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at will seems like a strong statement given there are have been a few titles that fell short of 1080p on the PS4. #11
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I am not gonna say MS and the xbox one are now going to take off but I think the downward trend they were on will. Yes public perception is a big deal no doubt. Has MS completely cleaned things up? Clearly not yet as many like yourself (I am assuming here) still have that bad taste from last year. That said, MS has come a long way from that horrible reveal and done a lot to reverse that. I think public perception for them has turned a bit of a corner but not completely. #14.1.1
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Clearly MS and Xbox One sales in the first half of this year were struggling and a downward trend was evident. MS had counted on certain things like Titanfall being a bigger upside then it was and also I think they counted on the resolution difference getting leveled naturally and quickly.

Instead Titanfall while doing well didn't have the big bump they wanted on the console sales side and developers clearly still struggled with the development parity. On top of that... #14
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Why does Sony hide their numbers? Especially since they don't need to. They have been doing the same thing for a few years. All PlayStation numbers wrapped in one number. It's just numbers folks, they don't care about feeding fanboy egos. #30
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Well given Bungie already told the world the X1 version of the beta is 900p vs the PS4 version at 1080p...seems like this is a bit unnecessary. #32
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2 more delays. From what I read in all the feedback on BF Hard line thank god they delayed it. It's the one game that truly needs a delay. Dragon Age was delayed basically a month to give it a better sales window. October is overly cluttered with games so stop b*tching, these delays are pretty much good news for wallets and those hoping for a good BF game. #7
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I think the purchase of Crytek specifically hinges on how good MS feels the Cryengine actually is. I believe Lionhead is currently using for Fable Legends. If they felt it was really that good I could see them buying possibly even start offering the engine as a MS service offering. But that also is a big long shot right now. #2.1.1
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@Subaruwrx well really my comment is just about anecdotal evidence of the Xbox One performing better with the new sku.

I only added in the PS4 number as I was sure someone would come along and comment on how well the PS4 is doing in comparison(and it is)...but this isn't about the PS4, its about the Xbox One performing better.

So yes..the PS4 is #9 and per your post #20 with the Destiny bundle on Amazon. Surely you must be happy now? #14.1.1
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If they are true Halo fans then Sony won't be stealing anyone given both versions are 1080p 30fps and only one of the consoles is offering the Master Chief Collection this holiday. Just sayin... #42
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Well one thing I noticed, anecdotal evidence that the X1 is doing better on Amazon. moved up to 35 today...was at like 61 a week ago. Granted the PS4 has been solidly hanging around 11 on Amazon for some time now (edit: its up to 9th spot).

Either way I suspect MS will be doing better with a $399 console on the market. #14
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Moving to November will only help this game on the sales front given how crowded October is. I am quite happy as I think this game is going to bring Dragon Age back to being one of the premiere RPG's. #12
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love the firefly ship...now I want the Millennium Falcon. #21
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@DirtyPimp well said, and amazing some would disagree.

Being on the internet is not a license to be a dick. #1.2
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The title alone has me cheering. #11
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Two points: First of all, your point on "port" studios doing the actual crunch for many games is a good point. In this particular case (TLOU) that isn't the case, they (ND) are doing it internally but you are correct often they will put a satellite port studio on the task.

The other point is that, I don't think by doing cash grab HD remasters they are taking away new IP from us. They simply are redirecting some of their resources to do it. ND is clearly... #49.1.1
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Look, ANY titles that are simply HD "remastered" versions of the previous released game are obviously done as a quick and easier way for a company to generate additional revenue from that title. Other titles that actually introduce new content in some fashion feel less of a cash grab but ultimately they are.

I have been a big "anti HD remastered" version on this site for some time now. I hate them mainly because while they are easy to do, it does pull... #49
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Good for Marty. On a side note as I read this news, the Halo original theme music was running in my head climaxing as I read the details. #9
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I picked it up off the Xbl Gold sale for $24. Well worth the buy. Super impressed. #12.1
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@S2Killinit I think it shipped at 900p on the xbox one back in February. I haven't heard if they are thinking of doing a June SDK patch for it but honestly its solid as is so they may not. GREAT GAME #8.1
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Its a great game. Highly recommend picking this one up on either system as its a great game all the way around. #9
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