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Super excited for this! I'm about to finish my first playthrough, so this will come just in time for a second one! :) #26
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Yeah it's a shame. I don't care how it sold, it seems like a great game from a awesome developer and I surely would love to play it on my PS4. I don't really get what numbers have to do with it. #1.1.28
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And the game that is supposed to be the "breakthrough for the industry" will completely ignore PC, PS4 and XB1 to be a WiiU exclusive? #1.1.10
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How about a brand new western announcement? That would be super fun! #13
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Ikr? I knew I would be playing this on my PS4 after Uncharted 4, and I'm really happy to have a confirmation! Don't really care if it will come six month after the original release or a year after it, I just want to have it on my console of choice! There will be plenty of games to keep me busy 'till then, and as a Lara fan, I'm very glad right now! :D

It was confirmed to not be xb1 exclusive, but whether or not it would show up... #1.5.2
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No update is ever useless. If there's an update with no apparent changes for the end user, it's probably because there was something that needed fixing. #7.1
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Not yet, nor have they confirmed it as a future feature. All they said was "maybe". #27.1
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Parkour in a top hat... somehow I think it looks weird. haha #26
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Wow, a demo? what a nice surprise! This should be standard for remasters, I think. That way we, who already own/owned the ps3 versions, may check for ourselves how much improvement the update brings to the table and if it's worth a second purchase. Leave it to ND to set good examples to this industry! :) #13
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If it's as good as mgs4, it'll make me very happy with my purchase. :D #7
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A NG+ mode would be the cherry on top of a perfect baked cake! I hope it happens. #10
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It's ridiculous how this game keeps getting better and better! As a ps only player, I didn't knew CDPR before TW3, but now that I do, I couldn't be more impressed! #1
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I swear this game sounds sweeter every time I read something about it! #18
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I don't really mind either way since the PS4 version is a certainty and my copy, as a ps player, is already guaranteed, but I think a FF7 remake is something bigger than console rivality, it's a win to gamers all around. Hence why I think it will, eventually, hit the xbone as well. As I said before: I don't really care, tho. My copy is a sure thing anyways! Best of luck to xbone players, I hope you all get to play it as well, one wsy or another!
:) #23
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PSO2, Skies of Arcadia 2, localize yakuza, and a new valkyria chronicles on consoles. If I were allowed to dream extra high, I'd also add shenmue remake to that list. There: sega would be epic again in my book. #4
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Wow Ken looks good! #2
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That's amazing! Combined, these expansions will probably be bigger than most games on release date! I hope From is planning on a equally impressive expansion too. So much rpg goodness! :) #14
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To make GoW3 looks even better is quite an accomplishment when the original already looked that good. It must feel nice with 60 fps too! #5
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The last one was so addicting! It was my first xcom and I really loved it! Its such a shame it is skipping consoles now. Although, I gotta admit: even though I've experienced the last one on a ps3, I feel like this sort of game seems more at home with a mouse&keyboard than with a controller. I just hope I can run it on my outdated PC. #1
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I'm sorry, this is super stupid, but I've read half of the title from an iphone and, for a moment, my mind went straight to Snoop Dogg [grand adventure]. lol #7
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