I want to be Harry Potter


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Yeah but good luck downloading it when the servers get trashed.

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The Demo has been leaked


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Yes I did submit this. EA didnlt leak it. I leaked it. Through an email source which I cant say.

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Its from the EA CDN Site. Im pretty sure EA wouldn't release a virus.

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Yes, a download link to the Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo that is up for release tonight.

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Its from the ea.com site. How could it be sketchy?

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A belated Christmas present it is then!

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Are they going to implement this onto Black Ops?

Or onto the game after it?

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I assume he means the games that do have DX11 run fine.

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Nah, poorly worded.
They should've said something like: "Call of Duty: Black Ops is the latest Call of Duty game from Treyarch. The last Call of Duty game Treyarch developed was Call of Duty: World at War."

Something along those lines would've worked.

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4 = 5 now, does it?

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From a business stand of point, he's the ultimate business man.

He's in a fantastic situation (partnered with Blizzard & holder of the CoD franchise) and he's exploiting the s**t out of it, because he can.

Obviously, from a personal stand point, he's the ultimate douche.

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When I read this, it felt like someone smashed a chair over my head.

To the point... I don't play first person shooters anywhere else BUT the PC.

Kudo, no kudos for you.

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And may a thousand STDs fall into Bobby's lap.

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Any Halo fan already knows how Reach will end before they play anyway! :)

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#10 definitely applies to me haha

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the number 1 reason why games are better than women...

Games won't yap on and on about what happened in their day, and expect you to respond and give a crap.

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EA released Bad Company 2 server files only to certain hosting providers they deemed legitimate enough, and I believed it worked fine.

IMO, all Treyarch need to do is get rid of the exclusive deal with just one provider(I mean really, one server provider is silly for a FPS.) and release it to a few more, allowing a free(er) market. Plus it will give the oceanic region better options, as right now it's not looking good for us with the *one* provide...

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With TF2, it's a general public release.

Anyone can host for it.

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This is worse. At least with BC2, they gave out the dedicated server files to numerous hosting providers, allowing more freedom and choice/competition. With this, it's a monopoly.

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