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They should just remake 12. #43
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The Wii U suffers from a bad name, issues with people confusing the Wii with the Wii U, bad user interface, odd marketing, ugly console design, and a controller that forces you to look away from the TV (a big no no in gaming).

They need to kill the Wii U and just create the GameCube 2. Make it backwards compatible with all Wii U titles, pay developers to update Wii U titles to not require the tablet controller, then they're set. #22
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It was a bad launch, but the problems only lasted a few weeks and Evolution kept us updated almost every day with fixes to the game. Now the game's absolutely amazing.

In comparison, Battlefield 4 was broken for a year and EA literally took no responsibility. #33
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Destiny was terrible and I'm glad I sold it. The game was obviously chopped up into Retail, DLC pack 1 and DLC pack 2. #43
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I was pissed. Never have I seen a company squander its own brands and IPs like Square Enix. First they went Xbox exclusive with Tomb Raider, and now this. An FF VII remake would save their company #9
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Sony may end up with 3:1 lead if he keeps up the bad PR work. #50
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What in the f*ck. I agree with TM333. That GTA V bundle probably had a lot to do with it. #37
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Good move by Ubisoft. I have a feeling some heads will roll over at the AC:Unity dev office. Game performance comes first above all else. #33
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Clean the dust out. For both consoles. They're both very quiet, which we should be thankful for.

Remember the N64 and PS1? I can't believe how well they performed without any fans. #30.2
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Wipe the sides to get rid of dust from the vents, or better yet vacuum it out once every few weeks. I do it to my PC, PS3 and PS4. They never get loud. #1.6.2
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I agree with Deadpool.


Vs This:

The Xbox One is just a PC tower that runs hot due to inefficient airflow. The PS4 is a slim turbine that's ironic... #4
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When 1080p becomes standard. There's no excuse. Microsoft simply built a weak console. #2.2
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I don't really doubt this story. Plus my friend my friend was a gaming QA tester for 6 months and Hated it. But like any other industry, there's good companies and bad companies. You just need to research and understand that sometimes some personal sacrifice is necessary to move up in your career. Just remember to stand up for yourself. #13
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There's like 3 million Xbox One consoles sitting on store shelves. Only 6 million have been sold in total. There's a reason places like Target have dropped the price to $329. They can't get rid of the damn things. #66
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What the heck? That's like JC Penny carrying game consoles. #12
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Yeah aim assist is detrimental. It makes you good in the game that has it, but then you suck in other FPS titles that require skill.

Might explain why COD has stayed so popular. #17.1
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Doubt it, the game is running well now. Can't wait to see how Motorstorm turns out. #41
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LOL, Battlefield 4. =] #5.1.1
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Agreed, GDDR5 meant more room to fit GPU units onto the PS4 APU die. And on top of that, the PS4 gets to perform at twice the speed of Xbox One.

Xbox One's design seems to be the result of infighting amongst various departments. #1
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Exactly, I didn't see nearly this much outrage when Battlefield 4 stayed broken for 6 months. Actually, it still has some weird glitches, like disappearing trees and audio not loading. #61.1
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