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It is even more hardcore than I thought before. Thank you for further educating me

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WW1 was boring? Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost. Some of the most hardcore weapons ever created were eventually banned, because they were so inhumane. Mustard gas? Flamethrowers? It was a grisly, grisly war. I'm afraid Battlefield 1 is going to tone it down. I want to see faces melt off. I want to see someone die from being grazed by a bullet after the lead enters their bloodstream. I want to see medics try to save lives with primitive life saving resources. WW1 was boring? Who w...

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Hogwash! Skyrim was a mess on the PS3. Bethesda can't be forgiven for that. Now they have an opportunity to make good and redeem themselves. I'm looking forward to this remaster.

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This topic has lit a fire. Let's wait and see how the dominos fall. Were INA new Era of gaming. It keeps being compared to the current cellphone business model. That's all and good. As gamers, let us not forget the long lifespan of the PS3/Xbox 360. If you look at gaming history, you will see a 5 to 6 year span between consoles with the exception of the Sega genesis. Sega had a lot going on back then. They had tons of add ons and all sorts of stuff every couple of years. This ultimate...

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I booed! When I saw Insomniac was the developer and not sucker punch...booooo! Insomniac is an overrated developer in my opi ion. Sunset overdrive for the X1 was blah! Resistance series was blah! I thought Sony owned the rights to Spiderman anyway? Why would they share their property with other consoles if that is the case?

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I think gamers have been scarred by the long life cycles of ps3 and the 360. The consoles in the past had 4.5 to 5 year life cycles. The PS Neo and Xbox scorpion seem consistent.with that time frame. I'm looking forward to it. Also, just like the precious consoles. The PS4 and X1 look like are going to peak with the upcoming releases in the next year and year and a half. Enjoy it, then move on. Or don't. I'm sure the current consoles will still be supported for.some time after ne...

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I'm not going to draw assumptions. My hope is that The Last of Us 2 gets a surprise announcement at E3 this year. The time seems right, if you look at how many years between Naughty Dog projects. I could give a rats F'k who is in the concept photo. Just take my money Naughty Dog!

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There is a risk/reward for a developer,pertaining to an aggregate website like metacritic. If a game does well and avg's. A 90%. The understanding is that gamers are more likely to purchase the game based on that aggregate review score.
Here lies the problem with this way of thinking. I've been a gamer for over 30 years. I've been through the Nintendo Power, Gamepro , EGM days. I used to hang my hat on whatever the reviewer told me about a game. Stupid, I know.

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Its the aggregate sites that throw things off. If you trust a certain publication and their review process, then stick with their review and their review alone. Don't pay any mind to metacritic.

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2 totally different types of games. Would Naughty Dog writers improve the narrative? Perhaps they could. I Can't imagine it would take CoD over the top though. If I have one gripe about Call of Duty. It is that it's becoming predictable, and stale. To me anyway. I still enjoy the yearly series. Just not as much as In used to. The last time it WOWED me was the original modern warfare. Not so much since then. I do enjoy the zombie mode, and feel like last years black ops III was loaded ...

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I have assumed this once I heard about the original PS4. I had tons of "disagrees", because of it. You don't have to agree. It is what it is. Its the future of consoles. PS4v1, v2, v 3 and so on and so on. Just like you upgrade your cellphone every year or two. The good part is, a video game console is less expensive then a cell phone in the long term

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I just purchased an X1 to complement my PS4. I have funny feeling its going to turn around. I can't be the only one to do this. Looking forward to GoW4, Quantum Break is good, and Rise of the Tomb Raider is awesome.

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That's terrible news. The man was truly talented and will be missed by the gaming community indeed.

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Just got my X1 last weekend. Purchased the white box with this game. I had no faith going in that it would be any good. So far I think its good. I don't mind the FMV between acts. Surprised how good the graphicals are. The worst part was how long it took the game to DL, and That's with a fast connection. That's not Quantum Breaks fault. Unless I was in a "Time stutter" and didn't know it..

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Knack was the first PS4 game I played and was almost the last. I was so disgusted, I almost sold my PS4 Immediately. yuck! Knack? Of all games to recommend. The more I think about it, this generation of consoles has been underwhelming anyway. There has been a small slew of very good games, bit I can't think of one yet that I will take with me to the next generation of consoles. I will gladly give up free indie games on PS plus for a generation defining IP.

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If you didn't see this coming you are naïve. $400 systems? They're new business model was to follow the cellphone industry. Render the last model obsolete every few years. Business analysts have been saying it for years. There will be no PlayStation 5. It will be a PlayStation 4 2nd generation. Then 3rd generation and so on and so on....

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I can't wait to spank it while watching some vr adult entertainment.... Imagine working the baloney, then you take the headset off and your wife is standing there with her arms crossed, shaking her head...

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If Sony listened to the public, they would go bankrupt like most companies. They are not in the business of giving you what you want. They are in the business of creating new things and making you believe you want it.

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Why not. It could be a nice change. They better program that grimy WW1 violence in there. I want to see limbs shredded, heads turn into fruit punch and be able to use the old school artillery... Awwww...flamethrowers! Poison gas! I want to see this game!

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No man's sky will fail on it's own. It has nothing to do with destiny. Having seen it at an event, I can honestly say,"What is the point of this?" The developer has kept some things secret though. We will have to wait and see.

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