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You maybe right. I'm just old as f@$k! Glasses don't help me anymore. Sitting a foot from my TV does though.

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Don't worry. That will happen with FF7(16) remake. Can't wait to see what it looks like on my PS5!!!!!

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I'm having Skyrim PS3 flashbacks. At least witcher isn't broken. Hopefully with update 1.06 they increase the font size again. Still can't read shit in the menus

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To me this is going to be FF 16(FF7). This game has got to be 3 to 4 years away. Any closer would diminish the interest in FF 15. I wonder if this game will be a swan song for the PS4 before we usher in the PS5. Thats how far off I think this title is.

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One day closer to microsoft getting me to buy an xbox1

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I do utilize that feature from time to time. However, it becomes a bit cumbersome to have to use it constantly in the menus of The witcher 3. I almost feel the small font was done to a fault, for alot of gamers recommend playing the game without maps or menu reading. I find it impossible and impractica' to try and adventure through this without being able to read your invemtory.

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We are off to the races. This game is going to sell huge. Just based on how much traffic this thread is getting

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I just hope it's not a replica of Fallout 3/ and Vegas with just upgraded visuals. I hope the core is the same, but am looking forward to some innovations. Have my fingers crossed. It doesnt have to be like Witcher 3. Different styles. Please don't copy other games if you don't have too

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Lol. Us older people need big text. Funny thing iss that i need to zoom the screen on my phone to read this thread

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I have a 50" T.V. and need to sit 3 feet away from it to be able to read anything. I hope this alleviates the sitting close thing. Im sick of pulling the sofa half way across my living room

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Just went back and watched the trailer again in max resolution. Sorry to say, but the visuals look crisp. The dog seems to lack a fur wffect, however, the games still in development and also, some games that are using this effect like in Far cry 4 almost makes the animals look more fake. I know its a tiny sample up to this point but go back and watch it a coue of times and you will see the graphicals are very good.

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Give it a couple days and the Fallout 3/ vegas/ fallout 4 comparison shots will be flowing on the youtubes

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Give it more time. Im sure the games visuals will be current gen adequate. We were warned about this generations graphical leap would seem marginal. Its the little things that are making games look better. For example, Thick foliage swaying in the wind, water effects like rain drops pattering the ground, awesome lighting techniques etc.... From Infamous 3, to GTA V PS4 edition to The witcher 3, none of these games wowed me, but the more I played them, the more I appreciated the work that went...

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The author is "MAD", I tell you. Does not know what he wants? Ruling"!!!!!!!!!keep the side quests..........Hands for Skyrim millenium edition for PS4?

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I cant believe how "jaggie" the breasts look. The aereola color is off as well. This game is going to suck. I cant believe they cant get boobs right. Damn, graphical downgrades.

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"It's because we are making a seperate game that will have space battles that should be included with this game." "However, EA wants to double their profits and play all of you as fools because they know the title says Star Wars, and you will buy it even if it is a 10 hour video of a decomposing dog poop.""Thats why we did't put space battles in." That's what the article should have stated.....

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Another trick I noticed is a little more subtle, and I will use the upcoming batman game for example. A few months ago, the developer started showing footage of the game. If you watched closely, you could notice that some of the scenes were extremely polished, almost cgi quality, then it would transition to slightly more realistic in-game graphics. If you watch the actual gameplay footage released recently, you will notice that the cgi effect is now gone. Not only that, but the in game gr...

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I understand why MLB the show is getting similar sentiment across the media trail. However, while I agree with the boredom part, as to what basis does the game get a 7/10 or a 6/10. It may possibly be the most realistic sports game ever created, it captures the atmosphere of its sport better then any other sports title, the animations and graphicals are top notch and it offers more gameplay flexibility then any other sports title before it. There are 100's of different combinations of ga...

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I think the 1st party baseball license expired and its ok for 3rd parties to kake baseball for all platforms. Problem is that from a business standpoint its not a lucrative product. At tops they may sell 200 to 300k copies. For a company like EA, its not enough. I think RBI baseball is the best were going to do.

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Huge diff in the before and after pics.

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