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I feel sorry for anyone who bought an xbox one on day one. My local walmart had a deal going on where the xbox one was $315 and you got like a $40 gift card. Compared to when it originally launched for $499.00. Given you don't get the Kinect (Not like anyone actually uses that anyways). Thats probably the fastest I've ever seen a console drop in price. #55
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Its pretty obvious these companies are gonna have to invest a lot more into their networking infrastructure. This past year alone so many companies have gotten hacked into or DDOS attacked. Its really sad when a few little basement dwellers can cause an entire network to go down. Microsoft was able to get xbox live back on in about a day. This is three days now for PSN. Its pretty obvious which company has the better infrastructure/workers. With the PS4 and PS Plus being required each month t... #31
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This game is an absolute joke. They release a broken game and now it seems as if the patch itself has a bug in it during the download process. Nearly every game I get these days has day one 1gb+ patches it seems. #29
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The delayed reviews were a strong indicator of a mediocre game. #11
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Yea its not very good. Playing it now. It chugs when you sprint. Games these days should be 60fps. Not sub 30fps #25
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Hmm..MS really likes big day one patches. I remember Dead rising 3 with its 18gb patch day one. #60
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Yea, this game is pretty wonky with its hit detection. I've pumped half a clip into an enemy and he shoots me once in the foot and I'm dead. #16
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This game will be the in house name for blaming video games for violence when it launches. Wait for the next mass shooting or anything related to that and this game will be blamed. #135
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It should have launched with a $30-$40 price tag. Its a year old. #32
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9.5/10. Ehh, thats quite a high score. The content in this game is severely lacking. Also its already a known fact this game has on disk dlc. It also has a non existent story. A game with this many problems surely doesn't deserve a 9.5/10. #7
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Yea, this game is a pretty big cash grab. Now everyone knows it has on disk dlc its really hard to even enjoy this game. #10
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Theres a lot to like about it and a lot to hate. I hate the lack of content in the game. After me and my friends did all of the missions we Were stuck wondering what else there is to do in the game? The crucible is only fun for a few matches. Very bizarre game. At times its amazing, then at times you wonder why you even enjoyed it at all. #32
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I don't even know anyone who plays Minecraft anymore except my nephews who are 5. The game when it came out was pretty fun and entertaining. Though you can only build so much and do the same old thing before it gets old. #50
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Now Blizzard just needs to keep focusing on more of their tried and true game series. Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, etc. When WoW came out back in 2004 I pretty much lost all interest in Blizzard as a whole. They didn't concentrate on anything else other then that until Starcraft 2 finally came out. Hopefully we one day will get to see Warcraft 4. I doubt it but maybe. Now I see they are working on yet again another MMO... #17
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That annoying baby nearly gave me an aneurysm. Not much scary about it at all. I just hope Silent Hill turns out to be good knock on wood. #16
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More or less the same difference with MGS5 Ground Zeros, except that was $30.00. #6.1
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Eh, it wasn't scary by any means. That annoying baby whining kind of drove me nuts. I also couldn't figure out what to do after that meat freezer was hanging with the baby crying. Drove me nuts, So I just went on youtube and watched a walkthrough (More or less the same difference as "playing" this game/teaser). I'm excited though for Silent Hill. Hopefully its good. #5
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BF4 probably is the most patched FPS in existence. Not only that, the patches are huge. 1-2gb+ for nearly everyone of them. #8
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I really hope custom backgrounds come soon. Kind of weird we even have to wait for them to actually patch that in. The PS3 from the day it was launched back in 2006 had that feature. #19
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Game was fun for a week. Its problems were the following
1.Default weapons were better then the weapons you unlocked further down the line
2.Getting to max rank was way too simple and quick
3.Rinse repeat (Like all games)-for the most part
4.Not much content for a $60 game, should have been $40 max #18
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