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Not a bad deal. If you've never heard of #9
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He's lying. Sega funded the game. He pocketed that money and used it to finance Borderlands 2, while using a fraction of Sega's funds to outsource the game development to another studio, who themselves ironically outsourced to yet another studio.

He didn't "lose $10 million." But he does know that he lied to the media AND consumers, completely mismanaged the development of Colonial Marines, and that Gearbox will lose the lawsuit. #18
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Needs better marketing. And the fact that it doesn't support all Vita games is a little weird. No netflix either.

Should just be rebranded as PS NOW. #19
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PS4 for sure. Better exclusives, runs multiplatforms at a higher framerate and resolution, and great online network. PlayStation Now is a really good service too for playing as many games as you want for a monthly subscription price. #1.4
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Power PC architecture? Not so hard to emulate. Plus I'm sure Microsoft is having the 360 games recompiled for XBO.

But Cell architecture is damn near impossible to emulate because of the SPUs and the insane memory bus that connected those cores.

PS Now is Sony's backwards compatibility program. No need to make a second one. #14
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I have full faith in whatever they choose to do. #13
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Please people, stop buying Destiny DLC. It's not even a full game yet. =/ #19
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It just needs a good exclusive game that really catches the attention of Nintendo 3DS fans. But as it is, most people buy the PS Vita online and buy games for it online. They also tend to play their Vitas at least 20~40 hours a week based off Sony's figures.

So it's a small, dedicated community of indie game fans. #11
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PS3 was a mess to develop for. I'm glad it looks so clean and fluid on PS4. Using vocal calls to direct the baby griffin is pretty genius. #14
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Crash grab. #11
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Please have good net code, please have good net code.... #43
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Absolutely amazing. I'm so glad they're doing this. This is what a remaster should be. Just a complete retooling and rethinking of what made the original great, as well as how to improve it using a full decade of experience. #15
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I'm in!!! #11
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God those oncoming lights were blinding. The camera movement needs to get toned down a bit too.

But everything else is 10/10. Love the style! #12
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They may as well release it for $399. But it needs cross-platform support from PC devs as well. #40
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The stories are pretty much all identical. That's a big problem.

And yeah, there's not enough multiplayer maps included on disc.

Dedicated servers would be a godsend. But as we saw with Battlefield 4, sometimes it exacerbates the problem... #6
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YES!!!! Finally =D #28
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Complain about graphics before launch.

Complain about gameplay after purchase. #33
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First I ever heard of such issues, sounds suspicious. #11
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Anyone else bored of photorealism? #1
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