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I could have sworn Threadripper = Xeon when I went to the AMD conference.

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Isn't this GPU meant to run applications like Maya and Vray RT? Not really gaming apps...

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Based off the shape, I'm guessing this uses an nVidia Tegra board, putting it on par with the Nintendo Switch spec-wise.

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I can't get my external drive to work unless there's no other USB cables plugged in. And I still have to unplug and plug the hard drive USB cord into the PS4 really quickly to activate it. I wouldn't mind a truly compatible hard drive.

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The "Xbox One" name was already very confusing since it was the third generation. And unfortunately, they released the Xbox One S last year, which meant that name couldn't be used as a cleaner name for "Xbox One Scorpio." Seriously, who's in charge of branding at Microsoft??

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An ultra-hd Blu-ray player is typically $499, so you get that for free. The more I think about it, selling at that price point makes sure that consumers perceive it as a higher quality product than the PS4 Pro. If only 1/10 of new PS4 buyers are choosing the Pro option, that means Sony has failed to communicate it as a significantly more powerful piece of hardware (which it is).

That has created a unique opportunity for Microsoft to market the Scorpio as true 4K hardware, u...

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Agreed, what's the point of buying a 4K TV if my console doesn't play 4K Blurays. Sony botched the PS4 Pro by making it mid-range. It doesn't even look like a pro console.

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$499 sounds right. Now they just need to make Scorpio Exclusive titles and keep the system name Xbox Scorpio.

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Gamers win at E3. This isn't a war. It's just pure popcorn.

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Ryzen is where it's at. AMD's out for blood.

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Buying the headphones.

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Not really, pretty soon it will be the only PS4 model you can buy. But that's because of AMD switching to a new manufacturing process, which is why both Sony and Microsoft did mid-cycle refreshes. Microsoft just took it more seriously.

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The audio work done on GT Sport is incredible. You can really feel the power of these machines. The tire and engine sounds perfectly compliment the insane visuals. I haven't had this much fun with a GT game since Gran Turismo 4.

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Amazing remaster work on the visuals, they completely revamped the entire game!

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Call me when they remaster WipEout Pure and Pulse. Those were way better than this collection.

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The Vita needs to be re-released. There's just so many good games!

Oceanhorn can't be searched on the Vita's PS Store for some reason, but if you simply click on PS Vita Only Games, then navigate to the "O - P" section it's right there.

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Eh, quality over quantity. Rockstar games sell very well, and for good reason.

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Episodic is what led to Hitman's weak sales, so I doubt Square will go ahead with breaking FF7 remake into 3 games. Now that Square is FINALLY making FF7 in-house instead of outsourcing the damn thing, maybe they'll get it out at the end of this console cycle. Holiday 2020 seems likely since they will have to rebuild the entire game from scratch. I'm guessing turning it into an action game didn't really work out...

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I agree with Artemidorus. We've only gotten a handful of screenshots, and the entire project is being pulled away from an outsourced developer. That means the product wasn't fun, and wasn't fulfilling expectations. Now one of the internal business divisions of Square Enix is going to handle it. FFXV is done, so i'm guessing Business Division 2 will handle this title.

They literally said Square needs to "retain full control on quality within a stable sch...

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