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Wait...How... grrr... Ok, legitimate question. Unless I am not understanding the challenges of showing 4k content to non-4k content users... isn't anyone viewing this on non-4k monitors basically going to see 1080p?

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I don't think this is what people are thinking it is. When it says "Pro Edition" I don't think its referring to a PS4 Pro but rather a "Pro player edition" that will have some included DLC and extras for online play. I say that be cause the box art is for a regular PS4 and in the image there is an excluse at GameStop image so this tells me this is some kind of marketing deal with GameStop trying to keep their stores relevant.

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The simple answer is they will always need a bit more power as other Technologies evolve

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eh hem... the PS4 was the the more powerful console for this generation and its won. I think you can safely put the PS4 Pro and Scorpio into their own mid generation generation as they really do open the door to a new generation that will be ushered in gradually vs what we have seen traditionally.

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@CBaoth my understanding is the way MS is building their game engines they are designed to perform to the level the machine can handle. Gears 4 is a prime example of how that works, on Xbox One its limited to 1080P but the game on PC scales all the way to native 4K. I was under the impression Halo is in a similar boat but I could be wrong.

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Halo 5 uses dynamic resolution already so odds are that game will scale day 1 with no real effort needed.

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Quite happy with this news. Halo 3 looks perfectly fine on the MCC. Focus on new games at this point

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To each there own...I think its good they exist for those that enjoy the challenge.

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I do agree Prime is very much associated with Amazon...however, that is a positive association they may be willing to take on. Xbox 2 goes against their thoughts around naming. After all the Xbox 360 technically was the Xbox 2 but they purposely stayed away from that as they saw the market would feel the Xbox was "behind" the Playstation 3 if it was a 2. So that problem would be even worse with 2 vs 4 in the current landscape. I suppose Xbox One 2 could be a thing...and th...

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LOL... Xbox One Play Station... outside of the legal meltdown and trademark issues...that would be funny as hell.

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Pro I think is out given they dont want people to think the Scorpio and PS4 Pro are on the same level. In that same vein I think Ultra is out as well as they wont want Xbox One U to be a thing. Xbox One 4K seems like its too targeted and would alienate anyone with 1080P TV's as they still will get benefit from the upgrade. Xbox One X could be likely and I could see the Xbox One Prime be a thing too. I think those are two I would bet on.. Prime I think being my favorite.

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I predict we get OG Xbox BC at E3

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incorrect they had plenty of support. Their biggest problem was they were $100 more than their direct competitor launching at the same time and the less expensive box was actually more powerful. It's very simple the math for a consumer overall who was not invested in that platform was simple

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I think it's meant as insanely powerful for a console.

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this game has been on my radar for a while now.

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@corndogburglar... that's about the most ludicrous analogy I have ever heard. Yes, lets compare a company who decided to mimic a consumer friendly policy made by another company (that is legal) with the notion of robbing banks (which is illegal) being OK because someone else broke the law before?

Sorry friend, you are the ridiculous one with that analogy.

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Both Sony and MS are invested in cloud gaming in different ways. Sony to be frank has made more of a stride toward it imo with their PSNow service and I ultimately think that will be the future of "cloud gaming". Accessing bigger / faster machines virtually to play games on vs having a server that handles part of the work load for you just seems like it makes more sense down the road. But...its still all a bit down the road imo.

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Please direct your anger at Steam dear Developer...they set the precedent, MS is merely following suit. Also, while you are at it...please make good games longer than 2 hours to avoid feeling burned...that is all.

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VR to Scorpio is not unexpected but a wireless entry out of the gate would be an interesting first move for them.

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