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And Microsoft wonders why PS4 sales are double that of XB1... #89
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I always wondered if they could turn advent children's visual style and combat into real FF game. I'm so glad SquareEnix pushed to make it happen.

Took 5 more years than expected, but hey. That's the price of progress.

This looks great! #42
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Well yeah, anything is possible. But I'm betting they'll end up with 70% market share, and the rest will be divided up between MS and Nintendo. Kind of like the PS2 era. #41
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Square Enix needs money. It'll come out next Fall for sure. #8
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Definitely, they made it seem like I could join up with tons of people to take place in dynamic missions across countless worlds.

Instead I get an empty game with just 4 main levels and a hub. Solid gunplay, but nothing else. #12
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So they really gave it a 5.8, then rounded up for the advertising money. Got it.

These are the same people that ranked Call of Duty: Ghosts as the second best COD game of all time. I guess this was to be expected. #28
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Holy crap, the level of collusion is incredible. Plus the "Who hasn't slept with a PR person or game developer #AmIright" was hilariously disturbing.

Gaming media is in dire need of a Consumer Report style website. Where gamers pay for news (I know, crazy right?). And in return, no advertisements, no bribery from game publishers, and just normal journalism. #15
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The game feels like it was built, didn't work, then had to meet a deadline in order to get some cash flow running. So instead of scrapping everything, they just said "Hey it's coming out in 6 months and it is EPIC and HUGE and WILL CHANGE GAMING FOREVER".

With only 4 planets completed after so many years of development, I get the feeling that Destiny 2 will probably be closer to Bungie's original vision.

I just wonder who the hell was pu... #3
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The Raid footage looked infuriating. Just random one hit deaths and even getting hit with some kind of spell that makes you blind. Forever. Until you die.

No wonder no one's been able to complete one yet. #6
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Because they're bad, which starts the cycle of us not wanting to buy a console of it's selling really slow compared to the competition. #19
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So it's confirmed. PS4 has twice as many owners as Xbox One. Moving on... #53
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Misleading title, the developer doesn't ever say "the parity clause is brutal". They're simply focusing on one platform at a time since Microsoft requires devs to release the XBox One version day and date with the PS4 version. And that's pretty tough to do. #14
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The hardware specs are an issue when each console costs $400. Since PS4 has almost double the processing power, that's simply more bang for your buck. Nearly every multiplatform title has run at twice the resolution on PS4 and/or simply looks crisper.

If consoles were cheaper, it wouldn't matter much. But as a consumer you don't want to get ripped off by spending the same amount of money on a weaker console. #6.1
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IGN keeps posting negative articles about The Order, but positive articles about COD: Advanced Warfare. Yet The Order looks way cooler. Maybe Sony needs to bribe them... #9
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But the E3 demo looked so boring... #12
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Never have I seen the management of a company squander the talent of so many developers at said company.

Can't wait for someone to take over Square Enix and immediately announce "We're working on followups to Chrono Cross, Vagrant Story, and FFVII. Tomb Raider's exclusivity deal is over; we're sorry we even attempted it. And we're going to stop making sequels to FF XIII. Nobody cares about it." #13
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DriveClub, a.k.a. Gran Turismo 7. I'm super impressed! #14
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Weird, why not just keep the CPU specs the same? This is only going to confuse and frustrate the average consumer. #11
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Eh, I'm surprised there isn't a gaming website that people pay to view. No advertisements, no weird opinion articles. Just news. #4
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Good to see 4Chan standing up against the false accusations ZQ made against them. Never ever thought that was possible, but last week's events were unprecedented. #4
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