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Debated a bit on whether or not this should be in rumor or news, but it seems pretty solid based on the evidence.

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Such a ridiculously hard move to pull off in real competition. He needs to change his name to Edson "Sub-Zero" Barboza.

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New Halo made by Nintendo.

Halo 4: Combat Censored

The world explodes into glitter at the end.

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Please grim fandango. Please grim fandango. Please grim fandango.

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Can't tell if you're being sarcastic but I'll respond anyway -_-

You know that classic movie that is just plain better than most of the movies that have been released since? That's what some of these games are.

I would take the risk and play Grim Fandango if I were you. It's on PC, although it may be difficult to get up and running on Windows 7, not sure.

I wouldn't trade my experience playing Grim Fandango for almost ...

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Skyrim is the best game ever made in the history of games and even better than some non-games like sex.


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Skill, and having a reasonable standard for "skill" are different things.

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"can you can really picture valve in their offices laughing hysterically at the thought of destroying the counter strike community"

Certainly not. But the reality is making a game hyper-skilled doesn't translate into sales as well as "noob friendly" games do, for the most part. The learning curve is part of that reason, it's both a blessing and a curse.

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Not sure what you disagree with there. There is more realism in COD than there is in Counter-Strike. From weapon mechanics, weapon selection, to animations, player movement restrictions and enhancements (like prone) and more.

Neither is a simulation game. They are both arcade-simulation. But CS is less simulation and more arcade than COD is (which makes for a better game imo).

The original modders of CS themselves have been quoted many times with saying they ...

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What a fucking joke. I submit this video within hours of it going up online, when it only had 300 views, and it got declined because a moderator said it was "too similar" to a video of a guy running around putting buckets on heads?

Next time mods, actually watch the videos. Or even read the titles. This has been approved several times since mine was declined.

Dare me to put a bucket on your head and gut you mods. Dare me bro.

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Morrowind is one of my favorite games of all time. Oblivion? Not so much. There was a huge amount of hype for it when it was released, and I don't think anyone would put it over a 7/10 with the hype factor removed.

Too much of what Morrowind fun was gone, and too much of what they introduced just didn't work well.

A 9.6 and 9.3 rating on IGN and Gamespot? Give me a break.

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Does that come in the Game of the Year edition? It's got some neat differences from the original.

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Plants vs. Zombies is so awesome (: I've never been much for "casual" games. I don't play Angry Birds, or much of any of that, but when I tried out PvZ I couldn't stop laughing at the humor.

The letters from the zombies were particularly funny :P

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Steal? Videos offer embed functionally explicitly for the purpose of sharing them across websites. It's also not college humor's video. College Humor embedded the video from Dorkly the exact same way this one was, except this one at least offers some thoughts on the video, along with properly crediting it.

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I didn't know Arma II was free to play now. I played it when it first came out and I was pretty disappointed, was super buggy at the time!

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Paragraphs please...

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Serious Sam is a boss~

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