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Nice! Now let's get to work on the sequel!

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Yeah o.k., I'll believe it when I see it.

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If it's awesome, we will purchase!

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They didn't charge me anything? I live down the road from the college they hit me up from and we partied! JK! Definitely report

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That's a strange comment to make this far into development of a game, and this far into a console cycle. I'm looking forward to this game next year and my expectations are high for it.

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Oof, this is a tough one. Maybe in the future, BB will put a preorder disclaimer so customers know the risk of cheating the system. I've noticed more and more that smart consumers are finding loopholes in certain retailers offers and deals. It's up to the retail giants to foolproof these offerings so they don't screwed and so honest consumers don't get screwed in the future. The more people exploit these holes, the less apt, retailers will be to offer incentives in the future....

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A lot of good points all the way around. I just hope games released for the Xbox one X will also run on my regular Xbox 1.

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I agree with the desert bus. I almost clicked out of this article when I read it.

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Hahahahaha. Don't know why this has me rolling, but it does

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Great interview, good job gamesradar

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The headline of this article is deceiving. You won't need to purchase infinite warfare to play the standalone modern war fare they are about to release.

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Didn't think an indie game trailer would make me want to buy an Xbox X and upgrade to a new TV. This game could be the one. Need to see more. Looks amazing.

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I thought this article compared the specs of all three systems? Maybe I missed something. Every Nintendo console since the N64 has made me wonder what could have been with a little more horsepower. All in all, as a handheld system, the switch is quite remarkable. As a console it's a little behind the times. Lesson be learned though. Zelda, to me, looks as good and plays as well as any other games that I've been playing on my Xbox and PS4. There is a difference indeed, but there is jus...

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New consoles will cost $400. Because they will learn their lesson when the Xbox x fails!

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You know what. Your right. I had that on my mind. Picked the wrong thread to state my mind. It's just the handful of articles I came across before this one had the hater train rolling. Now that I went back and read the article, how come Nintendo doesn't do cloud saves? Jerks!

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In the last few days, all I keep coming across on N4g, are articles about how Nintendo, MS, and Sony have either, A: Sucked and are bad for gaming, or B: Are the best and the other companies suck. It's actually kind of funny. It appears to be at maximum fanboy levels I have never seen before!

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Too much flappin'n and not enough happen'n !!!!!

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Maybe it is in development. We just don't know yet. Perhaps, they aren't seeing the hunger for it yet. Bethesda was really pushing that Morrowind expansion for Elder scrolls online. My personal theory is that, all are waiting, until they know for sure when "FFVII Remaster" is coming. The entire games industry is circling around it. Whether it's a year or three from now, the gaming industry will pause as billions of us play that game. Once we all play it, and we begin our...

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Don't forget, that these projects/games can also get outsourced to different contractors as well. Especially if they are trying to get a game out by a certain release date. Add that to even MORE people that work on these things.

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Strange move to me. Xbox has been scrutinized for its lack of exclusive games. At this point, I would think that even early announcements would generate a bit of hype and make people want the new machine more. Unless he is just full of it and there are no new exclusives to announce. Or!, the new exclusives signed are for a new Forza Horizon, Forza 8, Gears of War 5, and a new Halo. That's just a guess

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