waiting for the nextgen


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how? ps3 got unreal a whole year before 360 only thing he did was gears of war for xbox lol.

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you dont even make sense shut up.

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great another year ufc meanwhile fight night gets put on the shelf ea is so stupid all these new fighters and rivals in the boxing world and these idiots are just letting it pass smh. 2k save us!

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You still its called input lag FOOL and someone worried about beating story mode sure as hell would not even notice it competitive people will because of a deep understanding of how sf works i doubt anyone trying to defeat the mighty bison is going to say hey its a extra frame of lag here so stop it.

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Blazblu is like on its 7th version are you serious? Lmao.

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Frame lag lmfao something tells me you just suck and decided to say that because you saw other people bring up something with "frame lag".

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you have no ideal what you're talking about what does that even mean?

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@kurtrussell ive been programmed not to be a sheep and hate something because its popular you cant even tell me whats bad about the music because you're the "programmed" one.

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Trash...I understand you dont like him as a person but calling his music trash dude has made and produced so many good tracks its not even funny.

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on behalf of the black community we do not give a rats A**.

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Do some research before talking you look very ignorant right now.

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was not aware of the online only thing since im always online that does suck but as far as tuning i think you just need to explore more all my cars feel different.

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its worth it dont get where all the hate is coming from i think its really fun atleast a 8/10 especially if you have friends to play with.

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yes the highest selling fighting game franchise of all time is not a system seller... genius!

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She looks great i bet you're the " cant play sf worth anything but always has an opinion guy" can you even play urien?

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its the same thing from last year and gears was obviously not ready to show was a weak showing c at best.

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keep in mind that game was made on dreamcast it was amazing that they pulled something off on a system like that.

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it looks way different its not even close.

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tbh if you lined up the cast of the last tomb raider with random other game characters and told me to pick who was in it i couldnt name one of them the story was really weak gameplay was good but not at uncharted level.

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The te2 has sanwa parts what's found on all major arcade machines tekken,ggxrd,sf4 and is typically the choice of most players the hori does not it uses hori custom buttons and stick. its also easy to mod compared to the hori.if you are on a budget the hori will do for now you can always swap the stick and buttons easy not that they are bad most people just like sanwa parts. if you can get the te2 that's the way to go.

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