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Agreed, it would have been simple to include. I use the jack on my PS4 controller all the time to play games and watch movies with my noise cancelling headphones. It's absolute bliss.

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I can wait until 2025. Games on PS4/XBO look fine. What's the point of upgrading the hardware any further past Scorpio/Pro?

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Agreed, this was to appease someone other than gamers.

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From what I've heard, developers knew about as much about Switch as consumers did. Even Nintendo's internal development teams haven't had enough time with final dev kits to get games like Mario Kart 8 (which is a frickin Port!!!) finished in time for the aggressive launch schedule.

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Countless parents are going to return it saying it ran out of memory. Remember how fast the 20GB PS3s filled up? And that was before we started getting 5GB patches.

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It better be! It's the best handheld console I own. Though I admit I mostly play the retro PS1 titles, but that's still a huge selling point that Sony seems to have glossed over. Now you can play classic RPGs like FF7 and not worry about saving. You can just put the handheld to sleep. Perfect for train rides to work.

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Must be a lack of talent to draw from. EA still has a bad reputation for the unpaid overtime class action lawsuit.

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Very true. Though I hope they fix the menus. I'm still unsure why setting a waypoint just takes me to an Inn? There's small, weird glitches that (in total) kind of ruin the experience.

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And I have yet to see one in real life

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Maybe we should stop buying games funded by asshole shareholders if it's going to lead to situations like this. I already got burned with the half finished Destiny 1 release. I don't need this debacle again.

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Call it "Prestige"

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Not an issue

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THIs is life changing. I've had a spare 1tb external drive for a year. Finally I get to put it to good use. Thank you Sony!

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Well that probably explains Scorpio's release date. Must have a much more powerful CPU than PS4 Pro.

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I actually hope they keep changing a lot of things to keep the gameplay modern. I'm not too happy about milking the product with 3 different episodes, but FF7-3 will probably be the hottest item of Holiday 2020.

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This article is boring

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Take that DLC!

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Red flag. The first two girls shown are slobs. Only the one with the clean room can be trusted!

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No one wanted the PS3 at $499, so I would say Sony played it smart

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"Tough Decisions" include a massive profit margin on accessories that everyone will need at some point, specifically the joycon controllers.

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