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Just FYI, two readers can get it for free at GameDynamo ;)

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Loved Hit & Run and had a great time with Road Rage too. I didn't put enough time on EA's latest Simpsons game but it was pretty solid... Now, the one I remember with lots of nostalgia, that was tough as heck but still super fun is... The Simpsons vs. The Space Mutants for the NES. Try it out if you get the chance!

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Straight up funny!

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The original post wasn't about this. It was about textures on 360. Some mod changed it to this and added the video. Nothing I can do. :(

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Some moderator took over our post and linked it to their own site for their own benefit! Unfair after all the hard work we do! Here's the original post.

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We'll look into it. You're not the first one running into this issue the past few days. We suspect the Google +1 button... Sorry about that!

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Did you have some sort of script issue?

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There isn't a virus! Is it possible you had a script issue?

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"New Adventures" or "Change the Future"? What is the actual name of this trailer?

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We don't add up the scores to come up with the final score. Our writer thought the game deserved a 99 overall, as in "nearly perfect". :)

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Borderlands ending was awful... 5 that. That's a big concern for Gearbox going forward with Borderlands 2.

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8 chapters better not be DLC... Hopefully you're just joking... though I wouldn't doubt it. The only saving grace is they supposedly cant pop DLC achievements into the first 1000 points

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If you hop into the article, you'll find the embedded video and new screenshots -- it's not just a "gone gold" presser.

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Supposedly they're still working on this and it won't be available day-one. We'll have to wait and see

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I'm an old FF fan, but I've never really been able to get into the series since VII -- except of course for the Tactics spin-offs. Versus XIII looks super sweet though

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Thanks for the correction. We fixed the mistake. John Romero is a game director, no the horror movie director he was referring to.

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Loved Heavenly Sword!

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I like #1 for sure

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It's all from Nintendo's Wii U fact sheet! :P

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The title of this article and content is completely misleading. If you follow the source links you'll see that the numbers provided by Capcom are for last year's software sales, and nowhere, except at MyNintendoNews, is it being reported that Capcom is dropping support for Nintendo devices.

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