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Yeah no doubt they would have loved to be on a Sony platform ....thankfully MS stepped up so they had a game to release at all.

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100% agree on most of your points here... ultimately it disturbs me that those who claim to be on the right side of freedom of speech and allowing someone to be their own person choose to stifle anyone on the other side of the fence.

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Not going to defend Palmer Luckey, but I am a bit disturbed by Developers trying to use their support as political chips. This does not do the consumer, their ultimate user, any good and really hurts them over a decision they had no idea about and honestly should have no bearing on games supporting a platform. This also further demonstrates how freedom of speech apparently is a one way door. Had he been outspoken about gay rights or a more liberal platform no doubt there would be no issue.

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I don't mind the more dated visuals but my big concern is 100% the combat system looks to be very much a 1 trick pony....ride near and swing...rinse and repeat. Seems like this game could get stale very very quickly.

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Data caps are and will be the #1 issue for 4K streaming. People are going to crap bricks when they realize just how much they blow through their data caps when streaming 4K content.

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Interesting move on MS's part... will be curious to see where this goes.

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I think the big question is how many developers will look to add HDR into non-4k supported games. I think the response from Amazon and Netflix is a bit telling to be honest.

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I don't mind the selection...not in love with it but don't hate it. It's a few games I was curious to try but likely wouldn't buy even on a sale.

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And let's face it... Michael P. Is a favorite target of gamer hate with some of his wild predictions and things that just didn't come to be. I still enjoy the occasional snippets from him.

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Always are a few outlier reviews....I played the demo I'm happy enough.

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I think we all are really curious to see what Nintendo does. Their surprise showing at the Apple iPhone 7 reveal is a pretty big move so really curious to see what NX turns out to be.

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No I get what you are saying and yes I would 100% expect the pro to perform better. My point is that Sony announce PS VR was coming holiday 2016 and with that announcement the PS4 was the only console option they announced as a way to use it. Hype for VR really hit early 2016 and many people jumped on buying a PS4 in anticipation of PS VR but had no inclination that a PS4 Pro existed. In fact it was merely acknowledged at E3 as being a thing by Andrew House in an interview but beyond that ...

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This kind of message is the reason I thought Sony should have held back the PS4 Pro until March 2017. You now have this notion out there that Pro will be the better way to go for VR. Prior to this statement I think Sony was holding the line on it would perform similarly on either platform. Suddenly now not only are regular games better on the PS4 Pro but now VR is better too. Those who bought a PS4 this past year in the lead up to PS VR releasing have got to be disappointed at this news....

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I think it's hard to truly know what the difference will be because that is really going to be depended upon the Developers . However if we look at this generation first consoles the difference in power between the PS4 and the Xbox one is about .4 teraflops. And we know that has been the difference between 1080P and 900p on average and more stable frame rates overall. But again that is largely been dependent upon individual developers and how they use each set of hardware. Some develope...

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No its not. This is just an option for a consumer who has interest around 4k content and looking to get more out of their 4k TV. Is it the best all end but it's also not positioned that way. I do think their price move and custom HDR solution make the PS4 more attractive to me.

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Phil Kollar was the author / journalist... He has also worked at Game Informer and from what I can see, he is not a Sony hater by any stretch. He gave high praise to his hands on with Gravity Rush 2 for PS4 btw.

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Jingle F'in Bells!

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I thought at first this was Sony saying this.... but not just a sensationalized headline to grab attention over someones opinion.

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Lol... " Xbox also pulling out the supposed upscale 4K with their One S,"... no bias here.

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This thread is just full of speculation and most notably a lot of back and forth "It can't do that, yes it can, no it can't, then neither can that one, says who..." comments. It amazes me how many experts we have visiting N4G on all sides of the console wars coin.

I say...lets wait for actual hands on with the hardware from these sites before we cast an opinion in any direction. That will after all be definitive proof one way or the other.

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