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Just went back and watched the trailer again in max resolution. Sorry to say, but the visuals look crisp. The dog seems to lack a fur wffect, however, the games still in development and also, some games that are using this effect like in Far cry 4 almost makes the animals look more fake. I know its a tiny sample up to this point but go back and watch it a coue of times and you will see the graphicals are very good.

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Give it a couple days and the Fallout 3/ vegas/ fallout 4 comparison shots will be flowing on the youtubes

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Give it more time. Im sure the games visuals will be current gen adequate. We were warned about this generations graphical leap would seem marginal. Its the little things that are making games look better. For example, Thick foliage swaying in the wind, water effects like rain drops pattering the ground, awesome lighting techniques etc.... From Infamous 3, to GTA V PS4 edition to The witcher 3, none of these games wowed me, but the more I played them, the more I appreciated the work that went...

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The author is "MAD", I tell you. Does not know what he wants? Ruling"!!!!!!!!!keep the side quests..........Hands for Skyrim millenium edition for PS4?

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I cant believe how "jaggie" the breasts look. The aereola color is off as well. This game is going to suck. I cant believe they cant get boobs right. Damn, graphical downgrades.

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"It's because we are making a seperate game that will have space battles that should be included with this game." "However, EA wants to double their profits and play all of you as fools because they know the title says Star Wars, and you will buy it even if it is a 10 hour video of a decomposing dog poop.""Thats why we did't put space battles in." That's what the article should have stated.....

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Another trick I noticed is a little more subtle, and I will use the upcoming batman game for example. A few months ago, the developer started showing footage of the game. If you watched closely, you could notice that some of the scenes were extremely polished, almost cgi quality, then it would transition to slightly more realistic in-game graphics. If you watch the actual gameplay footage released recently, you will notice that the cgi effect is now gone. Not only that, but the in game gr...

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I understand why MLB the show is getting similar sentiment across the media trail. However, while I agree with the boredom part, as to what basis does the game get a 7/10 or a 6/10. It may possibly be the most realistic sports game ever created, it captures the atmosphere of its sport better then any other sports title, the animations and graphicals are top notch and it offers more gameplay flexibility then any other sports title before it. There are 100's of different combinations of ga...

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I think the 1st party baseball license expired and its ok for 3rd parties to kake baseball for all platforms. Problem is that from a business standpoint its not a lucrative product. At tops they may sell 200 to 300k copies. For a company like EA, its not enough. I think RBI baseball is the best were going to do.

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Huge diff in the before and after pics.

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I agree, however, my original point was that I don't want EA allocating resources to Dragon Age Inquisition when they could be using it elswhere on upcoming games in development. All these remasters, and GOTY editions are making me uneasy. I want next generation titles, not remasters of old. I want another dragon age game, developed for current generation consoles. DA Inquisition runni g at 60fps would be nice, but at this point, why?

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I know how framerate works...... i thought games like tomb raider ran alot smoother on the ps4 as opposed to the 360 version. I could see the difference. I would rather play a game at 720p running at 60fps then play a game at 1080p running at 30. Depends on the game though. In my opinion, I didnt think a game like dragon age not running at 60 fps is a big deal.. When im in a battle, fighting in real time, I dont experience any slow down or framerate dips. Maybe there are, but I don't see ...

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Battles are chaotic enough at 30fps. At 60 you wouldnt be able to see what the hell is going on. If you use the strategy camera what diff does it make? Leave the freaking game alone. Spend your resources on making a sequel instead. Try to get that at 60fps . The last thing we need is a Dragon age Goty edition running at60fps at the expense of getting us a new game to experience.

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More remasters, ughhhhhhhhhh.

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Its not april fools day yet

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In Far Cry 4, I have a tendency to accidentally hit the pad with my thumb, causing me to switch weapons when I don't want to. Just a little gripe. At least Ubisoft is trying to find ways to utilize it. When playing MLB The show, it would be cool if they implemented the sound of the baseball popping into the catchers mitt thru the controller speaker, adding a 3rd dimension to your proximity of the baseball. Same could be said for the sound of the bat hitting the ball coming through the spe...

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Well said Tony. Your opinion piece should also be the basis on which games are reviewed. Putting scores to game reviews are deceptive. I like your style. Unbiased and stating facts. Let the gamer decide if its a game they want to play. Don't put a score on it and "Tell me", if whether or not I should purchase it.

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I believe it depends on the replay ability of the game. How many "carrots" will the developer hang in front of gamers faces? For example, are there hidden items, unlockable character skins, higher difficulty settings after beating the game etc..... I have faith considering "Ready at Dawn" worked on some PSP God of War games. Those games had some good reasons to return to them. I don't care the length of the game, I just care if it's awesome. This may be a bad analo...

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It looks really good next to that video. However, it doesn't look that much better than a PS3 or Xbox 360 racing game.Is it because I havent seen a Last Gen racer in over a year or is it because the graphics aren't that much better?

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Must play this......wwhy must i have to wait......why.....

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