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YES!! Please!! #12
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I hope not. If it is so (fps only) I'm out. #17
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I will explore 'till Noctis' legs fall off. Such an beautiful world! #10
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I'm more excited about Bloodborne, but I'll get both on launch. #27
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Cant wait for the retail disc! #2
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"The biggest addition to Bloodborne’s cooperative play seems to be a new mode where you and some friends play through a randomly generated dungeon filled with traps and enemies."

That might be its biggest selling point to me! Its something I've always wanted in my soul games: random generated enemy & trap. #9
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A man is nitpicking too much. A man also sounds silly when he talks like this. But that's just this man's opinion, of course. #2.5
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I have never played anything ftp aside from a few ios games and I have never even heard of planetside, so I must admit I'm clueless on this matter. Everything I've read/saw about the game sounds exciting, and that's why I wish they'd just dish the ftp and turn it into a regular retail game, with a beginning, middle and an end with lots of lore to be immersed into. Anyway, I'll definitely keep an eye on this one and cheer for it to be as epic as it sounds. #10.1.1
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I find so weird to invest so much in a ftp game. Maybe I'm being dull here, but I really think ftp belongs on mobile gaming. Well, I still am interested in learning more about this game (as I have a weak spot for rpgs). I hope they can make this business model works. #10
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Kung Lao's looking badass! Kitana? Meh. I like her fatality, though! Goro as pre order bonus is bs... #3
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Dark Souls 2 will support more online players, will have better fps and upgraded graphics, new enemies and random mob locations on every ng+... or so I've heard. Don't know if it's really true, though, but I'm hoping it is. #11.1
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I don't know where did you found this "majority", but everyone I know and their mothers are sick of remasters already #2.2.1
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"I'm Not A Hardcore Gamer If I Don't Care About Bloodborne?"

Of course not, a game does not dictate if you're hardcore or not. You WILL miss one heck of a game though. Along with MGSV and The Witcher 3, Bloodbourne is on top of my most anticipated games this year! #19
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Because its a great system, with a lot of potential for the future, from a company that have been consistently epic for 20 years. #4
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The asian disc version support english subtitle and audio. So, while not ideal, there's an option. #1.3
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Omg, forget about the spoilers, I NEED that statue!!!1 #17
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Click through site... urgh. Here's the list:
Super Smash bros
Hitman go
Far Cry 4
Sunset Overdrive
Dark Souls 2
Shadow of Mordor
Mario kart 8
Diablo III
Destiny #8
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Without the childish and unnecessary "sorry fanboys" in the title, I could actually take this piece seriously and give it a chance. But because of it, I'll just assume its clickbait from some attention whore who might, ironically, be the real immature fanboy in here. #48
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I don't have an WiiU, so... but I did forgot about Zestiria indeed! I hope it's not too long 'till launch. #9.1.1
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It's not so bad.
REmake, Bloodbourne, The Order, Type-0 (maybe), DSII (maybe), The Witcher 3, Arkham Knight, FFXV and The Division. It's gonna be, basically, one game per month for me.

edit: but I'm still hoping for Dragon Quest Heroes to come out this year and a confirmation for FFXII HD. #9
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