the idea that she will die for the cure to be made. My bad #2.1.1
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This may be a spoiler, but during the last part of the game and I picked up an audio player and could have sworn the scientist or doctor speaki g suggested that there could be more like ellie out there. Therefore making Joels lies at the end, half truths #2
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the last of us is the best, and you all know it!! #3
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