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An article produced to make Sony look bad. Ive never had a problem with Sony customer seevice

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Whether or not you like the Xbox1, if you are a gamer it should be important to you that both consoles have success. Even with Sony's huge lead, Sony is still being pokey with features and games, just like they did with the PS3, PSP, and the Vita. If MS continues to move machines at this rate, they will catch up in numbers, release they're heavy hitters ala. Gears of war an Halo 5 and could potentially bury the Playstation in the next couple of years. This 63.5 million dollar loss is ...

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Excited, but the game seems overwhelming. Journalists that have had it for a week have totaled 50+hours with one of them claiming they haven't scratched the surface. I feel bad for the kids and wife after tuesday. Dad's not coming out of the TV room for a month

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Not my first, however, I concur with this article. In the last few years I have passed on Madden, call of duty, assassin's creed. Looking forward to far cry 4, but if there is another one next year that is as close to FC 3 and 4, then I'll start boycotting that too. Phhht humbug!!!!!

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So was Watch Dogs, Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed Unity. They have all fallen slightly flat, leaving us wanting more. Or expecting more. I just don't believe Just Cause 3 will be that game.

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New Fallout for sure. Im just surprised Bethesda hasn't hopped on the Re-release bandwagon. Maybe they will, who knows? Just for all the issues the game had on PS3, mostly blamed on hardware issues, im surprised they wouldn't do it. And why are people disagreeing with my post? I asked a question and was looking for rational replies? Kind of like your own.

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Of all the remakes developers are working on. Why not re-release this on PS4/Xbox1?

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Deja VU isnt it! I Remember about those 7 or 8 years ago that Sony was all done and the PS3 is a failure. Look how it turned out. All in all I believe the Xbox 1 sales up to this point are on par with the 360 sales numbers. The X1 is doing well, Sonys numbers are outrageous, and will slow down. I expect the X1 numbers to boom this Christmas. I know I want one, and I already have a PS4.

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Considering Samsung is killing it in the home electronics department. Im surprised they havent come out with their own videogame system. Even if Sony closed their doors tomorrow, including their Playstation, another company would come along and buy the Playstation property. Whether it be Microsoft or someone else. Either way, if all we had was the Xbox then so be it. Its still a good maxhine and there will and are good games for it.

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Wow. Normally I laugh at articles that show comparisons. Most of the time you need to be a proffesional artist to see the difference. But, wow! Current gen screen shots look impressive

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I thought last years was very good. Looking forward to this years. Question is, would you trust a review for this years nba 2k from a journalist that is not a basketball fan?

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I definitely get caught up in review scores. I try not to, but its tough not to look at a particular journalists score. I find myself now, using a review to edjucate myself on what the game entails. For example, I'm not a big multiplayer gamer, some games high review scores reflect on how awesome the multiplayer is, even though the single player experience is lame. Just looking at a review score average of 9/10, I would purchase the game only to be surprised that its all about the online ...

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Oh no. I knew it. The PS4 is inferior to every gaming system ever created. I should have never gotten rid of my Atari. At least that machine could handle 0001p. If it cant handle 1080p we should all boycott next gen platforms until they recall them and add better hardware to them. Im not satisfied until games can run in 7k and look REAL LIFE! Sony and MS should be held accountable for not delivering machines that can recreate Real Life in 4k. What a BS article. How about making Assy creed un...

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I stand corrected. The game is the shit. To me its the best next gen game to be released on any platform. For real....i guess thats why they say wait until you play it before you judge. I apologize for my ignorance

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I dont care what the review scores say. All the efforts in the development for this game should have been for the X1. 1 year in, there should be no 360 version. I'm well aware of the X1/360 differences. They aren't enough. This game would have turned out better if A. They only made it for the 360, and B. If they gave it a little more time. Im not picking on MS. Sony needs to check themselves too. Im looking forward to the handful of AAA current gen exclusive games. I can wait until ne...

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And you believe that? The game is crap.......

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This is no next gen game. All I needed to see was it being release d on the 360 to know all im getting is a marginal frame rate and graphical upgrade. The 360 and PS3 are going to be the death of consoles. For no other reason then the continued support for them. Stop making games for them and move on. The machines are old and tired. It is time to move on.

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Not the first time I read a butchered product description in a circular or website. My favorite was a description of GTAIV that was available at a Local TJ MAXX. It described it as a game thats soul purpose was to kill prostitutes and take their money for points...I still laugh at that to the day....

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I don't care about sales margins. IN my opinion, both companies should feel fortunate that they've sold as many systems as they have already. Up until now, the PS4 and XBOX 1 have yet to deliver anything "next-gen", that would make anyone warrant their purchase of one of these consoles. Up until now all we have is hype for games that should come out in 2015 and 2016. Both MS and Sony better deliver.

731d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment Enough of this crap already. Our society sucks right now

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