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E3 is going to be really interesting. Based off the sales charts, their only constraint is supply. They'll probably be able to announce "8 million sold", or possibly "2:1 Sales Ratio with Xbox". Microsoft is probably dreading it. Nintendo won't even be available for comment. #71
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I wish Sony would start pushing out updates like this. I really miss custom themes. The interface is great, but there's some core features still missing. #7
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The player models need work, but overall very impressive for a launch title. There were moments where it looked like a broadcast feed. #9
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Did anyone notice the XBO version of MGS V didn't even register in the top 10 for sales? And how the hell was inFamous more popular than MGS?? #30
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Yeah, the engine for titanfall is like a decade old. Hopefully Respawn invests in something more advanced for Titanfall 2. EA should force them to use Frostbite 3. #9.1
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Looks about the same. Just lower resolution textures. #16
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It's because things have changed and consoles are kind of like performance cars. You should be paying for its abilities, and somehow the Xbox One ended up being pricier AND only half the power of PS4. Both have great online services and media/social capabilities. So really the only difference between them is raw horsepower.

It's just smart consumerism. If one product is cheaper and more powerful than the other, you typically go with the cheaper more powerful console.... #25
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Once you learn programming Stragomccloud, you will stop calling developers lazy. Microsoft's decision to use ES RAM as a bandaid for slow DDR3 is costing developers time and money to work with. #30.6
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Wait, they spent a year advertising it as a TV entertainment box that also plays games. What's with the big flip? #18
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Explains that 1300 MB patch. That sucker's huge! #18
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Loved it when he threw the quarter #10
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I feel bad for Microsoft's PR team. They have to explain why a console that costs $100 more than PS4 also happens to be less capable. And it's a permanent hurdle too. ES RAM was added to the CPU/GPU die to help mitigate the slow DDR3 RAM. But doing so cut out a lot of compute units on the GPU.

It's pretty clear why Mark Cerny advised Sony's engineers to go with the slightly more expensive 8GB GDDR5 route. It ended up paying dividends in the end.
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The 360 version looks almost identical to the Xbox One version, that's why not a single video or screenshot has come out. Bluepoint Games probably did such a good job that Microsoft didn't want the Xbox One version to suffer sales wise. #4
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Are you kidding me? Game development has never been easier, and I've seen developers take enormous risks lately. #4
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The resolution issue is a big deal. PS4 titles will stay on par with PC games as they catch up in a few years, but Xbox One titles will be held back by resolution/framerate.

XBO titles are simply going to look blurrier compared to their PS4 counterparts. That's the price you pay for cutting out a million pixels of resolution. #9
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HAH, sure. #5
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HAH. Yeah right, I'm getting it. #4
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I believe the insider info. It makes more sense than the rumors that have been flying around lately.

It's like any other job. If you can't deliver on time, or if your vision doesn't fit, look for a job elsewhere. Sony's just cutting the bloat. If they don't, a lot of games are going to end up like Gran Turismo 5. Took 4 years to develop, and still wasn't finished. Even after the release of GT6.

I'm looking at you PSP and PS2 car mo... #16
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Some people are so used to having hard shadows in previous gen games that having physically accurate shadows is just tough for them to deal with.

Everything we've seen in games like Infamous or Watch Dogs is physically accurate lighting. Developers shouldn't have to defend themselves for taking a realistic approach to graphics.

Then again, some people still think aliasing is a retro look... #8.2
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This NEOGAF post explains everything fairly:

I actually understand what's going on now. #43
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