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I'm thankful for Black Ops 3, which is by far my favorite COD game in a while! #80
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Having a surprisingly fun time with this game. Lag is at a minimum now. #17
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That happened to me a lot. I'll spot a Spawn point where 5 or 6 players will show up on after the other. Lot of easy XP.

Glad it was a rental. The game needs 12 Supremacy levels, not 4. I'll wait for the Game of the Year edition. #3
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Bought Persona 4 =] #7
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Well that sucks, I know a guy that just joined that studio 6 months ago... #6
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4 year development cycles are something they'll need to commit to then. #2
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I'll give the demo a shot. Haven't played a good bike game since Tourist Trophy. #2
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I just wish they had made a campaign mode. Oh well... #15
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I'd love to complain, but I simply won't buy it. I'm still waiting for The Taken King to drop in price. I honestly don't want the original Destiny, or The Dark Below, or House of Wolves. #11
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I lost count how many times I slammed onto a rail instead of grinding since they're the same button. I lost track of how many times i grinded backwards. Or died mid-trick. Or ran into an obstacle thanks to the 1/2 second delay between pressing the Jump button and then actually jumping.

I flew 20 feet above the pool just by spawning in the pool.

The list goes on and on and on. #13
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Exactly, feature creep is a big problem. But it's the misappropriation of funds that are probably going to be investigated. I wouldn't be surprised if the U.S. government got involved at some point. What's scary about the Escapist article is that all the former employees agreed on one thing. They were all working on demos and commercials to get more money from backers.

There is no game... #4.2
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The escapist article is probably the tip of the iceberg. I know someone who interviewed to work at cloud imperium games, and was so shocked by the management culture that they turned down the job. Apparently they're more concerned with raising additional money than finishing the game. #4
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That game was a big win for Microsoft. There's nothing quite like it on PlayStation. #34
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This developer failed so hard #6
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They only spent 1/5th of the money. But yeah, this is just terrible project management. #4.1
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Well there's one silver lining:

Note: <$200,000 of what we have pulled in has been spent so we still have a majority of the funds left for finishing the game and producing the rewards. A lot of this has to do with the fact that most of the team is working under a royalty contract and are not being paid with the KS funds. #2.1
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Why on god's green earth did they hold out for one guy? That's time and money wasted for no reason. There's plenty of great programmers out there. #2
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Thinking about picking up an Xbox One. How strongly do you guys recommend the system? Is it noticeably better than PS4? #3
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The Steam Greenlight votes are gaining some traction. 140+ YES votes already. #1
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The next generation of consoles is probably just going to be free Roku-style boxes with monthly subscription fees for Playstation Now and Xbox Live. #10
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