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To me, its like a 35-ish year old guy has a play-date with a bunch of 15 year olds and "tries" to be funny. He isnt.

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Not in the graphics department I presume, but maybe better loading times?

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I set an alarm 5 mins before and started spamming the F5 on amazon till it got released and pre-ordered. At least i dont have to struggle finding a cheap one among all the overpriced ones will be on ebay later.

well, cant wait.

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Soooo.. every stereotype?

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Nice One, Anita.

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It isnt because its the right to do, or the new trend, its because MS is trying everything possible to make the Xbox One attractive. Simplicity and user friendliness is at PS4's side. What a "console" should be. If i want modding, modular based system I would go for PC. (Personally running PC+PS4 myself)

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Waiting for Fetal Smear

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If you have followed all the development about the missing content, you will know that it doesn't stop at just mission 51. The game is only at best 55 to 60 percent complete. It is speculated that the mission count might be up to 80, not just 51. Konami stopped it short long before its completion but Kojima managed to use the remaining resources to finalize the game to the best of his ability during thw short time period before release.

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This is what Konami wanted.

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the Japanese version in this case is the censored version. still want to import it?

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...but i want the 5 billion transistors the Xbone has :(

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You only enjoy exclusives? difficult to be you.

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i stay away from mobile phone gaming like its the plague. unless its Mobile Gaming as in 3DS or PSVita then its welcome.

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Technically.. You cant do that. You cant preorder on day 1, you buy it.

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Sony is on fire! keep it up.

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Tip #1:

Do not buy the game now.

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They already got your money, why anyone would think they will do anything to fix the game? they believe they dont owe anything to you guys after you purchased the game. This is Ubisoft we are dealing with, not Rockstar.

Glad i did not buy it. i feel sorry for a ruined franchise.

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what an idiot.

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i played the game at a friends house, it felt like a early ps3 game, sadly :(. no sense of speed or in any way.

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Your Comment is "Reddit Gold" worthy!

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