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I dont care what the resolution the games will play, most of them will still suck #9
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I thought he would be right in the end. But with cable/internet providers about to bone it's customers with data charges similar to cellphone companies, alot of people will elect to purchase a disc rather than download a file that could run upwards of 40 to 80gb of information. This will effect, not only the gaming community, but also people that watch movies theough netflix and amazon prime etc.....if your paying $50+ for 500gb's, of internet and there are rumor's internet provid... #11
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I concur with the title of this article. There doesnt seem to be even enough visual improvement to warrant a purchase of this game. All I have wanted since the gamecube days is a visually upgraded version of re2 and 3. Where are they? Maybe this is a road to that. I will waste my coin on those two remakes #18
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There is a reason the game is coming out in September. Come November when games like Assy creed, COD, And a pelethora of other titles are released, destiny will get buried. Not saying it will he bad, but if the developer had more confidence, they would give it an extra two months of polish and have no November fear. #82.1
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Once I saw that it was being developed for the PS3 and 360, I was all set. I want games that are soley developed for current ganeration consoles. Not multiports. Whenever I play games that are also released on last heneration hardware, I always feel a letdown, as thoigh the game can be so much more. Who knows, maybe destiny will be the greatest multiplayer FPS ever created. If so, then I will be a slightly late adopter. But not until the games has been on the shelf for a few weeks. Case in po... #84
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True that. However, how come they keep trolling out re1 every 10 years and theyve never redux'd re2 #9.1.1
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Why not remake it using the newer re 5&6 controls? When are we going to get an re2 and 3 redux? #9
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Ughhhh. Who effing cares at this point. As far as I'm concerned, both consoles have under performed at this point.At least the new Madden is a step in the right direction though. Game looks great.... On both platforms. A year or two from now, we will all be laughing at articles like this. The next argument will be, which console can handle 4k in 30fps. #28
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Lol. I guess the lobbiests in government are right this time. "Gamers are a bunch of recluse, overweight, diabetic, PROLIFIC MASTEURBATERS!, That live in their parents basements." #3
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You just disagreed and agreed with me? Thats what I said? #16.3.1
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It was sold out at best buy and gamestop for a month back in the spring. The npd numbers are good. It would sell better if it had a couple of great exclusives #16.1.1
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I hate reading this stuff. The Vita has sold really really well in NA. I cant argue that the titles that have been releasing for it are arcady psn like titles. Which is fine, but anyone that owns one knows the vita is capable of so much more. I wont argue if the vita becomes a nice complimentary piece to the PS4, utilizing its remote play feature. Question is who and when is this feature going to be used WITH PS4 Games? If ever....... #16
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Doesn't look it to me. They could have stated the actor on the n4g headline screen but wanted the clicks. Boooooo #17
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MS knows they can compete by throwing money around. The problem is, really good developers, like 2k, ubisoft, and EA, dont need it. They know a very good game released multiplatform will make them then what MS will give them to keep a game exclusive to their platform in the short term. Which begs the question, how much did they pay for this tomb raider game. I would bet enougj to practically fund the whole project. But tomb raider? Why not gta v remastered or shit!, madden football?! #10
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P.T. WOULD have been great if released to showcase a VR product. However, it is done now and, I think it will not be as awesome if it we're to be released on a VR headset, say, 2 years from now.? #5
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It better get released on the PS4 eventually. What a slap in the face to sony. Sony and tomb raider are like final fantasy and nintendo, then sony. I wouldve thought Tomb raider would have been a sony exclusive. Oh well, at leasy we get uncharted 4. #199
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This is with all new consoles. To be quite frank, my ps3 is slowly but surely becoming the less played system. I think by november PS4 owners will be singing a different tune, with 3 sports titles to arrive, madden, nba2k and the long awaited next gen nhl, destiny, call of duty, assy creed etc.... wwe2k15, and a slew of other titles, ps4 and x1 owners will have alot on their plate. Maybe not the full next gen treatment were waiting for, thatll be in the spring of 2015, but it will do. For now... #28
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Ill be waiting for your "The last of Us!" Reaction when you play it #16.1
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Digital foundry has been doing face offs for years. In my opinion they are the best at it. #2.3
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Lol #7
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