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Ill be waiting for your "The last of Us!" Reaction when you play it #16.1
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Digital foundry has been doing face offs for years. In my opinion they are the best at it. #2.3
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Lol #7
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I have to agree with this. Its bumming me out. I think the PS4 is actually the first console I ever purchased that has less then its predecessor out of the box. Its quite alarming actually. If you take the boring interface and the fact that most of the games on it are only a fraction better than the PS3. How "next-gen" is this machine? #14
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Thats nice. Just make a great freaking game. I dont care about explosions and all the othwr false promises already. If I play this game on my PS4 and it is an exact clone of the PS3/Xbox360 version with marginal graphical upgrades, I will personally go the studio headquarters where the game was made and get my money back. Prepare for a road trip kids!!!! #10
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I concur. There are to many devices and gizmos that play footage in all sorts of crappy resolutions and framerates. It wouldnt do it any justice to throw it out there over the internet. The only way tgat would've made sense for me would have been a PS4 demo. To late for that now. #23.1
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All I have to say to you is that when you play it for the first time you will cream your pants and crap them at the same me a favor and let me know what you think after you play it. #residentevilkiller #25.1
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When I write things like this, I get hated on. That said, They have to hold out for something. I have hope they will come through in the end. I personally don't want to see 1080p/60fps ahead of time. I want to see it when I put the disc in and get my Audio/Visual mindgasmn!!!!!! #29
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I shouldve just wrote: The name of this game reminds me of "bioshock" and why are they telling me about it now, when its not slated to come out until 2015. For the meantime I will keep dinking around with bad cellphone games until then. Until something good comes out. #14.1.1
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I do own a ps4, and its concerning to me that, most of the games I am anticipating aren't coming out until late 2015, and early 2016. I did point out that the name of this title confuses me with bioshock even though its unrelated. Yes, I rambled a bit about project morpheus, and yes I made the observation that arcade titles and mobile like titles are taking over. This is a fact, not an opinion. No I am not into mobile games fir I think they are shallow and most of them suck. Yes, alot of... #14.2.1
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I hate the name of this game. It makes me think of bioshock. For the longest time, I thought it was dlc for it. All these great games scheduled for years down the road. Isn't it unsettling to know that our new consoles won't be seeing truly next generation games until 2 to 3 years after the console is released. What happened to developer's getting their kits a few years before the console is released? This will be gamings downfall and the reason why mobile gaming will take over.... #14
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I noticed that too. Alot of games are using the overhype marketing machine more than ever. I've lost count as to how many games that turned out to be average in the end. Games like homefront, the last 6 call of duties, the last 3 battlefields, final fanyasy XIII, and the list goes on and on. Gran turismo 5 also comes to mind. #30.1.1
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Free for me. Maybe its free for live subscribers. #107
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Ughh. This is happening more and more. These sre the situations that are changing the gaming landscape, and not necessarily for the good. We are going to see more, smaller arcade style games and less big budget games because of the business end of things. As gamers we are demanding more and more from developers. They are struggling to keep up with are demands. So they continue to play safe and pound us with sequels and HD remakes. Playing us for fools. Fools we are not, therefore exposing s... #30
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Got to love the media trying to help Sony out. The price is right for the little vita. But lets face it, Ive seen the same old vitas sitting on best buy shelves for months. They kept selling them but not replacing the inventory. More of a good riddens move if you ask me. Don't get me wrong, the Vita rules, and I hope this opens the eyes of developers. #39
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LIES!!!! #48
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I downloaded resogun for free with my ps plus subscription. I shelled out the $5, to more or less pay housemarquee more dough for their efforts. To me its still one of the best if not, the best game on PS4 right now. My only gripe is that my flying male organ " Phalice" was pulled after a few hundred likes. Shame on them for banning my space penis!!!!! #5
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Im excited to get back into the Last of us world. However, I can't help but think that this is forced filler until the real next generation games pour in 2015. There is still going to be a huge gap until then. To think it will be game of the year 2 years in a row. #21
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Your a dumbass! All im saying is if you dont purchase games because of the ridiculous pricing structure, then Sony will have no choice but to adjust them accordingly. You will be a dink and pay the high prices and ruin it for us all. Go screw donkey! #101.1.1
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The prices will dictate the service. If people don't pay then the prices will be adjusted. Sony isnt going to lay it out there to fail. PS now will be successful. Wait and see. #101
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