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So awesome. I love how they are taking forever on this game. We will have seen 5 Forza games to GT's 1! This game will still lack, car damage, will have a brutally boring single player, vanilla menu system, lack of cosmetic customization, and hokey background music. Basically, it will be your same old Gran Turismo that they have been shelling out for years. The graphics will be good though

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I know a lot of people that dont watch baseball anymore, but check stats and pay attention to their team in the standings. They buy this game. This is great news for the San Diego studio.

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I thought the Demo was terrible. Not my cup of tea. Kudos to Bethesda for releasing the demo though. Even if reviewers give it perfect scores, I'm not wasting $60 on it.
On a side note, I used to purchase games based off of good review scores and was hosed, time and time again. Some of my favorite games only received mediocre review scores. I think it depends on what you like or what your into.
If you ask me, gamer feedback or user reviews are more important ...

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Fair enough. I was feeling disgruntled when I made the statement. I hate the perception that this game must be something extraordinary because it is shrouded in secrecy. Like you said, we have to wait and see.

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I am in a hating mood and I'm going to guess, "Death Stranding" means nothing. Kojima put together his PT mini game, got a huge response, left Konami, and said, " oh crap! Im going to need to build a game around this".
My expectations are extremely low for this Darryl simulator. As for why the secrecy behind it? My guess is that it is in a development mess and they don't want the public to see it in its current state. Kojima is probably coming up wit...

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I found it infuriating. Was expecting something different I suppose. There is a strange humor tucked away in it. I found it easier to defeat the mimics using coffee cups and office chairs

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One hand is scratching the others back. GameStop is reporting they are selling out of switch units in hours! An attempt for the slow and dying, GameStop to keep itself relevant! It's also generating more hype for Nintendo's piece of crap "Zelda" operating system. Zelda is the only reason people want this thing. If not for that game, who knows how many of these they would sell. For the record, I just left aTarget in "Seekonk" Mass. and they had three switches in the...

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They have run out of current ideas using their current gameplay formula. If they were smart they would rip off Horizon and far cry and make an open world, rpg shooter. Probably too much of a risk for activision, so it will never happen

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Just had an accident in my pants! That's what I wanted Medal of Honor on the original Playstation to be like! It has finally been achieved! Wonder if Sledgehammer will break the COD creed and make vehicles driveable during multiplayer! Also wonder if they will finally make the game with some sandbox and not too linear... either way, it looks like it's coming along nicely

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The minute I start reading about "tech demos" it's time to click out

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Bull crap. The game is so far out that they will be able to print enough preorder copies as needed. Unless they put a cap on how many preorders amazon can take right now. I am always cautious with rockstar, they have a tendency to announce fall release dates then push them to spring

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Deliver some great games and it doesn't matter who is selling more machines. If MS starts delivering some great original product then people will purchase their consoles. Sony is winning because they keep trickling out awesome games.

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I almost feel bad for, "not getting it!" I couldn't get into this game. I played through it 1 1/2 times and put it down. The repetitiveness,and a lot of areas that you should be able to access, but can't because of invisible barriers. A lot of similar enemies, and a leveling system that is overwhelming and difficult to understand. This game tries to be "heady", kind of like the band "The Grateful Dead." You can either get into it or not. I'm not tryi...

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I have a 10 and a 9 year old. They play my old Super Nintendo more then any other device we own. iPads, kindles, xbox1 and PS4. I don't know why, but there was a sweet spot in gaming back in the day. Dust machine for some, but for others, a work horse.

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I agree. Just when it seems like Nintendo is "getting it", they take a huge leap backwards. I'm disgusted at all of it. The mini, the switch, etc.... All of it!

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I refuse to overpay for it. It's a nice little addition to have. Had a buddy over that was reminiscing about the good ol' days of Nintendo. He wasn't aware this thing even existed. I told him about it, he couldn't find one, and now, Nintendo is discontinuing production. It just seems strange. To me, I would think that the NES mini is incredibly profitable, so why discontinue it? Maybe it causes cancer or something and they are not telling us.

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This is screwed up! Why are they doing this? Couldn't get one of these when it came out, can't get a switch either. So! I give up Nintendo.

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The scorpios specs? This is a next gen machine through and through. It should be more powerful then the PS4 pro. Makes me excited to see what Sonynhas up its sleeve in the coming years

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Lol. This could easily spell doom for Microsoft consoles. They duped us into buying an Xbox1, which has turned into nothing but a pumped up, backwards compatibility machine. But, now! The Scorpio is going to deliver. What about the Xbox 1, I spent $300 on and have only used to play Gesrs or War 4? Where are all the original, exclusive games? Hell!, I will take a fable 4, or anything at this point. If The Scorpio was originally MS, brain child from the get go, then I am a sucker for buying an...

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