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Lol what happened to the moldy that was port begging for ps4 exclusives (you know the things that sell consoles and are NOT on pc) only a few weeks ago?

A pc will run xbox games better than the xbox or scorpio including your precious forza that will probably not even chart.... again.

But fh4 the year after is going to be great am I right?

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And thats what you call a "premium" piece of hardware without the pr spin.

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Yeah there are xbox fanboys in ps4 comments all the time but averages say there are 3 times less of them....

60mil > 20 mil users means xbox fanboys are out numbered 3 to 1 (going by averages)

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60 mil ps4's sold

20 mil xbox ones sold

Do the maths there are more pro sony posts and fanboys because there are 3 times more ps4 owners.... blame ms for that.

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Spencer didn’t talk about specific price figures, except to say that it would obviously be more expensive than the Xbox One S, and that it will be a ‘premium console’.

'We have not announced the pricing yet, but want to make sure that the investment we are making in the product of Scorpio goes hand in hand with the requirement of high-end consumer. And that means a higher price,’ he said.

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Not exactly the premium product everyone thought it would be when it holds back the tech to make the price better.

It might be able to run games the same as a £1000 pc but its library will be alot smaller with next to no exclusives that cannot be played on pc too.

Add the fact you have to pay for live and it starts getting closer to that £1000 assuming its £500-£600 for the console.

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So if I go to a ps4 pro article from the before release you are guaranteeing there will not be a single xbox fanboy commenting?


Your boy septic is the first comment.... why do you guy always have to play the victim lol.

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So much for the so called "premium product" that wouldn't hold back in any area.... ms smoke and mirrors again.

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"Look at gta, destiny and other yankee games."

Every main entry in the gta series was developed in scotland.

Red dead redemption was made by an american studio and it did not get a pc port.

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"Switch is the only portable version"

Pretty sure I can play the remaster on my vita via remote play..... case reopened.

Edit: I forgot to add laptops and high end gaming tablets.

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Remember according to some on this site you are not a real gamer unless you buy this day 1 at full price.


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"sony wait until ms has shown what they have and followed"

You mean like

Always online
No disc trading / swapping / buying used
24 hour online checks
3rd party one year timed exclusives

"it's only because ms messed up so bad sony are in this position"

Oh right explain why when a microsoft console has NEVER been the best selling console....?

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"So should Sony care?
Yes, if Sony wants to keep Playstation relevant as a console!"

Playstation is not having an identity crisis and being outsold 2:1 and losing it's exclusives to pc...

People think an upgradable xbox one is possible but it's tricky enough to try and change the hard-drive nevermind opening it up and changing whole parts.

Add that to the fact the average consumer still thinks the xbox one is always ...

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Last week it was a steam partnership

This week its upgradeable consoles making it a pc and adding more confusion to the xbox brand since the xbox one reveal

I can't wait to see what silly idea is next.

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Take note bungie... This is how it's done

My hype has been turned upto 11.

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I am considering selling my xbox one so I can buy a new graphics card... My rig really struggled with the black desert beta and I only bought the pc 3 years ago.

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Another remaster no one wants...

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And sony gets money from every xbox one since they helped create blu-ray... I don't get your point?

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Look at rocket league cross play between pc/ps4 but not on xbox and you expect microsoft to share a whole platform... One step at a time.

(also happened with portal 2)

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Yeah I played ff14 with my keyboard and mouse on the ps4.

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