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I had the p4g bluray set and I am sure it had an english dub or I would not have bought it.

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I agree about the primary target audience being japanese players

Mh:w sold 5x more copies in it's first week in japan than forza 7 did worldwide.

I don't expect much from microsofts first party.

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One rockstar game will sell more than all thq's games combined.

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Expect everyone on the team to do the same and expect to lose.

(In comp)

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Halo: mcc says hi.

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As much as I would love this on switch I would be cautious since they only recently dropped support for the ps3 version and a handheld switch is only a little more powerful than a ps3 so It could be holding the game back for pc / ps4 assuming it is crossplay.

Would be impressive if they got some of the areas in stormblood to run on the switch though.

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Persona 5 is my goty too

It won't win goty but it should win best art direction.

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Yeah we can also link everytime any xbox fan said "graphics and sales dont matter" between 2013 - 2017

Because they do now apparently.

Only 39,000,000 more to sell and xbox will be back in the race assuming sony never sells any ps4's in that time.

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Someone needs a dictionary for christmas.

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I wonder why you are here and not playing games on your xbox?

Have you finished all 5 of them?

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Yeah you can stream one ps4 game on pc and have worse preformance than a base ps4 no matter the specs on the pc and you do not OWN the game.

not exactly the same as xbox one games being out same day on pc and the pc version being the best version of the game.

It will take years before games like uncharted 4 god of war and bloodborne go onto the service and by then everyone who would have bought a ps4 for those games would have.

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There was plenty of why not to get a pro articles around its launch, I linked a few of them in a reply to someone a few comments up from this one.

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You mean how sony fans are defending their preffered console just like xbox fans are doing here only they are saying articles like them don't exist for ps4 and only xbox has bad stuff written about them?

That sounds like playing the victim to me.

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"Console sales mean nothing now"

Funny I got that vibe from xbox fans about 4 years ago.....

also sony's first party games will probably never goto pc because it takes value away from the console something you don't understand.

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The last thing I want to have anywhere near me while I cant see my surroundings is fire.

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Don't worry that fake hype will die off very soon and most of the"beast" spammers will go back to ignoring sales figures and start focusing on nothing but graphics.

You know the same ones they ignored for four years because they're xbox couldn't output 1080p most of the time and you cant really blame them for flying off the handle for a few months leading upto the beast because this gen has been nothing but an embaressment for them.

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Best version: pc

Worst version: xbox one

This isn't going to go over well, I don't mean any offense, but that is just the way it is.

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So only jrpgs that are also on the switch should be on that list?

Lol southpark will DESTROY octopath (had to google it) in every department including the story.

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These ports are for those who only have a switch though.

Anyone who has an xbox or ps4 or pc can pick up a better version of doom for £10.

The switch version is £45.

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