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Got to love the media trying to help Sony out. The price is right for the little vita. But lets face it, Ive seen the same old vitas sitting on best buy shelves for months. They kept selling them but not replacing the inventory. More of a good riddens move if you ask me. Don't get me wrong, the Vita rules, and I hope this opens the eyes of developers. #39
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LIES!!!! #48
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I downloaded resogun for free with my ps plus subscription. I shelled out the $5, to more or less pay housemarquee more dough for their efforts. To me its still one of the best if not, the best game on PS4 right now. My only gripe is that my flying male organ " Phalice" was pulled after a few hundred likes. Shame on them for banning my space penis!!!!! #5
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Im excited to get back into the Last of us world. However, I can't help but think that this is forced filler until the real next generation games pour in 2015. There is still going to be a huge gap until then. To think it will be game of the year 2 years in a row. #21
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Your a dumbass! All im saying is if you dont purchase games because of the ridiculous pricing structure, then Sony will have no choice but to adjust them accordingly. You will be a dink and pay the high prices and ruin it for us all. Go screw donkey! #101.1.1
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The prices will dictate the service. If people don't pay then the prices will be adjusted. Sony isnt going to lay it out there to fail. PS now will be successful. Wait and see. #101
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Its a hard reality to swallow. The problem with some indie games, is that they are to simplified gaming experiences. The Vita us capable of so much more. I'm all for indie titles. Some of the best games I played last year were from indie developers. Pixeljunk and runner 2 come to mind. With the Vitas ability to play PS3 and PS4 titles remotely I can see where it would be a waste of time to spend millions on developing similar titles on the platform. However, how come more developers,... #9
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F'ing relax people! Sony will do right. Wait and see #71
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F "The Last Guardian". Gamers are over this already. #8
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Not sure if this applies to the argument but I have been playing the UFC demo and it is violent in a eerily realistic way . Every time there is a knockout you can almost feel it. #17
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The last of us should be available midweek. Sony will announce it during their E3 press conference and it will be available the next day. I'm guessing Wednesday. #20
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You and I may have been separated at birth Belasco. I feel the same way. Just a theory though but the last generation was so long that I feel like im just burnt out and borrd. The neeer games are the same with a slightly better coat of paint. Do what I did and watch the trailer for the order 1886. Then look at screens for Batman arkham night. Even though both are scheduled for 2015, its enough to look forward too. #9.2.1
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What im going to write has nothing to do with this article. Usually I can find a thread that supports my rants. Last year, when the new consoles were announced, the Xbox1 left a bad taste in my mouth. I purchased a PS4 because of it. I planned on purchasing an Xbox1 if there was a price drop. This may be a great move for MS. At the moment, there isn't much going on for current generation consoles. Which means my gaming bank is filling up with some disposable income. I usually put money as... #9
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The title of this article is genius, unintentionally. "Video games delayed until 2015". Literally, most of the titles delayed until 2015, are quite frankly, the only games we want to play. It really does feel like are New Consoles are going to be paperweights until next year. Whats more troubling is the notion that some of these titles will probably flop into the fall of 2015. The first delay is usually the beginning. I hope not though. I have my fingers crossed for 2015 spring r... #14
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Out of all the reviews ive read about this game, this article has convinced me to purchase this game #3
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I will thanks. Injustce was good even thoughb its not mk.if this is the in game engine they're showing. Then omg!!!!! #62.1.1
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UBISOFT overpromised and under delivered. As a gamer, im sick of cross gen games already. I want original current gen games and i want them now. #14
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Nice CG demo. If they pull it off, this will be the first mk I purchase since the original X box #62
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It looks like alot of games I anticipated are being made on last generation hardware as well as current generation hardware. Which means that they will receive the watchdogs treatment and leave us asking the question, what if they just focused on current generation platforms? Im not ask8ng to stop making games on last generation hardware, I just want developer's to move on and give us original content made for my new machine. Don't get me wrong, I see a lot of 1st party games being... #11
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I wouldnt be worried. Watch the conan obrian clueless gamer review. While there is alot of tounge in cheek humor to the segment, the game looks awesome. Looks better than gtav, alot of influence. Shows alot of driving, swimming, shooting, hacking, and cops. It is good to see normal gamepkay footage as opposed to seeing 10 minutes of developer footage showing only the best of the gameplay, and camera angles. Im more excited about now then I was yesterday #24
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