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I disagree

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Just re-release the PS Vita as the PSP 2 with good marketing and a cheap TV dock. There. Done.

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It’s simply bad design, which in this case was done on purpose to make Loot Crates look more desirable

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80K sounds nice on GlassDoor, but here’s the reality. I only got offered $19/hr to work on Call of Duty Black Ops 2. The reason HR gave me is that I was anticipated to push 60 hours a week, so my offer was lower than normal to make up for the 20+ hours of overtime per week. There is no guarantee of overtime though; it was a BS carrot on a stick offer to ensure aspiring artists make less money than they would working for Costco.

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Good! Ban this sh!t as soon as possible, because it’s poisoning the gaming industry.

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They're removing it for now, but also admitted that the microtransactions will return, most likely in time for Christmas season and lots of unsuspecting parents buying the game for their kids.

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Microsoft really went to town with Xbox One X, especially with the extra bandwidth, 4GB of extra VRAM, and this tidbit: "high frequency API calls are implemented directly into the GPU’s command processor"

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Rockstar didn't want to pay the extra 2 or 3 bucks for a larger cartridge, and Nintendo didn't want to spend the extra $5 for 64GB of internal storage on the switch. Consumers foot the bill in this case...

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I'm in! I'll miss inFamous, but this looks incredible.

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Arkard is right. I save $12 per game, and even on used or discount titles. FFXII: Zodiac Age was on sale for Gamers Club members for $27 last week.

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"If it doesn't have a loot box system, then it's interfering with loot box sales."

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We had two Leads leave within weeks of each other, right when things were actually looking up. One or two people leaving often has little to do with the health of a project or company. I don't see how a personal decision to migrate to another studio is newsworthy.

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Games are dirt cheap compared to the 90's. Considering the US dollar has lost its value by about 50%, it makes sense that "season passes" bring the total retail price of a game up to $100~120.

Is it just me, or were old games a lot shorter as well?

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It's the same damn 500 polygon characters??? Just buy it for PS3.

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While Sony blocks 4K Blu-rays and charges $15 to play each PS2 game at 1080p, Microsoft supports 4K Blu-ray out of the box and makes it possible to play not just OG Xbox, but Xbox 360 games at close to 4K resolution for FREE.

Why do I get the sense that Xbox One X is a lot better than journalists have given Microsoft credit for?

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I'm a PS4 and PS3 owner who skipped out on the 360 and Xbox One. But this is an insane level of emulation AND improvement. I didn't realize the Xbox One X was able to play 360 games and original Xbox games. Even at $500, that's a hell of a deal being able to play 3 generations worth of titles so long as you have the game disc. And that's easy enough considering we have Ebay.

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The fact that it’s not a console is already a bad sign. They claim it’s a gaming machine, but I don’t see the incentive for developers to develop anything significant for this low power PC. We haven’t even seen one Ataribox in action, so I call BS on a 2018 launch.

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Sony cheaped out HARD with the PS4 pro. It’s obvious now that the 50% boost in RAM on Xbox wasn’t just for marketing.

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Jeez, EA mismanages yet another developer? Who's next, D.I.C.E.?

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