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"Whats impressive is that zelda outsold horizon with a barely 3-4 million vs 60 million"

More like 15-20 million once you add the wiiu..... nice try though.

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Watch out everyone we have a badass anarchist with a lulzsec avatar.....

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Forza 3 sold 5 million

Forza 6 sold 1.9 million (400k in it's first week)

Forza might be saying hello but the fans are saying goodbye.

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It's fun reading all the comments saying sony would not allow crossplay.....

Especially when the reason this game wasnt on the xbox one was because microsoft wanted xbox only servers.

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Oh look at that another crossplay article submitted by an xbox fanboy followed by the usual fanatix commenting why sony should change thier policy because their precious microsoft is allowing it.

News flash me and my friends dont care about crossplay because we all have ps4's.

P.s I am enjoying ff14 stormblood with my pc bretheren as we speak, maybe you guys would have that game on xbox if microsoft didn't demand xbox only servers.

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"Sony fanboys turn everything to their own agenda"

Xbox fanboys in 2013: power does not matter

Xbox fanboys in 2017: THE BEAST 4K UHD HDR 60FPS DX12 CLOUD POWER

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1 remastered gow game this gen vs 7 forza games

Nice try.

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"Sony always follows nintendos lead"

Oh yeah the nintendo 64 that played discs the gamecube that played dvd's and the wii that used blu-ray.

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"Probably a reskin of horizon"

You must mean forza horizon?

Or was it forza horizon 2 or forza horison 3 or forza 5 6 7?

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Scorpio best multiplats

Xbox one worst multiplats

I wonder which is going to sell more.....

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It's only 10 loot boxes and the origins edition stuff.

The goty edition will be replacing the origins edition.

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" I laugh that soo many of you act childish over material things"

How childish is it to give those material things nickname's like "the beast"?

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Xbots: $399 - $499 yeah woo best console ever bow down to spencer

Gamers: $399 - $499 for a system that has no games and looks better on a pc yeah no....

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If the trailer is anything to go by and you only play an american then "this is how the last 2 years of world war 2 was supposed to be told"

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Lol what happened to the moldy that was port begging for ps4 exclusives (you know the things that sell consoles and are NOT on pc) only a few weeks ago?

A pc will run xbox games better than the xbox or scorpio including your precious forza that will probably not even chart.... again.

But fh4 the year after is going to be great am I right?

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And thats what you call a "premium" piece of hardware without the pr spin.

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Yeah there are xbox fanboys in ps4 comments all the time but averages say there are 3 times less of them....

60mil > 20 mil users means xbox fanboys are out numbered 3 to 1 (going by averages)

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60 mil ps4's sold

20 mil xbox ones sold

Do the maths there are more pro sony posts and fanboys because there are 3 times more ps4 owners.... blame ms for that.

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Spencer didn’t talk about specific price figures, except to say that it would obviously be more expensive than the Xbox One S, and that it will be a ‘premium console’.

'We have not announced the pricing yet, but want to make sure that the investment we are making in the product of Scorpio goes hand in hand with the requirement of high-end consumer. And that means a higher price,’ he said.

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Not exactly the premium product everyone thought it would be when it holds back the tech to make the price better.

It might be able to run games the same as a £1000 pc but its library will be alot smaller with next to no exclusives that cannot be played on pc too.

Add the fact you have to pay for live and it starts getting closer to that £1000 assuming its £500-£600 for the console.

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