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New consoles will cost $400. Because they will learn their lesson when the Xbox x fails!

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You know what. Your right. I had that on my mind. Picked the wrong thread to state my mind. It's just the handful of articles I came across before this one had the hater train rolling. Now that I went back and read the article, how come Nintendo doesn't do cloud saves? Jerks!

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In the last few days, all I keep coming across on N4g, are articles about how Nintendo, MS, and Sony have either, A: Sucked and are bad for gaming, or B: Are the best and the other companies suck. It's actually kind of funny. It appears to be at maximum fanboy levels I have never seen before!

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Too much flappin'n and not enough happen'n !!!!!

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Maybe it is in development. We just don't know yet. Perhaps, they aren't seeing the hunger for it yet. Bethesda was really pushing that Morrowind expansion for Elder scrolls online. My personal theory is that, all are waiting, until they know for sure when "FFVII Remaster" is coming. The entire games industry is circling around it. Whether it's a year or three from now, the gaming industry will pause as billions of us play that game. Once we all play it, and we begin our...

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Don't forget, that these projects/games can also get outsourced to different contractors as well. Especially if they are trying to get a game out by a certain release date. Add that to even MORE people that work on these things.

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Strange move to me. Xbox has been scrutinized for its lack of exclusive games. At this point, I would think that even early announcements would generate a bit of hype and make people want the new machine more. Unless he is just full of it and there are no new exclusives to announce. Or!, the new exclusives signed are for a new Forza Horizon, Forza 8, Gears of War 5, and a new Halo. That's just a guess

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It sucks when developers do this. I tried to find a reasoning behind squares strategy behind such an early announcement, and couldn't find one. I do have some predictions though. The first being, I don't think this game will release episodically anymore. I predict we will get the full remaster, then they will pull out a sequel or two off of that, ala FFVII2, and 3. My second prediction is that, if this game is this far away, we might not see it on an original PS4 or an Xbox 1. Perhaps...

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They showed master chiefs head and a little gears of war 4 in 4K in the beginning. No halo game, which is also a problem. Don't show me Master chiefs head then not give me some Halo action

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A little bummed they rolled out the same ol' franchises at first. Halo, GOW, Forza etc.... except for that Japanese, action RPG, they showed, nothing really excited me. I think the problem for Microsoft is going to be the "need" for this rig. I know right now, I don't need it and they didn't make me feel like I had to have it.

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Is there a twist? The original night trap was cool when it first came out. It will suck if it is just a re release

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Ty for clarification of the laws.

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I thought there were retail laws that were supposed to prevent people from "scalping". Or Inwas under the impression that you need some sort of "retail business liscence" to legally sell items like that in mass. If a person has said liscence then so be it, but if not, they should be fined, wiping out their profit and preventing further incidents

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I don't care how long it takes, I just hope they don't try and reinvent the wheel with the combat system. Since FFXII, the new direction they've gone with the combat, has left a bad taste in my mouth. Coming off of FFXV, I felt like the game is almost completely out of my control now. Random summons, and high level spells come during scripted events. I miss the back and forth strategy of a turn based system. We all had faith the game would release sooner than later, but who is sur...

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I like the hater-aid in his article. Someone has to do it. He uses his critical thinking 101 skills to try and exploit Horizon as a fraud. If you think hard enough, this can be done to all the games he mentions in his article. I hate to admit it, but I do find his articles entertaining and hope he keeps the hate train rolling on future games.

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This is going way back in the time machine, but look at a game like the original Metroid. This was a massive game world at the time. Yet it was technically a linear experience by today's standards. I would bet that there was more exploration in that game then there is in some open world games today. In a way, I think there is a balance. At the end of the day, these designs are formulaic. You can have an open world, but are there restrictions as to how you can approach your objectives? The...

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I'm surprised he didn't mention Metal Gear Solid V. I thought that game felt empty. You had this huge map with repetitive objectives. There were moments though, that put you in a more linear environment within the open map. Some open world games might benefit from that strategy. I didn't think Metal Gear V sucked. I just didn't understand why they made it open world, when it was fine as a more linear experience in previous titles. I feel open world games can be compared to the...

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Lol...To the "Pornhub" troll...Lol

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Wondering why a rouge corrupt data thumbnail appeared. It won't delete. It just says "eject disc" but there's no disc in the machine. It doesn't seem to be anything I had saved and everything is running as normal. Hopefully it doesn't screw up anything

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Microsoft is in a lose, lose situation. If the Scorpio turns out to be the elite, piece of hardware the company envisions, but doesn't deliver on the original IP's people are expecting, they LOSE! If the Scorpio turns out to be the elite piece of hardware the company envisions and delivers on original gaming, while abandoning the Xbox 1, slim, and 1S. They LOSE! Either way, as a gamer, I will feel duped! The Xbox 1 is a decent piece of hardware that I have owned for 3 years. Up until...

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