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I would like to play with a female character more often, does it bother me to the point of anger.. hell no.Not that serious #1.1.9
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@bicfitness PS4 has 8gb gddr5 ram where as the highest range mobile gpu in 2012 ( 680m ) had a max 4gb ddr5. I think its more comparable to a high range 2014 mobile gpu. Which would be the 880m which has the same specs as the ps4 gpu.. which as it sits cost TWICE as much as a ps4.. #1.1.5
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These missions have been online since day 1.I have the slightest idea what this article is on about... #1.1.1
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.. Hopefully they add some food places in this update. I'm tired of eating snacks and pisswaser #1.1.8
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Can you "@" any particular person who commented on this article saying graphics don't matter that said graphics do matter when comparing xbox to ps4, or are we just gonna generalize and assume that these are the same people that's all about graphics?
Because the three of you sound like idiots with those idiotic generalizations claiming these people who commented are hypocrites, or are you too much... #1.1.34
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@codelyoko "Humans have a sadly short attention span."

True but considering "privacy" is a hot button issue right now, I doubt it will die down.
Its technically not spyware considering they specifically said that it collects info in the TOS, and its not collecting data for malicious reasons like spyware.I personally don't see anything wrong with what they are doing. Of course they COULD use origin to collect sensitive info but they... #1.1.8
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yea I think this gen will be shorter than the last 2..The next gen systems (ps5 xb2) may be here for awhile i'm betting close to a decade #1.1.5
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Well the game was originally planned for ps3, 360 wii u and pc afaik.Its obvious to me that SMS are trying really hard to not only keep it on the wii-u but make it somewhat on par with the new gen consoles because of the weaker hardware.I actually thought the wii u version had a later release date already. #1.1.3
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the current gen consoles components are obsolete and under powered compared to the latest and more power components because the current gen consoles use components that were new and powerful for the buck during its development.But considering a new and more powerful component comes out just about every other month, it would be impossible for an console to keep updated components. We know this.
Must we have the same arguments/conversation every single time..

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Ellie looks like one of those celebrity deathmatch figures lol. I love miniature stuff though this is awesome #1.1.1
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I really thought they where 3d renders, the sky lights look very 3d-y #1.3.3
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I think I speak for most if not all sim racer fans when I say this best of both worlds crap is pure BS.There is no in between, either your a sim or your an arcade racer.When your going 120mph around a haripin turn everything "sim racer" related goes out the window..I'm looking forward to this game a lot but I expected a different reason to be presented as to why this game stands apart from those 2 games because they both will have sim racing aspects.Technically any game with so... #3.3
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I just wrote out an incredibly long response.. Then I realized this was satire lol..
Well played you had me VGMMDI #1.2
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Over exaggeration much? Yea they removed some grass and a few rocks in the part of the video you took a screenshot of,but considering there is still a lot of rocks and grass on the ground its a moot point.
I love when people take a screenshot of a game in a certain situation that looks slightly less than spectacular then act like thats how the entire game will look..Its even funnier with the screenshot you posted because the game still looks amazing.
... #1.1.10
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I wonder what the FFB feels like.Looking at the thumbnail I thought the wheel was rubber, now I see its that hard plastic. I guess you get what you pay for.Good for people whose on the fence about getting a wheel I guess. #2.2
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Wow.I like some of the standard cars but this really sucks.Still getting it regardless, and I understand their reasoning, but still, using slightly updated PS2 assets from a decade ago in a PS4 game is ridiculous.More than likely they will still use "standard" tracks.. Maybe they should make them for DLC or something.Like a nostalgic DLC for free.
But who knows, maybe they update a lot of them :/ #1.1.7
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Haha, I was playing halo on 4 player split screen a few weeks ago.It was horrible, but fun at the same time.I always hated split screen. So much screen cheating #1.1
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"console peasant"
spoken like a real pc elitist..
You 2 play your roles to a tee i guess ;) #3.1.1
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Why would they be embarrassed about that? This happens to a lot of pc games.. If UBI wanted to do what this mod does in terms of " looking better " as you put it, they easily could have considering he's only unlocking and or editing stuff already in the engine built by UBISOFT.They should however be embarrassed at how modders can fix various glitches in the game faster than them.. #2.2
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well guess what
1080p aint the standard right now so shut up and deal with it. you sound like an idiot telling someone how to do their job when you have no real knowledge beyond wikipedia on the subject.And even more of an idiot for telling me what I should enjoy.
Your lives must be horrible noticing those slight frame drops and screen tears .I'm okay living in blissful graphics ignorance thank you.

over exaggeration because you can'... #1.1.10
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