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Salvaged? ..... It doesn't need salvage. They just need to finish the Master Chief arc and move on from their. At that point I would free up 343 to create and craft what ever kind of action / fps game they wanted in the Halo universe (if it had to stay in the universe). there is a ton of content they could choose to use as well. I would personally love to see a 3rd person ODST game set post or pre covenant war.

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After they made the updates for Recore I would support a sequel. QB maybe but I might want a different development team to be honest. Yes yes yes to SO sequel. Ryse...absolutely just make more than 4 enemy character models. Ryse was actually great with the exception of that giant glaring issuee.

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special edition.... is that going to be the new code word on trying to sell ports on the Switch now?

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As we begin moving into these bigger 4K games these kinds of features are going to be critical for all hardware makers to embrace

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well they already have it established.. at $30 a year EA Access is pretty decent value for those willing to wait a bit on new releases.

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Oh Dave James... I think you in part miss one of the big things MS wants to do as we move through this generation. In case you haven't paid attention MS has been working very hard to blur the lines between PC gaming and Console gaming. Yes MS wants to sell you a console, and they hope that if you are a console gamer you will buy one of their consoles, X or S it really doesn't matter to them. And if you aren't a console gamer or one that is on the edge of becoming a PC gamer th...

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@SierraGuy... I guess that is why Sony include a 4K drive in the PS4 Pro. They didn't want to skimp out and save a few bucks....

Seriously... ditch the silliness. This is a great toolset/feature included by Sony. It's not more than that either. All console makers make decisions and tradeoffs on what they include & build out for devs this is nothing new and doesn't mean only one company makes good development tools for devs its just highlighting a rea...

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that's a nice tool inclusion for PS4 developers for sure.

11d ago 3 agree2 disagreeView comment to hear about collaboration like this.

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One of this years biggest and most anticipated games .... not shocked at all that the company that doesn't have a marketing deal for it would work in a loophole deal to help promote it on their platform. Business 101.

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You don't need to be good at games to cover games as a journalist. You should however understand your own personal ability and make sure to factor that into your coverage so your readers/viewers get proper perspective. You also imo need to have a fair and balanced approach to games and platforms. If you really dislike a genre or a platform being played on then likely you shouldn't be trying to cover something if that exists.

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Well one of the main selling points to a console is gamers don't really need to tweak settings a bunch to make a game run. So having a few settings to change around is fine but honestly I think it should be kept in check.

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Gamescom is a victim of its proximity to E3. Publishers realize they really don't need to spend the extra money to do showcase press events given most of what they would talk about was just shown / discussed at E3. Gamescom should move to the month of Sept or October imo. Get far out of the shadow of E3 and allow some time for new news / announcements to come.

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Well...given Mr. P was very vocal about this box would not perform well I think his push back against the positive news on preorders plays well to his narrative.

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Soooooooo..... Switch version confirmed? /s (couldn't help myself)

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This game is a nice gem of a find in the free to play space. Really impressed with it so far.

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great month for PS Plus

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To be fair I say the same thing about all the guys rockin the same hair cut.

On topic: I am a huge fan of the Halo Novels, may need to give Last Light a reading via audible to see if this is worth checking out.

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VR is just a bit ahead of its time currently. I think we still need to see tech advance more before its more than just a passing fad. Frankly I think VR in its current form is DOA, but there will be a second and third wave of VR/AR that actually nail it on all levels. When we get there, VR will take the world by storm. As of now VR unfortunately is still too much of a "hey check this out, Wasn't that cool...ok done? lets go do something else" fad. Teleoporting to get aro...

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So in a nut shell this KB/M player who typically doesn't like controller (seemingly) is struggling on the controller. I AM SHOCKED /s

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