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I refuse to overpay for it. It's a nice little addition to have. Had a buddy over that was reminiscing about the good ol' days of Nintendo. He wasn't aware this thing even existed. I told him about it, he couldn't find one, and now, Nintendo is discontinuing production. It just seems strange. To me, I would think that the NES mini is incredibly profitable, so why discontinue it? Maybe it causes cancer or something and they are not telling us.

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This is screwed up! Why are they doing this? Couldn't get one of these when it came out, can't get a switch either. So! I give up Nintendo.

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The scorpios specs? This is a next gen machine through and through. It should be more powerful then the PS4 pro. Makes me excited to see what Sonynhas up its sleeve in the coming years

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Lol. This could easily spell doom for Microsoft consoles. They duped us into buying an Xbox1, which has turned into nothing but a pumped up, backwards compatibility machine. But, now! The Scorpio is going to deliver. What about the Xbox 1, I spent $300 on and have only used to play Gesrs or War 4? Where are all the original, exclusive games? Hell!, I will take a fable 4, or anything at this point. If The Scorpio was originally MS, brain child from the get go, then I am a sucker for buying an...

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I love that my X1 is nothing but a suped up Xbox 360. The Scorpio better not be more of the same. I need this machine to come original

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Screw it all! Where the F*** is Jade Empire 2?

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I guess we will go back to no animations, and text for dialogue. So we can mash the "X" button to get through a conversation. Mass Effect Andromeda isn't perfect, but so far is better than Mass Effect 3. To me anyways. I was fine with all of this stuff, until people started nit picking. Then I noticed it. Now instead of playing the game for fun, I am now playing the game, looking for flaws. I hate when this happens to games I am enjoying. Starting to think I should stay off of ...

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It doesn't matter whether or not the machine is $700 or $300, Xbox needs to come up with some new IP's or it's not going to do as well as Microsoft hopes it will. This drought of good, Xbox exclusives is excruciating.

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You know! I read this and less I say, I give Sony credit for releasing ps pro when they did. It seemed kind of early. If you look at the history of consoles though, the ps pro is consistent with other hardware advancements made in the same time frame, ala the ps 2 slim etc..... The PS4 pro just happens to have a little more sack where as other machines were just a cosmetic upgrade. The PS4 has some pretty good horsepower under the hood and should serve us well for a few more years. But to dis...

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When I saw the first screen shots for Horizon Zero dawn last year, I thought it was. "TUROK, the Dino hunter reboot!

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It doesn't matter if Horizon has "this" or it doesn't have "that". Some people, me included are enjoying this game a lot, despite its flaws. All the flaws I have read about and have experienced are legit. Even with that said, the game is still incredibly enjoyable. I look forward to seeing how Guerilla games improves on this solid foundation of a game with either an expansion and/or straight up sequel in a couple of years

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I get it. All of it. The game is not perfect by any stretch. However! What you are stating here are things that you want to see in the game that it currently does not have. I think back to the original Assassins creed and Shadows of Mordor. Both of those games had a solid foundation but left you wanting more, as does Horizon. Assassins creed 2, to me, was what I wanted the original to me. The new Shadows of War coming out already seems like it is going to be what people wanted Shadows of mord...

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I would only worry about this or any video game if my job or life depended on it. One not involved in development should not "worry" about a video game. If we find ourselves worrying about things like this then our society and civilization is truly in jeopardy.

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I would seriously disregard these articles until final copy reviews come out. However, I do suspect that this game was developed "safe", and can't imagine it being revolutionary. I expect it to be mass effect with slightly better graphics. With that expectation in mind, I will wait and see before I buy into these early articles

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Not unlike the witcher 3, I found Horizon a little while to get going. Once it does though, the game is addictive and great. Some of the side missions are a chore, but I got hooked on grabbing all of the collectibles. Especially the power cores for the secret something. Anyone still wondering, it's not GTA, and it's not trying to be a clone of that either. GTA is a totally different style., I didn't find it as deep as the witcher 3. But, I would say, it's on par if not better ...

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There is a turning point though! Once you realize how powerful you are, not even the toughest of robo-beasts will intimidate you! Actually, a couple of them will still give you a run for your money.

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Good tips everyone, thank you. I am going to clear out a couple of cauldrons tonight then. Wasn't sure if I needed to be at a certain level to enter the others. I'm going to make this happen!

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That's good to know. I have been going off on my own, trying to climb those tall things, and there are a couple of them surrounded by all sorts of beasts. They come at me relentlessly and hand me my ass. I'm only at level 23. I have moments that I want to give up, because it can be overwhelming when 3 or more enemies are teaming up on you. I will stick with it though

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I can't disagree with everything the author says. I don't find myself wanting to go off in all directions in this game and explore. Mostly, because I am fucking terrified to stray from the games path. That, in itself has to be worth something.

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Oh boy

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