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certainly...anything is possible but they would have to agree to changes to the contract. MS just couldn't come in and add things to it arbitrarily.

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Dear Platinum Games (and other developers)...there are these things called contracts that are the binding agreements you make with other companies and include things like mile stone dates, etc... If you don't like the terms in them, you can make changes to them and agree to the changes OR you can choose not to sign them if you feel the terms are unrealistic.

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The Wii saw tremendous support form 3rd party for the first years of its existence and it flourished in hardware sales and 1st party sales, HOWEVER... 3rd party software never really sold well on that platform and as it got worse for them, their support started to waiver. As the support of 3rd party left the did its hardware sales in its later years. The lack of 3rd party support hurt the WiiU out of the gate as 3rd party devs were gun shy to support the WiiU after the troubles t...

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Sure its their chance ...but given their track record is it more logical to assume that the video's you create will only post to some official licensed Nintendo Youtube channel and not allow to post to your own? If they haven't relaxed their YouTube stance now...why do we think they suddenly would for Switch?

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I actually was OK with Locke, I think they could have done a better job in getting us to understand him and make him much more like-able to start with along with more back story so once they put him at odds with Chief it would have been more powerful in creating a real dilemma in our heads as to who we side with. As it stood his character development was so thin you couldn't help but side with Chief.

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If and when Halo 6 is ready I really hope MS brings back the audio podcast. "Hunt the Truth" was a fantastic supplemental lead up to the game that was brilliant. I couldn't wait for each weeks episode to come out. It was a great fan service/ marketing piece and extremely well done on top of it all.

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Bring on Mech Assault! ... would love to see that series comeback but hope they bring in the customization of the original Battletech universe we saw come to life in games like Mechwarrior and Mechcommander.

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You know what fact I would like? where are they pulling their data from? They claim the Xbox One only sold 5 million for the year of 2016? Yet we know MS was the best seling console 2nd half of 2016 and Sony already stated their holiday sales topped 6.2 million. So........something doesn't smell kosher.

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should dial back the anger meter ... its for the good of all of us.

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agreed its different on one hand...but its more services based product being offered up to keep you in their ecosystem.

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lol...they revealed it or the box art on the new white PS4 revealed it?

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The slippery slope you speak of is 100% the direction they want to move this to. If Sony, MS heck even Nintendo felt they could legitimately get you to buy a box that in reality was little more than a media bridge to large server banks where they streamed all the content to you last gen they would have jumped at it. As it stands the tech is still too early to be reliable to a point they could rely on it and ditch older ways...but don't think this is not coming. The day one of the big 3 ...

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Both consoles from Sony & MS are all about offering services to the base. Anyone not understanding the drive behind PS+, Gold, PS Now, EA access, VUE, and music / movie rental on both needs to pull off the blinders. Sony and MS don't just want you buying games....they want you subscribing to their services as it makes it harder to leave the economy system and you likely will spend more.

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Big Mac to Double Quarter Pounder.... it's beefier.

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I want to see that the Scorpio is more than just a resolution bump box. I am fine with Scorpio showing xbox one games for the immediate future but I want to see a clear path for this to not only play existing games better, but it will become the next box when Xbox One gets phased out because of complexities from newer games. This box needs to be positioned as a next step box once MS is ready to take the next step and for now it will do everything better.

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I enjoyed this game... would welcome its return.

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I think both MS and Sony are moving in a direction that is closer to the Steam Machine for consoles than ever before. With all the media apps available I think the only component missing is allowing these machines to have some actual productivity capability. Cloud based office productivity will be that next step.

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:) I think you missed my point...which was a statement dripping with sarcasm.

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Totally agree... please show us stats that are showing games sales are in decline?

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Sony said it's not a good value for their customers. So clearly it's not a good value to anyone...end of story....they said it so it's fact.... /s

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