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wow, one of the best game trailers this year

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Why did everyone disagree with Mogwaii? It's true. The PS4 Pro games are still limited in much the same way as PS4 Normal games. Whatever the PS4 normal can handle, that's what the Pro game can handle. Albeit at a higher resolution and with better AA. But don't expect devs to bend over backwards to make the Pro version look significantly better. Between PS4 Normal, PS4 Pro and PSVR, there's a lot of user scenarios to test for now.

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Same here. Plus my current HDTV looks great and plays PS4 games just fine. I just can't justify ditching a perfectly good TV and Console to get slightly better graphics. Something would have to break. And I really doubt that will happen.

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Evolution should have been kept alive and handed the reins for GT Sport. That way Polyphony could just do GT7.

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They're smoking. I can't even watch 1080p content online without buffering. I'll just get an Xbox One for 4K blu-ray. I miss Master Chief anyway.

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I already use an X360 controller for my PC games, but it's not wireless... Ok, on the Christmas List

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Still not as good as DriveClub. Sony should have shut down Polyphony and handed the GT series over to Evolution.

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Actually no. I did more research, and as it turns out PS4 Pro may not have much of a performance gap with Scorpio. It comes down to the PS4 GPU using GDDR5 memory while Scorpio will be using DDR3 memory (for compatibility with XBO games). Benchmarks showed a 20~30% performance advantage for GDDR5 over DDR3 just on the GPU. <...

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We've also only been shown what seems to be the first hour of the game. I wouldn't fret just yet.

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No different than Battlefield 4

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The movie as a whole sucks. But the clips from the movie are integrated very well into this amazing 11/10 game. Buy it bro.

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The more I think about it, it seems like Sony simply saw an opportunity to make a 4K HDR TV compatible PS4 a year ago, and decided to give it a shot. Not make it too expensive, but just powerful enough to keep PS4 players from migrating back to PCs.

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1440p for now. We'll get true 4K with PS4 Pro "s".

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Except it may not be. PS4 uses faster GDDR5 memory and double the GPU compute units compared to Xbox One. That's where the real power advantage came from. With Scorpio, if they're still using slow DDR3 (which for compatibility reasons they probably are) then that will make the 6TF GPU they're using just on par with the 4.2TF PS4 Pro GPU.

If you've ever seen benchmarks for DDR3 based GPUs vs GDDR5 GPUs, there's an almost 2:1 power difference, even with id...

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Or a PS4 Pro S

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No, it doesn't matter too much. The lack of a 4K blu-ray drive may be short sighted, but the primary motivation seems to be the profit generated by Sony's PS Store. It's a great opportunity for Microsoft to say "Hey, we care about 4K more than Sony because we have two consoles with 4K blu-ray drives and Sony has none."

To play 4K games without visual compromises, you need the equivalent of a GTX Titan.

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I'm keeping my original PS4, but the Scorpio has my attention more so than the PS4 Pro. A 50% power advantage is nothing to scoff over, and is the reason I chose PS4 over XB1 in the first place. Plus I plan on getting a 4K tv next year, so UHD Bluray is an obvious requirement.

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Invisibility and thrust packs need to be removed. Dear god...

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Anyone interested in true inflation should look up Shadow Stats, or read the book "Inside VFX" which reveals just how cheap hollywood movies are to produce. Or to see how much value the US dollar has lost since 1980.

With that in mind, game development costs haven't really budged since PS3 and Xbox 360 hit the scene. New software like Substance and Zbrush have made art production a lot easier.

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Not sure why people are complaining about battery life. The PS4 recharges the controller(s) while it sleeps.

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