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I am still scarred by "No man's sky!" Hopefully Horizon delivers

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I'll take the wait and see approach before I get excited

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It's all junk

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If developers are losing money to gamestop on a 10 to 1 ratio, then why not give a discount to purchase a game digitally? Instead of $60, charge a digital downloader $40. Or!, give a digital downloader free DLC. Either way, this is in the developers hands as well as retailers. I can't sit back and let companies like EA and Activision off the hook. This issue of used game retailings needs to be met in the middle by both sides. If GameStop is selling Battlefield 1 for $30 used and the game ...

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I'm not cryin' man...I'm just "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiigh!!!!

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I fear that developers will dump too many resources into VR and abandoned their core audience. I'm still waiting for a game that really makes me feel we are far ahead of last generation. For me its only been slight graphical upgrades in the form of sequel's and remasters. Are we being played as suckers? Now there are upgraded PS4 and Xbox one machines. All I read about are existing games being upscaled to 4k. Where the hell are these new experiences? VR is here now! I went to a friend...

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Lol...I thought for sure the author was going to throw "The last guardian" in there. The timing would have been impeccable for this article. But his comments about about "Schick Razor guy" at the end had me laughing out loud.

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There have been some decent vgas in the past. The last couple of years seem to have gone backwards. I didn't even think about "paid influence!" ....I'm gonna look at the vga's now and online sites like "ign" through a different lens from now on. I suppose the most integral "best of the year" awards will be the gamer votes, not the media publications

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It is kind of pathetic. As gamers, we don't need marketing like this, in what's supposed to be an award show.
In a entertainment medium that generates revenues on par with movies and music, I don't understand why video game entertainment isnt recognized in other award shows.
There are a couple a year, that slip my mind. However, these are shows that honor Music, Movies, and Television. Maybe they have added videogame honors as of late and i'm beh...

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Lol! Tell me thats a fake screen shot...Hahahaha

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Here we go again......ugh.......they both look stunning

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This subject tears me in half. On one hand NMS is nowhere close to the game we were promised. However, it is a game that can become what its supposed to, with patches, updates and add ons. Obviously this would take some time. It wouldn't be the first game to do this over the course of a few years. My only.problem was that I paid $60 for it. NMS would have been, better received had it been a free to play game.

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Hahahaha...Fall of 2017.....That means Spring of 2018...Isn't Rock star notorious for pushing games back at the last minute?

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I don't find remasters bad, until they remaster an already remastered game. Or as I like to say "abuse" a game. Just to show off upgraded hardware. It's becoming more difficult to follow remakes too and when they're coming out. Also, if the game is actually a remaster and not just a re-release. The Xbox 1 backwards compatibility list has got me all screwed up. For awhile I thought Rockstar was remastering Red dead redemption. Only to find out, it was just a 360 game add...

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I just want to say, Capcom has rebooted re1 about 4 times over various platforms. Re4 is now on PS4. Why the hell haven't they given my personal favorite, RE 2 The fresh coat of paint treatment?

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It's o.k. to poke fun at Amy Henning for her comments, but they are true none the less. It's not only the gaming industry that requires this much demand of their employees. Work, life , balance has become a high end topic for the American workforce. The government has been very slow to react to it, and rightfully so. There are hopes that employers can correct this issue in their workplaces. If not, the United States Government will start to impose mandates on how long someone should b...

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I'm not worried it will fail. I'm expecting it to fail. I can't imagine this title doing well. My taste in this sort of game went out with Shadow of the Colossus. More power to the people that purchase it. Enjoy, tell me good things about it, then I will slap the money down.and eat my humble pie.

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Maybe I am being misunderstood.... I think over the years, JPRPG's have tried to do too much! I want to see Japanese developer's reel it all back in. I use FFVII as a reference. It is being remade and we can't stop it. I was being facetious when I exclaimed,it would hit the proverbial reset button. However, FF1 isn't walking through the door..Gone are the days of pulling a party of 4 red mages and annihilating everything in your path. I to see RPG's go back to t...

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.......FFVII ........remaster....shall hit the proverbial "reset" button, on all that is JRPG's....The demand for more of it will return....We shall again see the likes of a masterful, turn based, strategy, roll playing fantasy! I miss the good ol' days of games like Dragon Warrior. You use 1! count it, 1! Character and power level that little dude until he reaches "beast mode!".. Nothing beats the feeling of unlocking that Level 3 fire spell...Or In the US's F...

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This seems sketchy to me. Plausible! But, sketchy. We will find out now though. If it is indeed for real, then naughty dog will have to comment either way.

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