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Whatever, I'm going to wait for PSVR 2 on PS5. I would rather wait for the kinks to get worked out

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That's odd, anyone have any active play stats for the Star Citizen community?

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Exactly, if Scorpio has this same feature then it's no wonder Phil Spencer was so confident in native 4K for his system

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Agreed, PS5 will be native 4K, but at least we get a nice in between system that helps push more 4K TVs, thus bringing down the cost of those TVs for the rest of us.

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The Spider-Man developers apparently figured out an even better technique than Checkerboard Rendering, and Mark Cerny revealed that developers are free to use and share whichever techniques they want. I really like his open approach to the system tech.

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It's definitely possible, and would be incredible if the Scorpio could also do two 16 bit operations per clock cycle. Then it would actually be a 12 tflop console! :D

But Microsoft doesn't have anyone like Mark Cerny in charge of Xbox hardware. When the Xbox One was designed, they went with cheaper DDR3 memory at the expense of performance. And when they commissioned an integrated GPU, they thought 12 asynchronous compute units was good enough. Microsoft took a budg...

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You guys should actually read the Eurogamer interview. Every site is quoting them because it's the most detailed explanation of how the PS4 Pro was designed and why Mark Cerny was able to make an 8.4 tflop GPU for basically half the cost. The big question is whether Sony paid for exclusive access to the Object ID Pass, geometry culler and dual 16 bit processing per clock cycle? If so, AMD may have succeeded in getting Microsoft to pay extra money for a Scorpio GPU that can do more 32 bit ...

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As the year goes on, I think Mark will start mentioning the PS4 as an 8.4 tflop
Console with that small asterisk (16 bit instructions). I wonder if Scorpio has this GPU feature as well?

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By cutting down the precision of any 32 bit operations to 16 bits, the GPU can process two operations per clock cycle. For example, rendering an HDR image at 16 bit will look about 90% the same as 32 bit.

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They're a casino slot machine company now. They don't really care about video games anymore.

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Teraflops aren't everything. Since the PS4 Pro has double the number of Compute Units compared to PS Slim, and those units can process two 16-bit instructions simultaneously, a game developed specifically with this hardware upgrade in mind should be able to render at 4K no problem.

Checkerboard rendering may just be a temporary solution to help titles get patched quickly without having to redo the rendering engines.

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wow, one of the best game trailers this year

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Why did everyone disagree with Mogwaii? It's true. The PS4 Pro games are still limited in much the same way as PS4 Normal games. Whatever the PS4 normal can handle, that's what the Pro game can handle. Albeit at a higher resolution and with better AA. But don't expect devs to bend over backwards to make the Pro version look significantly better. Between PS4 Normal, PS4 Pro and PSVR, there's a lot of user scenarios to test for now.

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Same here. Plus my current HDTV looks great and plays PS4 games just fine. I just can't justify ditching a perfectly good TV and Console to get slightly better graphics. Something would have to break. And I really doubt that will happen.

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Evolution should have been kept alive and handed the reins for GT Sport. That way Polyphony could just do GT7.

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They're smoking. I can't even watch 1080p content online without buffering. I'll just get an Xbox One for 4K blu-ray. I miss Master Chief anyway.

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I already use an X360 controller for my PC games, but it's not wireless... Ok, on the Christmas List

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Still not as good as DriveClub. Sony should have shut down Polyphony and handed the GT series over to Evolution.

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Actually no. I did more research, and as it turns out PS4 Pro may not have much of a performance gap with Scorpio. It comes down to the PS4 GPU using GDDR5 memory while Scorpio will be using DDR3 memory (for compatibility with XBO games). Benchmarks showed a 20~30% performance advantage for GDDR5 over DDR3 just on the GPU. <...

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We've also only been shown what seems to be the first hour of the game. I wouldn't fret just yet.

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