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Spoiler in the title... fucking nice... crawl into a hole and die, asswhole. #6
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Yeah, but since you won't be alone either way (with an ai following your every step) adding the option for both online and offline co op would seems like making the best out of a bad situation, would it not? The way it is now is like a middle finger for those that, like me, didn't wanted co op at all and those that wanted it mainly because of online co op. It seems to me as if they (capcom) are alienating two big groups in order to favor a small one - or maybe they are cutting costs d... #17.1
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Why to have co op at all, then? The game would probably be better without it anyway. #31
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"Every Resident Evil should come in the episodic game format", said no one ever. And as far as I know, that is the main reason (if not the only one) behind the hate. #11.2
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I don't care if zombies are zombies in the next game, just as long as they don't have ranged weapons. I want to be afraid of getting bitten or having a leg chopped, not of being shot at... #7.1.2
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"...what captured audiences about that first game had to do with the relative simplicity of its narrative. Kind of like a good Stephen King novel, it was a ‘situation’ sort of game. ‘People trapped in a giant house with zombies."

Couldn't possible agree more! #12
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Ah, there you go. I was getting worried you wouldn't screw this one up, Crapcom. Never fail to disappoint! lol #31
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bubble up! lol #23.1
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You are not alone. #18.2
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Is it just me or Claire really didn't aged well? I remember her looking stunning on the Dreamcast. She looks like someone else now. Kind of ugly, actually. Oh well... I'm still happy she's back. #25
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I'd say that Las Plagas was the worst thing that has ever happened to Resident Evil (crossbow sniper zombies were just goofy, and it got worst from there!), but co op is right next to it as well. #6.2
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"Resident Evil Island". I like the sound of that! lol
I am fooled every time a RE is announced: was over excited for RE5 just to have that zombie-biker scene as one of the saddest memories of my gamer life; then comes part 6 and here am I again, jumpy as a school girl around her favorite boyband, and it was so disapointing with all the action oriented style that I didn't even bother with it. Revelation time: that monster design killed it for me. I wish I could say I'... #5
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Should Claire returns, I will be more excited about this than RE7. She's my favorite RE character. Never played revelations though (thanks to that terrible enemy design), so I might be missing something here. How's Claire related to Terra Save? I thought she was scratched from this series. Last I've heard anything about here was on that animated movie. #1.1.3
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Mediocre, than? I was thinking about giving it a chance too. Those new monsters design are horrible though(not in a good way). #12.1.1
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I had ZERO interest in any CoD 'till now! lol #1.4
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200hs of playtime ?? WANT IT!! Very nice Bioware, you sexy devils! :) #9
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I agree with everything you've said, except for that best rpg ever part. Really? Origins? It was really good, yes. But not one of the best ever, imo. Not even one of bioware's best for that matter. Loved the story-telling though (so much so I wish it was a book!) #8.1.2
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Soul Reaver, yes! That would be the dream. Amalur deserves a sequel, but I would buy it again if they went on the remake route. Add a little bit of challange (a hard mode, maybe?) and it could be one of my favorite games ever! #5
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Wow, that's pretty long for an horror game! Can't wait to dive in! #14
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This is a really bs move. I've grown up playing Tomb Raider on all of my playstation systems and even after falling in love with Uncharted series, I'm not one of those who dismisses the new Tomb Raiders as Uncharted clones. Loved the reboot and was really excited for the next entry.
Oh well... here comes M$ again, throwing money on anything that moves instead of investing in their own studios. Same old tactics from last gen. If it's not a temporary deal, I really hope it b... #11
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