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who the hell still says you mad bro in 2014?

Enjoy playing on that thousand dollar monitor that will probably crap out ina couple months on that $1000 machine that will have various graphical bugs like 90% of PC games and spend the first few months on boards trying to figure out why your game is lagging on a $600 card and $200 cpu wit no bottleneckzz, then wait another few months for updates to fix those bugs just to play on settings that looks slightly better. #1.4.13
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no. thats not a bad review.. and this one doesn't give me any reason not to trust them.. #1.1.8
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Thats more of a upper mid range card,but still good to know :) #1.1.11
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capitalism sucks #1.1.4
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Holy hell! had no clue the cars had cockpit view !!
Not sure how I feel about the bloody screen

I would rather a simple health bar..I know this may be an early version and just a few gifs... #1.1.1
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Looks good!I hope it feels good with a wheel #1.1.17
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Generation of the delays.
Prettier games= longer development.
I was expecting to hear a lot about this game at e3. #1.1.10
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and the places arent even new !
really disappointing update.. the patch is good tho, lots of fixes, and loading online is much faster #3.1
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just checked it out, we didnt even get new apartments, we just got 1 new interior for existing #2.1.3
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Well heist should be here by july hopefully.I hoped we would get some houses instead of new apartments :/. decent update tho.The cars are ugly lol. Give us some normal cars, not these fugly super cars, we have enough! we only have 2 or 3 pick up trucks for instance.. bring back romans car from gta iv.. hell bring back all of those cars. I miss my Faction and Tampa so much. #2.1.2
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There you have it.Pro choice= no future tech/s

give me a break.

Well they set themselves up for this.I hate to say they "shouldn't have done it in the first place", because they can't see the future, and people make mistakes, but when people have been against it from day 1, its a fair assessment.No doubt they deserve some kudos for fixing an "mistake", but just like with the DRM crap, their inten... #1.1.23
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b-b-butt i thought kinect was an "integral" part of the xbox? That one cant be without the other?MSFT are full of sh1t this gen lol.I think the only way they could gain my respect, would be if they just owned up to the BS they were spouting prior to release.Because they just about went back on all of the so called "integral" parts of the xbox one " experience", that we all knew from the beginning was actually to make more money whilst shafting consumers of a choi... #1.1.5
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I'm not sure what selling a console for money has to do with listening to consumers..You say that as if they can only care about consumers or care about money, when anybody with a lick a sense knows they go hand and hand..Sony knows happy consumers = more money.Therefore they don't need to ignore the consumers until they start losing money like MSFT.When we say Sony cares for their consumers more than money, they show it by taking a risk to lose money to gain more fans.W... #1.1.12
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my theory. A new game

Seriously though, what ever game this is, its a long way away.Because it seems like they are just working on an engine.Which could take years to make, then even more years to make the game with said engine... or they probably already have it done, but just needs someone with experience in those fields, for assistance.. #1.1.5
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the city looks huge! #1.1.9
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He's not saying you can access the upgraded version you ALREADY BOUGHT only with ps+.He's saying you will get access to the free version and the upgrades that you purchased.Not the full game.Because those upgrades are only available to ps+ subscribers. If you bought the full game you will still have access regardless of rather your ps+ is active or not.I agree thats still bad but its not what people are making it out to be. #1.1.17
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Chris Brown stated
"You’re right – you don’t loose the content, it stays on your machine. You only loose access to play it when your PS+ subscription lapses.

As long as your PS+ subscription is active, you can access the free version of the PS+ Edition and the upgrade (if you’ve purchased it)."

Where did he state that you wont be able to play the purchased version if your ps+ expires?I've only read it in the article.. not from his origin... #1.1.12
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*reads all rumored and leaked news for e3 a month early*
Month later..
*e3 starts... e3 end*
zOMG E3 SUCKED THIS YEAR!! NO SURPRIZEZZ!Gaming is dying, you console of choice suckz!

I've been on N4G too long. #1.1.25
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Judging from these pics yes.But the difference you will see goes beyond the pics.We don't have enough info yet, but I am betting like most cross plat racers, the pc will have a larger grid which plays a MAJOR factor in needing such a powerful card for ultra settings. #1.2.7
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Yea I was planning on getting the PC version, because I didn't believe SM when they said the PS4 version would be up to par with the pc version to be honest haha... Then again, if the modding community will be like assetto corsa, I might get it for pc and ps4 later.

@Letros will we see an opponent named after you ? lol

Monaco looks awesome!
... #1.1.1
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