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"waiting for the nextgen"


are you guys serious? the like to dislike is crazy this game is horrible and stale you guys cant name 3 characters from the story or what its about. the gameplay is horrible 2 was ok but as much money they put into this terrible franchise id rather them just make a new shooter ive been saying this for years sony would kill with a 4v4 5v5 shooter give this franchise up please it gets worse with every edition i sold shadow fall in 3 days killzone is just sony's crisis pretty as hell and bor... #1.1.11
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i wonder who started playing fighters in 09..... #17
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dont be stupid who the hell wouldnt sony needs a arena shooter bad id hire him in a heartbeat. #32.1
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@morganfell it fictional characters who cares can cole be changed to a white guy yes would it be dumb out of place most likely. but for every character they want to change black its no problem spiderman he could be anything link does not even have a voice he is literally what i make him in my mind i see no problem with it. its not the skin that makes the the character its the costume and personality any character like this can be changed. #13.2
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2k this and that 2k has never been better than madden any TRUE football game player will tell you that the only year it came even semi close was the vision cone year ea shot themselves in the foot with that one and id still take that version over 2k crappy system only thing 2k had was graphics thats it. i know im going to get alot of dislikes but i doubt any of you have played a football game for over a 1000 hours in your lifetime only a fool would chose 2k over madden in the ps2 era it was g... #15
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socom was halo before it came sit down kid you look silly. #6.1.1
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Killing Madden in 04? Yeah you were the kid in the quarter trying to stop the run all real football game players know that Madden 04 was one of the best ever 2k couldn't come close it got crushed and it was 30$ cheaper. 2k football was never on maddens level at all now basketball was a different story. #4.1.2
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@theshonen8899 so when did you get your hands on it?.....exactly shut up and wait we have not even seen the hud yet,shots to kill,modes,feel of the game for you to say anything. #1.1.4
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i cant believe you would even mention uncharted 3 and judgment in the same sentence. #1.2.2
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Ohhhh kill em! #7.1
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@humbug I swear most people who say that are virgin's what does getting laid have to do with anything? Don't know about you but sex only last a hour on a good night it's game time outside of that get a life and get laid kid. #1.7.4
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I'm fine with 6v6 as long as the maps are not gigantic titanfall I'm looking at you. I love small based shooters they are always the best bigger is not always better I actually find more than 6v6 stupid for people with no skill who like to have a million targets so unsatisfying getting kills that way shooters need to be intimate. #10
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the difference being half of thoes games are psp games and some released over a decade ago nice try they had 4 gears of war games on 360 ps has never released that many sequels on one system. #5.5
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because dom was a lame no one cared for him after gears 1 he went all emo and depressed then he committed suicide like a little girl for no reason i felt it was a corny way to go out. #3.1.2
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im sorry but the whole going in to battle with toddlers and your grand children at that was just weak the characters were lacking and corny too i think i stopped towards the end of the second disk hope they get better story writers the gameplay was good surprisingly the best rpg last gen imo but thats not saying alot. #7.1
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Love it nice here it goes. #552
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Love N4G nice. #32
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they are not even 3 million xbox ones sold yet if it does 2.5 thats great. #1.3.3
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ryu,ken,akuma,evilryu, use the same body and most of the assets are the same same with yun & yang and a couple others some were not as expensive but anyways for the more in the ball park of of 30 millions

you can check his credentials yourself and if you want to look its a great artical somewhere on the we... #4.1.6
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@ChickeyCantor please do tell me how so smartass ill wait then smack you in the face with facts. #4.1.4
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