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@NotoriousWhiz Your gamertag is different from your account. This is not impacting your actual account that you may have content purchased on, just your gamertag... they are very different.

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every 5yrs? lol...pretty generous time frame if you ask me. I would rather it be shorter to free up those gamertags that are just being sat on but ... 5yrs I guess is fine.

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Doom doom doom! I think this article is a bit slanted with its views. Anyways, if you already have 4 1st party exclusives for holiday...slipping others to next year is smart.

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@shinoff2183 I see your point too... from a gaming perspective I think it holds weight though. I mean as I look at the landscape of gaming this year and what hardware and what software has come out and meant the most / done the most for a company, I think you can make a strong case that Pokemon Go has been one of if not the most important title to come forward. It has single-handedly turned what was looking like another abysmal year for Nintendo into one that now seems OK given its runaway...

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While I agree...the MVP isn't always on the winning team. Most Valuable Player doesn't mean Most Valuable Player on the Winning Team. Lebron James, Steve Nash, Allen Iverson all won NBA MVP's but didn't win the championship the year they took home MVP.

6d ago 28 agree19 disagreeView comment I got curious. Based strictly on their recommendation parts they call out for each section, how much would their recommendation cost if I went with the middle of the road prices off Amazon or cheaper. So according to Techradar and their recommendation if you want to build a PC that is more powerful than the Xbox Scorpio (which mind you we really don't have full specs on yet)... it would set you back approx $1,500 and that is before installing an OS on the system and doesn'...

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Pretty sure Sony will never agree to this. In fact I would not be shocked to start seeing Sony walk back away from cross play with PC a bit. Sony wants all consumers to have a need to buy their hardware. If you are a PC gamer and you have PS4 friends Sony 100% wants and needs you to buy a PS4 to play with them. It does them absolutely zero to the bottom line to allow you to stay on PC playing with your PS4 friends and not buy into the PS4 ecosystem.

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How to build a PC more powerful than the PC that is more powerful than the xbox scorpio that is more powerful than the pc that is more powerful than the xbox one that is more powerful than the pc that is more powerful than the xbox 360....

these kinds of articles just make me chuckle.

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@andibandit is correct... to infringe on a patent or trademark you don't need to prove its an exact copy. It needs to share enough similarities (this obviously is an over simplified view) that a court would derive that the new copied product use the others work and then tweaked it or for like a brand logo have created something blatantly similar enough to cause someone to think its the original, etc...

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Lol....It will be my reminder to go to the bathroom and grab a snack.... See....I take my break and walk 20ft to get my excersize in. It all works together.

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I see Twinfinite is out for clicks today... How much will you spend in Q3? Then minutes later ...How much will you spend in Q4? Cutting edge journalism. Pretty sure these both could have been one article.

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I have no problem with this kind of micro transaction.

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It's good to see growth numbers for the PS4, Xbox One and PC when comparing 2015/16 Q1 to 2016/17 Q1. I think it's also interesting to note the biggest jump was the 12% growth the Xbox One sales saw vs the 4% and 3% that PS4 and PC saw respectively.

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Its not that its true BC nor even designed with that in mind...its just the only option available to someone looking to play a PS3 game on their PS4. Sony has positioned the service as the option for those who want to play those back titles and don't own a PS3. Its the only option outside of buying a PS3.

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@EDMIX... PSNow is 100% the option for a PS4 owner to play PS3 games. Yes I do agree that PS Now was created during the PS3 era and was not intended to be a BC solution. However, that is the direction Sony has chosen to go in that ...if you want to play a PS3 game you may own or don't own and want to play it on your PS4... the only option you have to play that on PS4 is to pay for PS Now. Again, it wasn't the initial intention of the service but it is 100% their response and answe...

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Sony chose to charge for BC and they have the hardware lead ..... there is zero chance they change that model. They do charge via PS Now because they can...and they will continue to do so.

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I don't think this will be considered hardware. this is a closed game collection...the NES Classic Edition will not connect to the internet, and it won’t support any additional games. So basically as a game collection it will do great in NPD's but this doesn't mean Nintendo suddenly takes the crown for Holiday hardware or software if this sells well. I still suspect games like COD will sell better and this will not move the needle for Nintendo hardware... its a novelty retro gi...

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Been playing again recently and while I won't claim it's better than anything else I will say it's been great fun.

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@saveferris yes they priced QB at $60 and... it sold just OK compared to what they wanted. Introducing a game like this at $40 is a good way to introduce a title that isn't getting the buzz other established IP are getting.

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