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Taxis, buses, and subway trains will be the death of the automobile too! Sounds good in theory but we love our hardware too much! The game has changed for sure however, it won't be the same if We don't have a 7 pound paperweight driving up our electricity bills every day! #10
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Play dark souls 2 last because chances are you will smash your controller at some point leaving you controller less to play the others #11
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Boom! Was Mlb the show on that list? That's everything for march and to keep you busy through the summer. The PS4's 3's 360's and ones will all be working in March. Don't get rid of the last gen machines quite yet #10
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18. The last of US
2. The last of us
11. The last of us
12. Ps4 #23
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Game Changer! That's all I'm going to say. PSLS was most likely the first test with the free games. #29
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989 became Sony San Diego the same studio that makes Mlb: The Show today. Also, if MS cared about sports games they would have never thrown in thetowel years ago on the original Xbox when they had a team making exclusive sports titles. Remember the baseball game they developed with Nomar Garciaparra on the box? Truth be told, it takes years to develop a Solid sports engine. Even if Xbox wanted to it would take a whole generation of development to create a decent baseball game. 2k sports has b... #19.4
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A new WonderBook for the PS4!!!!!!!!!! #7
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It's Xbox1 week at BestBuy. Stock levels stabilized. Shouldn't be a prob to get one from here on out. Next week should be PS4 week at BB. However, with mass global restocking, supplies will be limited. Don't expect PS4 stock to stabilize until sometime in spring. Get one while you can #8
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If it does release on the same day as infamous then march and April will be busy for gamers. Let's not forget MLB the show and possibly Sony's "the order" scheduled to release in the same time frame. Plus Capcoms game deep down. I expect the order to be pushed back to next fall however March should be great. Spring is the official kickoff for Next Gen #1.10
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I'm either ignorant or just accepting of it but I didn't even notice while playin that the character Bill was homosexual. It went over my head. I loved his character though.Maybe he will be playable via some long awaited DLC! Then it will be a super win for the GLADD and gamers and we will rejoice together!!!!!!!!! #12
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These features will come! My guess is that they wanted to be first to the market so these features were compromises Sony made to be first out of the gate and less expensive. At least your not forced to use a broken unresponsive camera to operate it. When you think about it an Xbox 1=$499 + xbox live subscription $59.99 + 1 game $59.99 = $620.00 not including tax. PS4 = $399.99 with a one month PS plus $9.99 and the ability to play some games free out of the gate= $410 not inc tax. Who is walk... #7
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I don't have a problem with using the Kinect with my X1. What concerns me is that I feel forced to with no way around it. I can't help but feel like I am testing something whenever I use it. It doesn't feel like I'm using a finished product. As of today, it wouldn't surprise me if MS slowly phases Kinect out and removes it from the equation in the future. I have to agree with Pachter on this one. I just don't see MS doing it "sooner than later". In a couple o... #40
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Last I checked, Xbox1,PS4 and even the WiiU are all winning. One thing will be interesting to see and that will be how the XbX1 will be received globally. In the US they will be OK. On a side note, I just left BestBuy and this week it's all about the Xbox1. Plenty in stock, looks great on display and everyone's happy. I would've purchased one if it not for the $500 price tag. That being said, I am holding out for the PS4. A customer service person said they expect next week to be... #6
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The Japanese gamers recognize that MS are a bunch of money grubbing frauds. They don't want MS shoving a horrible camera based accessory down their throats that is 5 years behind most Japanese technology. They love their own! Nintendos and Playstations are all they want. The Japanese will hopefully expose the Xbox1 for the junk that it is. #6
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They keep it under wraps because the developer could never quite get their hands wrapped around the PS3 architecture and secondly, the thing has bee a cluster F since the begining. If or when it is released it willowy likely be a disaster. This fiasco could close this developer down #1.1.4
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I'm done with this game! I don't care anymore and refuse to even read an article featuring the game including this one. I don't care if it gets ported to the PS4. By the time it is released I will look and play last gen. The developer really screwed up with this one. R.I.P. The last guardian #12
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I admit, there are things about the last of us that I look back at and laugh a little. The weapon crafting system, and the predictability of the A.I. However, never has a game since Resident evil 4, gotten me to play through it so many times. I loved the pacing, intensity, and story. The drop dead visuals were an after thought to the whole experience. As far as bugs and glitches, I never came across any. Not in single player anyway. I also didn't play multiplayer that much. Maybe that'... #35
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There was a guy trying to return a ps4 but for some reason they wouldn't let him. He wanted an xbox1. Let me see the next big thing from "EPIC" for the Xbox1 then I will tilt my cap and purchase an xbox console. For now, I will continue to break balls! At least people that are early adopters of the X1 can at least get their hands on one. There is something to be said for that. PS4 RULES!!!!!!! I need to get one!!!!!!! #26.1.1
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Xbox1 sales are only high because parents think it's what their teenager wants and it's available. I went to best buy yesterday to make an exchange and there were two kids in front of me returning their xbox's for a "freaking gift card" so they can come back and get PS4's. Xbox1=done!!! #26
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It's difficult to decipher. From what I've seen over the last month on the PS4, it is how smooth everything looks. I have hope that the graphics will get a lot better as we move forward. So far though, the faster frame rates of the PS4 gives the illusion of superior graphics. That is not a knock but an accolade. Looking at still shots do not do Killzone any justice. I've played Halo 4 and compared to previous Halos it is marginally better. The funny thing is. The still shots I'... #41
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