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Before more people hop into this "trap"...It's just for fun even tho abit stupid and aimed for some clicks I guess.

[That superpower bit is really somewhat true since most enemies just have guns...] #7
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Fanboy much?
Going by your logic what about the pic below then???

Wii U has potential sure but Nintendos fault is/was to rely too much on their 1st party games and gimmick. 3rd pary support is nearly non existent and with the other 2 next gen consoles around the corner it can only be worse...Wii had similar problems but its success was caused by 'games' like wii fit etc. which appealed alot to non gamers and the like and getting those into the bag again is not s... #4.1.1
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Kinects success was caused by the causal market and Microsofts advertisement...I think Kinect 2 won't be as successful as MS thinks it will be because ppl who got Kinect for the 360 had their run just as most of the causal WII buyers won't buy a WII U. It's still early to judge but time will tell I guess. #5
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Talk about missing the point...LOL #22.1
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What else did you expect from a GPU that will cost as much as all those consoles you said put together. LOL

EDIT: beaten #1.1.3
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the japanese always used the english number and ppl still talking about 'the unlucky number'... #6.1
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Capcom knows the answer very well but they just want you to donate some to release the "real reason why RE 6 was below expectation"-DLC

Honestly i love and hate Capcom. If you would stop being so greedy you couldve achieved more...listen to the hardcore-fans damnit... #20
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How can they do a terrible job when it is obviously a spin-off ?! There is no base to compare it since its the first MGR and i dunno how it is far over the top for MG ? I hope you remember Raidens fight vs Gekkos or when he stopped a ship with his body or when he fights with no arms but his katana in his mouth... #16.4.3
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for comparison #20.1
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the only thing i noticed was that the color for the circle button is yellow instead of red since ps buttons always had the same color for each since launch.

triangle = green
square = pink
x = blue
circle = red #20
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You should really do that if you have some space again before release. I made a walkthrough from the Z.o.E. Demo before so you could check that one out too. P* games and Kojima P. will deliver with this game for sure. #2.1
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This game is overlooked by lots of people even tho its a very good Open World game.

The story is great and the fighting mechanics are brilliant.
Highly recommend this game since its cheap to get nowadays. #5
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Day 1 for me.
Level 5 does know how to make great RPGs and Studio Ghiblis Art is unique.
The two of them is just WIN !!!

[this footage is old tho...] #6
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