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It would be better in 4k with hdr on pc / pro / X.

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True but pc will also have the worst graphics and frames.

(Depending on the pc)

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Xbox one has the better controller / network / ui?

60mil gamers don't share your opinion vs 25mil so your opinion is in the minority lol

"Best place to play multiplats"

Need to keep remembering to add "console" but that would make your lord and saviour look second best to pc..... which it is.

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Titles says "10 ways switch is better than ps4 / xbox"

You said "a game worth buying the system for" (zelda)

I don't see where anyone specfied it had to be a launch title.

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My bad I cant edit it anymore it goes upto 32gb.

Do any games out now use 32gb?

I wonder if there will be a difference in price between the 16gb switch games.

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Give it awhile to get more features other than just the store and it will soon take just as long.

I own both and neither are the best its actually the vita that is the fastest from standby to game


See no 9.


Games like overwatch and ff14 have ingame stats that tell you but it's not very important so most games don't say.



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The patches are going to be smaller when the games don't support hdr / 4k / streaming / trophies achievements / voice chat and are graphically less demanding.


You can play two player games out of the box but it is literally half a controller each with one thumbstick, also the controller for docked mode is absolute crap and if you want a decent one you have to pay £59.99 when the ps4 controller is only £35......

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All the multiplat ones ;)

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Gotta love it when xbox fans say "sales dont matter I play games" ect and then complain when there is about 3 times more sony fans making videos/articles/posts online.

It's almost as if sales do matter.....

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Kingdom hearts 1.5 & 2.5 remix
Kingdom hearts 2.8
Final fantasy x/x2 remake
Final fantasy 12 remastered
Final fantasy 14
Dragon quest builders
Dragon quest heroes
Dragon quest heroes 2


1 car in forza
Rottr for 6 months

The reason why is because unless it's called forza gears or halo there is not much point to releasing on xbox and se knows this.

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Still no tales of vesperia..... Boo.

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He doesnt need to work for capcom to read the article..... They are saying that the xbox one isn't worth the effort.

Capcom still have monster hunter and marvel v capcom to release on the xbox one so if xbox gamers buy those games capcom might change their tune.

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"Whats impressive is that zelda outsold horizon with a barely 3-4 million vs 60 million"

More like 15-20 million once you add the wiiu..... nice try though.

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Watch out everyone we have a badass anarchist with a lulzsec avatar.....

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Forza 3 sold 5 million

Forza 6 sold 1.9 million (400k in it's first week)

Forza might be saying hello but the fans are saying goodbye.

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It's fun reading all the comments saying sony would not allow crossplay.....

Especially when the reason this game wasnt on the xbox one was because microsoft wanted xbox only servers.

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Oh look at that another crossplay article submitted by an xbox fanboy followed by the usual fanatix commenting why sony should change thier policy because their precious microsoft is allowing it.

News flash me and my friends dont care about crossplay because we all have ps4's.

P.s I am enjoying ff14 stormblood with my pc bretheren as we speak, maybe you guys would have that game on xbox if microsoft didn't demand xbox only servers.

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"Sony fanboys turn everything to their own agenda"

Xbox fanboys in 2013: power does not matter

Xbox fanboys in 2017: THE BEAST 4K UHD HDR 60FPS DX12 CLOUD POWER

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1 remastered gow game this gen vs 7 forza games

Nice try.

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"Sony always follows nintendos lead"

Oh yeah the nintendo 64 that played discs the gamecube that played dvd's and the wii that used blu-ray.

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