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Geoff's job is to market this event and promote it to viewers.... him saying this is literally TO BE EXPECTED.... and in all likely hood what is revealed will be ...NOT UNEXPECTED.

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I hope Respawn has an out clause that if EA is looking to shut them down they can opt to separate from EA and essentially buy back their independence vs closure.

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Not entirely but I think things like Minecraft and possibly Sea of Thieves would be use case games for staying/going 3rd party.

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Being a mid gen refresh I don't think there should ever have been an expectation of being a "game changer" after all it is still running all the same games the normal xbox one does. We aren't suddenly getting games that cant be run on current gen consoles... so no, its not a game changer in that light. Is it the best performing console on the market? Yes.

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And that would be what I would call..... a bad community manager. The idea behind a community manager is to cultivate the community and help it thrive....not drive a wedge between it and your company. Well done Mat Everett, doing exactly the opposite of what you should...well done!

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draw distance textures on Xbox One X clearly stand out. Car models also are just a hair cleaner but that is much closer in comparison.

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MS did I think what they should/needed to do for this gen and next gen. XBX effectively upgrades the stature of the Xbox one and no longer has the platform viewed as "under powered". That has been a thorn in their foot since launch. As the next years unfold MS can continue to shift focus toward the XBX and eventually it will become their baseline box leading to the next iteration release of hardware.

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If you are claiming a video game saved you from depression / suicide....likely you are not saved and still going to be in a bad way in the future until you get help properly dealing with your issues. This game likely just side tracked you from those thoughts for a bit.

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There is a $400 million reason as to why

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look its disappointing to hear as a gamer. But trying to spin getting paid $400 million as a mistake is also a mistake. Respawn just hit pay dirt. I don't believe Respawn had more than 100 employees so hopefully Respawn Execs do the right thing and reward all on the team handsomely before taking their cuts which lets be honest will probably set them up for retirement no matter what happens.

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You'd better have good internet .... regardless of system these days because AAA games regardless of 4k support or not are getting bigger and bigger. This is an issue on almost all systems not just xbox one x.

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So Respawn team goes from having one overlord (Activision) to another (EA).

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I think a Ciri spinoff seems like a no brainer given the playable levels with her and the fact that she is a young emerging heroin.

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Certainly good news for MS.

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nonsense pretty much sums up many posts on N4G....including yours.

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Smart... given their track record in Japan keeping this online only helps them control the narrative better if it doesn't gain traction. No more pics of boxes on the shelf at launch with little sign of interest to hammer their marketing efforts.

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X getting better performance over the Pro shouldn't surprise anyone.

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a bit of a sensationalized title imo... Its the best console version end of story. What is funny is all the salt and mud sligning in the comments here. PC elite defenders and Sony we got exclusives fans all coming to throw shade and Xbox fans clamouring on about the X being beastly. its a funny time in gaming.

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@faysal Well first off you kind of prove the authors point by your first statement "they got everyone talking about the game..." meaning the shot was put in the trailer for the very specific reason of the "gore factor". I do agree ND can make the game they want to make and I am pretty sure the author echoes that statement in the article. The article is more a statement about what shots they chose for the trailer vs the game itself.

"one thing for...

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I don't think their participation at Paris Games week had anything to do with a reaction or strategy aimed at MS. Sony already showed their new strategy using Paris Games week last year as an alternative to Gamescom. That said there clearly have been some interviews and messages coming out of Paris week that are most certainly directed at stemming some of the momentum MS seems to have gained.

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