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It could. PS3 did. #7
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I'm excited. #12
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The problem is the name. Lots of people are literally waiting on the PSP 2 but don't quite know what the Vita is. #28
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They may as well remake MG1, but from Big Boss's perspective #7
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Um. Big woop? No one even knows if it's a good game. #19
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If you've played MGS5: Ground Zeroes, the Medic character in the helicopter (and in the previews of the hospital scene in Phantom Pain) is a big hint. The "Big Boss" character looks a little off. Same haircut, similar features, but not 100% Big Boss.

But the Medic's face is always obscured from view.

With so many nations on the hunt for him, it makes sense for Big Boss to use a doppelganger. I'm sure we'll see Hayter return. #28
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Sony has a nearly 2:1 lead and can barely keep up with demand. Dropping the PS4 to $350 wouldn't help it sell faster. Now if Sony creates a super slim $299 version a year from now, that would help keep up the momentum. But for now they are fine. #16
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Hey Bathyj,

Yes, I use my PS3 to store my library of PSN purchased Vita games. And then just copy them over as I need them.

And agreed, they should have taken the normal route and just included 32GB standard, with the option for an additional 32GB if needed via Memory Card. #2.1.4
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This was hilarious to read. I'm picking it up.

It's funny how a game without a lot of rules is made more fun because of it. #6
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Not surprising. 50% of console sales are during the holiday season alone. #28
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They should just remake 12. #43
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The Wii U suffers from a bad name, issues with people confusing the Wii with the Wii U, bad user interface, odd marketing, ugly console design, and a controller that forces you to look away from the TV (a big no no in gaming).

They need to kill the Wii U and just create the GameCube 2. Make it backwards compatible with all Wii U titles, pay developers to update Wii U titles to not require the tablet controller, then they're set. #22
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It was a bad launch, but the problems only lasted a few weeks and Evolution kept us updated almost every day with fixes to the game. Now the game's absolutely amazing.

In comparison, Battlefield 4 was broken for a year and EA literally took no responsibility. #33
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Destiny was terrible and I'm glad I sold it. The game was obviously chopped up into Retail, DLC pack 1 and DLC pack 2. #43
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I was pissed. Never have I seen a company squander its own brands and IPs like Square Enix. First they went Xbox exclusive with Tomb Raider, and now this. An FF VII remake would save their company #9
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Sony may end up with 3:1 lead if he keeps up the bad PR work. #50
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What in the f*ck. I agree with TM333. That GTA V bundle probably had a lot to do with it. #37
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Good move by Ubisoft. I have a feeling some heads will roll over at the AC:Unity dev office. Game performance comes first above all else. #33
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Clean the dust out. For both consoles. They're both very quiet, which we should be thankful for.

Remember the N64 and PS1? I can't believe how well they performed without any fans. #30.2
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Wipe the sides to get rid of dust from the vents, or better yet vacuum it out once every few weeks. I do it to my PC, PS3 and PS4. They never get loud. #1.6.2
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