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Yeah, after decades of sh#t licensed games, we may actually get something amazing for once! Hope this is the start of a new trend.

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Please ask Sucker Punch or Naughty Dog to make an Avengers game. That would be awesome!

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Can't wait for the RX 490 to be announced. I suspect they kept it under wraps until nVidia spilled the beans on their GTX 1080 specs.

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If anything, the Neo and Scorpio versions will just beef up resolutions, stabilize frame rates, increase draw distance and encourage doubling of enemy counts. Anything else would be dangerous from a QA standpoint.

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don't even get me started on their annoying ads

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Sony still owns Spiderman, so...

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Maybe publishers aren't worthless after all

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It might explain the lack of a Neo presence at E3. Maybe they'll ask AMD to update the Neo specs to match Scorpio? Devs already have enough to worry about with PS4 Normal and XB1 having very different specs.

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I don't think they're leaving so much as transitioning. The Universal Windows App platform that MS has developed is going to help them transition Xbox into more of a PC than it already is. They'll be able to sell Surface Pro to traditional laptop/tablet enthusiasts and sell Xbox to traditional desktop users. I'm sure they're developing a Microsoft Office version that's UWA at its core so that people can use Xbox for games, movie streaming and productivity.

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No, it will comfortably do 1440p. Which is absolutely fine when scaled to 4K. You would need the equivalent of a 1080 Titan X (coming out soon) to do true 4K 60FPS. But that's too expensive for a console at the moment.

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I quickly got confused. I thought the Xbox One S was going to be 6 teraflops with 4K gaming. What the heck? Should I even buy it now? I'd hate to wait a whole 18 months for Scorpio.

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Wow, Microsoft did an amazing job. I can see sales shooting through the roof with this redesign! :)

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The last minute was just Awkward. But the foliage shaders got a major upgrade over the last trailer. If they can get anti-aliasing in, the whole game will feel that much better. Come on, just switch to 30 fps...

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The large number of platforms definitely hurt the most. Too bad Capcom didn't oversee this game.

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No, he did what all great people do. He studied hard, put that knowledge to work, and got things done.

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The only remasters out right now are Uncharted Collection and FFX/FFX-2 Remaster. Everything else so far has been a quick cash in on fans' expectations.

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I know AMD is in a tough spot, but hopefully this card gets them out of their rut. Their last card beat nVidia's cards in DX12 by a wide margin. We'll have to see real world comparisons between RX 480 and a GTX 1080.

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Wasn't this announced a decade ago? I mean if it's not good, don't show it. But hey, I'd love to see Rockstar do a proper spy game.

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Yes, that too, haha!

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It may just be the concept of Pre-ordering that's in decline. I don't like being burned on crap games that had great trailers, but turn out to be garbage. I like waiting a week after release, maybe even a month since some online games are broken for a few weeks.

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