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Theres a lot to like about it and a lot to hate. I hate the lack of content in the game. After me and my friends did all of the missions we Were stuck wondering what else there is to do in the game? The crucible is only fun for a few matches. Very bizarre game. At times its amazing, then at times you wonder why you even enjoyed it at all. #32
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I don't even know anyone who plays Minecraft anymore except my nephews who are 5. The game when it came out was pretty fun and entertaining. Though you can only build so much and do the same old thing before it gets old. #50
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Now Blizzard just needs to keep focusing on more of their tried and true game series. Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, etc. When WoW came out back in 2004 I pretty much lost all interest in Blizzard as a whole. They didn't concentrate on anything else other then that until Starcraft 2 finally came out. Hopefully we one day will get to see Warcraft 4. I doubt it but maybe. Now I see they are working on yet again another MMO... #17
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That annoying baby nearly gave me an aneurysm. Not much scary about it at all. I just hope Silent Hill turns out to be good knock on wood. #16
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More or less the same difference with MGS5 Ground Zeros, except that was $30.00. #6.1
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Eh, it wasn't scary by any means. That annoying baby whining kind of drove me nuts. I also couldn't figure out what to do after that meat freezer was hanging with the baby crying. Drove me nuts, So I just went on youtube and watched a walkthrough (More or less the same difference as "playing" this game/teaser). I'm excited though for Silent Hill. Hopefully its good. #5
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BF4 probably is the most patched FPS in existence. Not only that, the patches are huge. 1-2gb+ for nearly everyone of them. #8
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I really hope custom backgrounds come soon. Kind of weird we even have to wait for them to actually patch that in. The PS3 from the day it was launched back in 2006 had that feature. #19
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Game was fun for a week. Its problems were the following
1.Default weapons were better then the weapons you unlocked further down the line
2.Getting to max rank was way too simple and quick
3.Rinse repeat (Like all games)-for the most part
4.Not much content for a $60 game, should have been $40 max #18
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Oh well, if the game isn't fun and garbage does it matter? Doesn't seem to be the case with this one. I've noticed its only PC elite people who actually care about these types of things. #7
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Its been basically all multiplats and exclusive timed DLC. The Halo Anniversary pack seems really neat. Other then that nothing really mind blowing. #59
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Hopefully they announce a new ip that isn't a shooter. #35
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Obviously this game has turned into a PS4 game hence why its taken so long. #53
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Hopefully when this launches its not a horrible buggy mess. Probably a 50/50 chance I'd say. #10
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So surprising said no one ever. They need to compete with the PS4's $399 price point or will forever continue to lag behind it in sales. Nobody cares about Kinect and this is for the best. I'd laugh if the price point is anything higher then $399. #103
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It should be pretty decent. I can't stand DayZ. The game itself is interesting but the over all experience is lackluster. It has really bad netcode and hit detection. #42
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GTA 5 will be next. I Rockstar announces it during E3 or maybe even sooner. #85
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I like how this game has a working party/invite system. Something BF4 doesn't even have. #4
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Yea, I expect them to fix this maybe in another 4 months...maybe. Its funny. I just recently downloaded Mercenary Kings on PSN due to it being free with PS Plus. This game is only on version 1.00 which means they've never patched it and that game has a fully functional party/invite system. Something they don't even have on BF4 for the PS4. It runs at 100% with no issues and its over all a fun little 2d game. Given BF4 is a much larger game as a whole but this game is esentially a $15... #18
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They've finally admitted their game runs like trash. LOL, me and my friend have basically been waiting for them to fix the awful rubber banding and sound glitches since day one of the BF4 launch. Its quite sad that after a grand total of 11 patches (on PS4 version) it still runs like garbage. The new Naval Strike maps generally have just horrible rubber banding issues. I don't think I'm going to buy the next BF game on launch. #7
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