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I don't think you understand the prisoner's dilemma...

With regards to your comments. Sony got so much shit for the mistakes they made with the PS3 and it took many years and a huge amount of effort to turn things around. If Microsoft show the same sort of commitment then great but are we supposed to be happy and praising them for not trying to impose draconian restrictions on consumer rights after just saying sorry? #7.2
Super old! This page has been up since September last year. #20
10 slides? Piss off. #17
No different than previous years though. We don't do multipage articles but this series has always been spread out over December to accommodate the light amount of news.

Plus, if all articles where put together it'd be a 25,000 word article, more than enough to put off most readers. #1.1
Except it wasn't... it was there are 8pm last night. They simply limited the access to it as people were complaining about load times. All seems to be smooth now. #18
Beatable time and amount of content are two entirely different things.

Otherwise Mario 64 is ridiculous as it can be beaten in under 50 mins... #15.1.3
Would be far better to spread those releases out over the course of the next year really.

Also Gears? You're having a laugh. #3.2
Already debunked:!/jimr... #1
According to "estimates" it did. We don't actually know though as the first figures they released weren't until 6 months in. #3.1.2
Portal 2 is a first-person puzzle-platformer.

Of course it's a platformer, it doesn't fit in any other category really. #1.1
@Yomaster - What nemesisND1derboy was trying to say was that I gave the game a B (which he agreed with) despite liking it less. If anything there is less subjectivity as a result as I rated it according to the games quality, not my own personal taste. #1.1.4
I'd just like to clarify, that because it doesn't "boast" on any other front, doesn't mean they are bad. Spec Ops is a superb mode, and MP is still very good, despite the lack of advancement.

And for us, a B is a "good" game :-) #1.1
Firstly, why can Uncharted 3 not beat Gears 3?

"Less known, less popular" means nothing if they're both incredibly popular.

As for "confirmed" IGN has "confirmed" that it's SOLD not shipped, so take that as you will... #55.1
The fundamental fact is that a review is NOT an opinion, it is a critical analysis and evaluation of a product.

If I wrote my opinion on Skyrim then it would probably get a low score as I dislike that style of game, however, it is not about my opinion and as a reviewer you must stay as objective as possible. #1.1.13
That's because metacritic uses a flat rate conversion. My point was that a C = 50 is not inaccurate across the board. #83.1.2
Have to disagree with point 1 I'm afraid. A 'C' can easily convert into a 50/100 score - especially when you consider that is the boundary at University and College. #83.1
Firstly, cheers for calling it a "stupid" article, that helps highlight your points well.

Secondly, you quote a lot of the article, but you don't seem to have actually read or understood it. The argument is against the requirement to input a code online for an offline portion of the game. Thus, those without access to the Internet will not be able to so. The price factor is an issue, as if you have paid full-price for the game, but then can't access part of... #27.1
The difference is I can look and evaluate situations beyond those that directly affect me ;-) #10.1
We use the full English rating scale as in A-F which includes E. The N4G submission won't let you enter an E in relation to an "out of A+". I've submitted a ticket to have it added but for now it has to be E/10 :-( #2.1
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