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It Unity 3D folks

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GZ: This is probably the most important question I have to ask: Can Rayman kick Mario's ass?

MA: Uh, maybe we'll have the answer very soon. (laughs)

is he implying Rayman in Smash or Legends being better than 3D World we will find next time!

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it was for unity 3d

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personal attack is that all you can think of. Did I attack you.

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lmao I remember when he went ape-shit over Monster Hunter being on 3DS and not VITA and 3DS sucks in all that was a hilarious read.

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Platinum Game should do it

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Why not all three

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Nintendo started the handheld x console connection with N64 and GBC.

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then price would be over $600 USD

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look who being a troll and fanboy nominating a game that characterize as a interactive movie game not a game. Pokemon X and Y will outsell it in 2 days. Pokemon has x90 more depth in gameplay and longer. It is worth $40.
Always comes completed and give free DLC Pokemon through mystery gift. Has Competitve Online, Customization, Perfect Replay value.

But nominate what you want. Spike TV gonna select an indie game again

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In Brawl there were three ways to unlock every characters you just did the easy way. Would you rather complete story mode or do 1000 vs match to get one or have a projectile reflected to get one

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playstation allstars story mode is just bland fights, rival fight and the fight a head that more like a bland Classic Mode in SSB64.

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no story mode. It will still have adventure like mode

cutscenes will be characters specific like the Melee Special.

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It will have characters specific movies

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I'll pick up for 3DS

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lost level not in

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for a game that is x3 longer than the average western game that is a classic gem it worth it.

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no it not a port. It a done from ground up and model redone

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they game hasn't even gone 2% complete yet

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