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DOOM I TELL YOU ......DOOM! I do so love the drama we see on N4G.

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Havent read the article but wondering if he is using kinect or headset. I noticed that when I first tried to use cortana via kinect it asked me to re-calibrate kinect voice. One thing I will say cortana gets right so far 100% of the time versus the previous "xbox commands".... "Hey cortana, turn the xbox on". So far, I haven't had to repeat that command one time. Previously it was a good 50/50 bet whether I would have to repeat the command at least once.

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I think that is a bit of pie in the sky thinking. No offense but having a machine like that would basically be a custom machine for every person who bought one... and that means its going to be beyond expensive. At that point they might as well mail you an Xbox sticker and say go buy your own PC and slap this on the side.

MS will build another box that will have a set of specs that devs can use as their bench mark. It will be loosely based around the frame work of Xbox...

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This is the problem with people trying to price out what a console might cost. You bring up the RX 480 which is set to cost $199 retail to the customer. Your cost =/= what MS's cost will be. I 100% guarantee you that MS will pay a fraction of the retail cost because they are ordering millions of chip sets vs just 1.

edit: and I do get that you are not saying fact, and you are just wagering a guess.... After what happened with the PS4 launch and price point I would b...

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Seem to me to be like God of War squad tactics (even though its just one NPC)... interesting

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Well... I do have an Xbox One now... so likely I will hold off on an S and just wait for Scorpio when it comes out assuming it really does offer a compelling reason to own. As for Playstation... my plan was to get a PS4 this year. Now that NEO has been officially commented on by Sony and we know its coming sometime soon it has me in a waiting pattern. Not to buy the NEO mind you...I am just waiting on the NEO to get a date and official price... I will then look to fleece some store who is...

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If you don't like their station can stream your own music.

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I had thought Insomniac said the game was not tied to the film in any way? Based on that I would suspect they were implying they are not targeting to launch in tandem with the film.

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2017 or is this more like 2018? Early in development seems odd to hear given that demo seemed pretty polished

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No doubt that is the plan, but given all the leaks and their acknowledgment I am sure they will continue to get hit with questions to pepper away at getting information now. And if the internet suddenly deems this as the new thing to be mad about it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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Sony doesn't want to talk about NEO but I think the gaming press and internet may force that hand.

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That's the danger of selling goods though... you can add all the features you want but if you advertise a product will have a feature as a prominent selling point and then take that feature away from the consumer who bought the product you potentially open yourself up to things like this.

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Ultimately, I doubt this will a huge payout given the % of people who will send the claim in and have the material info to qualify will likely be a much smaller number then 10 million.

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Power differences are real thing but with regards to resolution differences it's completely dependent on your set up for gaming.

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totally killed it.... no Amazon sales what so ever for preorder, I mean like not even one! /s

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Totally focused on the single player side of things. I mean no MP beta to shake out balancing issues well in advance of the release of the game is such a missed opportunity. Even if the MP is not all that polished they should have just released some kind of beta to work out kinks and make adjustments for the final build.... Oh wait.

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yup, couldn't resist... plus I had credits from MS in my account so LA Cops basically free for me but even at $3.75 US its a great deal.

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I hope its atleast close. I would like to see all 3 console makers on a closer playing field with these next iteration of consoles.

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Well it's June 20th, and you if you start to factor in the logistics, timing and costs around an event like Gamescom and holding a press event you realize its looking very unlikely that Sony will be doing a big press event at Gamescom if they have committed to it yet.

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Agreed... I actually was happy to hear it moved to 2017 as I think that will hopefully be time well used.

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