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Whats with the spoiler-fetish gaming culture nowadays. This trend started with the announcement of Last of Us Part II, Why speculate about the plot of an unreleased game? be hyped, speculate about the trailer, mechanics, the characters. not the plot. especially avoid compiling theories by fans. Can you hold that a bit till the game has released for a while and having finished it first? all for the almighty clicks.

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Microsoft will never learn. With how deep the sh** they are in now, you would think they would have better judgement than release more micro-transactions. Even EA is moving away from them recently.

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Sticking it to Kojima, huh, Konami?

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The last two installments in the series were not AAA Games quality per say and i still adored them. i replay them from time to time and i platinum'ed Mafia 2. When I heard of the 3rd installment i was floored. Cant wait.

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Yeah right, all these changes and switch flipping are not intended to boost sales and win fans?
My theory is, it might be true somewhat because i believe they are pulling out from the console market SLOWLY, since their UWP was announced.

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I do around 5-10 percent of my gaming on PC, for the strategy games and some sims. But I dislike most of the circlejerking that community creates, just go to their /r/pcmasterrace subreddit and you will see what i mean.

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This is called fiction, art, fantasy, whatever it is. Similar situations has been depicted in books and movies. Why not ban them then? oh wait, there is something has been going on for decades called artistic freedom and freedom of speech in the entertainment world.

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Sexualisation in Art, a 50 million drawing or portrait is fine. But when it is a part of modern expression of art, as in video games for example, then it is MADNESS!

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Yes, yes it does. Next case.

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To me, its like a 35-ish year old guy has a play-date with a bunch of 15 year olds and "tries" to be funny. He isnt.

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Not in the graphics department I presume, but maybe better loading times?

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I set an alarm 5 mins before and started spamming the F5 on amazon till it got released and pre-ordered. At least i dont have to struggle finding a cheap one among all the overpriced ones will be on ebay later.

well, cant wait.

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Soooo.. every stereotype?

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Nice One, Anita.

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It isnt because its the right to do, or the new trend, its because MS is trying everything possible to make the Xbox One attractive. Simplicity and user friendliness is at PS4's side. What a "console" should be. If i want modding, modular based system I would go for PC. (Personally running PC+PS4 myself)

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Waiting for Fetal Smear

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If you have followed all the development about the missing content, you will know that it doesn't stop at just mission 51. The game is only at best 55 to 60 percent complete. It is speculated that the mission count might be up to 80, not just 51. Konami stopped it short long before its completion but Kojima managed to use the remaining resources to finalize the game to the best of his ability during thw short time period before release.

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This is what Konami wanted.

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the Japanese version in this case is the censored version. still want to import it?

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