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Out of all the reviews ive read about this game, this article has convinced me to purchase this game #3
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I will thanks. Injustce was good even thoughb its not mk.if this is the in game engine they're showing. Then omg!!!!! #62.1.1
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UBISOFT overpromised and under delivered. As a gamer, im sick of cross gen games already. I want original current gen games and i want them now. #14
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Nice CG demo. If they pull it off, this will be the first mk I purchase since the original X box #62
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It looks like alot of games I anticipated are being made on last generation hardware as well as current generation hardware. Which means that they will receive the watchdogs treatment and leave us asking the question, what if they just focused on current generation platforms? Im not ask8ng to stop making games on last generation hardware, I just want developer's to move on and give us original content made for my new machine. Don't get me wrong, I see a lot of 1st party games being... #11
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I wouldnt be worried. Watch the conan obrian clueless gamer review. While there is alot of tounge in cheek humor to the segment, the game looks awesome. Looks better than gtav, alot of influence. Shows alot of driving, swimming, shooting, hacking, and cops. It is good to see normal gamepkay footage as opposed to seeing 10 minutes of developer footage showing only the best of the gameplay, and camera angles. Im more excited about now then I was yesterday #24
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I love the watchdogs "should get mid 8's" predictions. If it intrigues you, then buy it! Ever since I stopped looking at review scores and started purchasing games that I felt I really wanted, gaming became much more enjoyable. Review scores are the worst thing to happen to gaming since superman 64. #15
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I love the far cry series. I know its not for everyone. However, each installment has beel leaps and bounds better than the previous. I expect no different here. Looking forward to it. #11
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Another vomitus microsoft move. We should all petition to return our x1 kinect cameras and get our money back #6
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Watch dogs running at 30fps has more to do with the developer than it does with the PS4 not being to handle it. Watch dogs on next gen platforms is a port up just like Assassins creed was.The PS4 is still superior to the xbox1 and always will be. I dont care how many directx12 or whatever else MS will try to bring their machine at level with Playstation. Its not going to do them any good. MS shouldve thought about this before. Their machine is junk and PS4 gamers have to suffer now because a... #88
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Whether or not this article is fact. Just because a game being shown is on a particular platform ala Beyond good & evil 2. Does not mean that game is exclusive to that system. Microsoft has no problem trolling out the next call of duty games on the 360 year after year, in hopes of dooping the uninformed into thinking that you can only play it on their platform. Shady!!!!!!! #116
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I would understand this occurrence if the son was using an avatar his dad created, and the avatar was at a maxed out level, then the son ruined it. Or! The dad may have been a PS4 fanboy and caught his son playing an Xbox one in his room. All reasons for strangulation. Let the dude free, were all goin to hell in a handbag anyway!!!!!!! #20
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THe more I play, I notice more details. I put in Infamous 2, and couldn't believe the visual difference. Infamous 2 still looks great for a PS3 game, but Infamous SS takes it to another level. The encouraging thing is that it is a launch window game. The potential for future titles is huge. If you want to make your eyeballs melt look at screens for the next Batman game coming out in fall. Jaw dropping stuff. Developers are going to do things with these machines that we can't even fath... #29
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Based on supply, the X1 will be close for awhile. By next November, expect the X1 to get demolished by the PS4 in overall sales. My reasoning behind this is the amount of countries the PS4 is available in. The X1/PS4 will always be 50/50 in the States. Plus a lot of us will end up owning both machines at some point anyway. Why not considering how inexpensive the machines are at launch. #47
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Wha? Wha? This article was like reading a college text book. More power to the tecchi nerds that understand the lingo. I couldn't figure out which pics looked better or just different. Not a bad article, it's just loaded with info I don't understand. Go Dualshockers GO!!!!!!! #18
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Or ! 4 Nintendo 2ds' #12.1.1
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The fact of the matter is, you can go to best but and get the X1 today. In my area all retailers are still out of PS4's. If I was a casual fan, and didn't care, I would buy an xbox1 today. #12
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Oh no! A Titanfall "Bunderer" #9
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Wtf is going on over there at Naughty Dog? First Henning and now this! This is a bad sign. As a gamer, I can't wait for the next Uncharted and The Last of Us sequels. But at what expense? Will the quality of their next projects be affected negatively by this? I hope not. #53
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It will be a fine year for ps3 and 4 owners. System transitions are always dodgy in their first year or so #35
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