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that was a great fun panel to watch. Terry Cruz ...that dude is just awesome.

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It is rather unfortunate MS couldn't get pre-orders off the ground at the announcement. While not a total step back it was certainly a stumble on what should have been a stumble free day imo.

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I agree its about time around supporting a console... but I would disagree on the notion that they continue to support PS3. Pulling away a service like PSNow from the PS3 is clearly showing they do not support that device any longer.

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We know 13 is too long... but what about 10? Is that still realistic? Is 5 or 6 too short?

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So this is the new "lets be angry topic" today? Sorry, I read the story... I get where some say double standard look at gymnasts but a gymnast body suit doesn't wrap around a womans breast perfect. Cammy's outfit highlights her paid for Ta Ta's in a very un-natural way and likely some sponsor out there was uncomfortable and asked for the costume switch to something that didn't do that. I really don't get the "outrage" but that is me.

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I don't see that console disrupting anything. If Atari backlog is it's main selling point.....pass. this isn't portable, by all accounts it's not uber powerful..... so whats the point?

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i know some have thrown around the notion of a blank check but they don't have one, just like Sony and Nintendo don't. Success means you were smart with your money and not frivilously spending it on every idea that comes to mind. I think this should be obvious to anyone. As for first party production time will tell.

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Get it...the campaign alone is now worth the price you will pay at this point.

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This game truly is one if not the best shooter this generation. They learned from the first game and truly made a 100% complete package with tons of great support. Good on Respawn.

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Is it meant to? I never got a sense the Atari box was a direct competitor but more a system that offered retro Atari w/ some newer games but never pushed as "replace your PS4 or Xbox One with this" console.

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they really are two very different games offering very different experiences. Which one is better will likely be summed up by your own personal taste and what you are wanting from the game.

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@tyasia0 "You insult the people who created the whole idea on modding in the first place." Hardly... I would venture most modders have been creating free content that solely benefits gamers and the companies that made the game they modded for with the hope that their mod would serve as a portfolio to spark a career and propel them in the industry more often than not. The work they do is forced to be a labor of love because there isn't a good system in place to reward them for ...

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VR being a universal platform (more or less) by its very nature has more support out of the gate than Kinect did. You have more than just one company making hardware for the genre / platform. So yes, VR has more going for it...that however still does't mean it is a guaranteed success. And for all the passion VR seems to have coming from developers we sure seem to be getting way too many shooting gallery experiences. Would really like to see developers get past the shooty shooty games...

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I hope we do see this system actually bring in quality modders and allow those who do put in good time and effort to reap the benefit and conversely those just looking to sell horse armor hopefully will not see any meaningful gain. Those who think this will kill mods are in for a shock. If the mods are good enough I think you will see them bought and recommended in the community. Certainly Bethesda will hijack a few ideas but hopefully with some success a few modders may get a chance at ...

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This will 100% be dependent on two things... 1) How easy it is for a dev to actually add in the extra tid bits & power of the console over the vanilla version. 2) How well it sells out of the gate will also be a big factor for how willing a dev is to support the extra work needed.

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I tend to think you are spot on about the Android console. I imagine this will be along the lines of Ouya BUT a more thought out console with some good pedigree in Atari so I don't see a similar fate.

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The success and/or failure of this venture is going to be 100% around price and what it does in terms of games. Price is obvious... but regarding the games its interesting. If they are talking about bringing back all the old Atari 1600 games and other console games they had.....NO THANK YOU. If however, they are talking about giving us versions of the actual arcade cabinet versions then my interest is there as I think those games might hold up better but I am still not sold. On the mode...

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so close to the PS4 then too... interesting thought

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I am more than excited for a new Crackdown. loved the first game... 2nd was so so but that was a different dev and the game was rushed. Really looking forward to the online mode and just lay waste to the city with friends online.

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Memo: Please post your I am worried about Crackdown 3 articles today.

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