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Wait, who would want to join? 75 people lost their jobs there last year. #2
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Haha, that's a pretty funny message. I guess he's not too hurt about the situation. He'll just do his own thing when all this is over. #33
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He never wanted to sell us 1 hour of gameplay for $30. Konami said otherwise... #40.1
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Holy god. This explains everything!!! #30
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So actually more people completed The Order (40%) than The Last of Us (30%). Maybe Ready at Dawn is onto something with these shorter campaigns...

I still don't get why people buy games but don't complete them. #22
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What I'm wondering is what caused the whole split. Was it something Kojima demanded that Konami balked at? Did some backstabbing go on by one or both sides? I mean there's a lot that had to go down for things to get this bad. Konami needs more talent besides Kojima, that's for sure. They've relied way too heavily on the MGS series to carry them financially and creatively. And splitting with Kojima is only going to make that more apparent, especially if no one else can step up... #16
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10/10 for me after the last big update. It's just incredible to play. #23
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I've loved my Vita for years now. I still fire up Wipeout 2048 and Jeanne D'Arc (a PSP classic) a few times a week. =]

Sony needs to remarket this as a 3DS killer because, well, it is! #16
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They really couldn't do it all themselves? #1
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Agreed, they need to show more story. Or better yet, put out a playable demo that has some story in it so we can get more interested. #1.1
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Yeah it just needs better rewards on Kickstarter. But the visuals look great and I like the spinning up the log bit at the end. Reminds me of old school Sonic. #1.1
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Whoa, isn't it already the biggest game show in the world? #1
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I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's a powerful 3DS with a charging station that connects to your TV and allows you to use a separate controller. #15
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Zynga's still around? #41
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Huh? I thought Human Revolution was amazing. The cutscenes were extra dark for some reason and didn't quite fit, but the gameplay was a blast. #14
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Maybe Microsoft will distribute it to Xbox One developers as a free engine, similar to Sony's Phyre Engine. #6
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Doesn't Nintendo need good press? This doesn't make much sense to do. #4
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Yup, Zelda just got a very convenient delay to 2016 and NX just happens to be coming out late 2016? It all makes sense. The Wii U is a decent console, it just has a bad name, no hard drive and a very expensive controller. #18
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Confirmed, it's a bug. Rockstar will probably send out a 1.09 patch soon. #48
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If I had a game company I'd keep everyone employed. None of this "hire seasonal staff and pretend it's ok" crap. #19
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