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This “loot box” thing, seems to be the talk of these late 2017 releases. It may just be an industry test to see if there is more money to be made off of the games. It’s seems like it’s one of those, “they’re doing it, so why not us?” If these “loot crates” are a waste of money and we as gamers ignore it, this problem should go away.

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Microsoft doesn’t care! They know people are going to buy it anyway. They have had the wool pulled over gamers eyes for years. This has been part of their strategy all along. This system was going to launch whether or not the exclusives were ready. They couldn’t afford to delay it, or else it would interfere with their timeline on their next console launch in two or three years, in which we will be saying the same thing. “Where are the exclusives?” Microsoft will reply, “don’t worry, they’re ...

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Wow, that’s awhile. Was hoping for a 2018 release.

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Looks a little to late to compete with Project cars 2, Forza, and Gran Turismo.

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Not bad for what this person had to work with. Just wish the comparison transitions were a little smoother. Point made though. PS4 looks crisp. I've been there and done it, but my kids might like this. P.S. I'm reading a lot of "why not on the PS Vita?" How about, why not on android and iOS?

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If you don't like it Dele, go to the player edit screen and raise your attributes all to 100%. ...........u prick!.......

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I wonder if MS, is going to ride the Xbox X for awhile or if they are goi g to come out with another upgraded Xbox in two more years. They have me waiting now, as opposed to purchasing this thing early. It all sounds good though.

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Wow! Strong words from Ian Bell. Imagine how BAD of experience it was working with EA for Bell to hang it all out there like that. I don't need to hear EA's side of the story, because this is not the first time we've heard about EA screwing over their developers.

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I agree. Once different retailers announced the pre orders, they were "unavailable or sold out!" Seriously, WTF!
Just looked again, no worries, people are already selling their pre orders for double the price! Just effing awesome......

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I noticed that too. But towards the end of the video, it looks like they speed them. both up side by side. Other than that, it looks like the NHL 18 crowd looks a little more relaxed.

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It has to be. If not number 1, it's got to be close.

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Nice! Now let's get to work on the sequel!

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Yeah o.k., I'll believe it when I see it.

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If it's awesome, we will purchase!

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They didn't charge me anything? I live down the road from the college they hit me up from and we partied! JK! Definitely report

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That's a strange comment to make this far into development of a game, and this far into a console cycle. I'm looking forward to this game next year and my expectations are high for it.

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Oof, this is a tough one. Maybe in the future, BB will put a preorder disclaimer so customers know the risk of cheating the system. I've noticed more and more that smart consumers are finding loopholes in certain retailers offers and deals. It's up to the retail giants to foolproof these offerings so they don't screwed and so honest consumers don't get screwed in the future. The more people exploit these holes, the less apt, retailers will be to offer incentives in the future....

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A lot of good points all the way around. I just hope games released for the Xbox one X will also run on my regular Xbox 1.

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I agree with the desert bus. I almost clicked out of this article when I read it.

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Hahahahaha. Don't know why this has me rolling, but it does

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