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"Dark Side, Represent."


Content is awesome! But addressing the problems so the core game functioned better than some AI game design grads final project would be even better. #6.1
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We're a website that won't rate a game 6/10 just on the childhood nostalgia of "bigdaddy4247".

If you want Attitude Era nostalgia, go watch reruns on YouTube. They're much better. #3.1
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If you took time to read the review, you'd probably see the entire section dedicated to praising the attempt at the AE mode.

Too bad the game is a buggy broken mess. I was hoping it would be good. It's not. Just because it's got some Attitude branding on it, doesn't make the game good. You're only kidding yourself if you think it is. #2.2.1
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Thanks for the feedback, would love to hear specifics on why you think it should be a higher score. Thought the provided support / links / videos made a pretty solid case. Lots of unacceptable bugs. Feels like a early beta at best, which is why I gave THQ time to make statements about the problems. It's a big game, bound to be issues. Their response has been horrible. #5
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Great interview. Excited about this game. It looks like a 2D Tenchu throwback. It played great at E3. #1
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Well, that is rather absurd. Petition signed. #1
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This is one of the better back and forth discussions / exchanges of game review ideologies in a while. Bubbles for you all. #3.1.2
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Shallow Comment? Really? N4G user not reading article before commenting?

Having played the game myself, I'd have to agree the score was justified based on the break down of why.

It's impossible to lose in this game. The single player experience is the equivalent of putting bumpers in the gutters of the bowling alley. Little kids might enjoy it, but there is zero skill involved. The AI is just as insulting as the Wii version, if not more so... your Ba... #1.1
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I think this game was a 10/10, but I'm a Batman fan and don't disagree with people who think it should have a lower score based on the points in this thread.

I think this is the best action title that's been released in the past generation. The hand to hand combat is the bar to beat now. The graphics are great and the end-game play for an open world is awesome. Unlike other open-world games like GTA that only really offer "Go find 100 packages" the Riddl... #1.2
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The mods you can download for this game are incredible. Infinite hooks / links is so much fun haha #1.2.3
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I want a JC3 so bad. Such a great game. #2.1
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I agree with the review score. It's not a bad game at all, but it's not the WOW factor I was hoping for.

I just hope people don't ignore the fact the game does some really awesome stuff. The combat AI in terms of how they run all over walls and ceilings is really awesome and worth checking out the game for alone. #2
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YES! - Sweet jesus I loved this game. Was so surprised how much I enjoyed it. Hours of fun. Wicked Co-Op. #1
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Hahahaha. You're a shinning light in professional gaming journalism Bryce. Keep fighting the good fight. #4.2
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"I love when people and small blogs write stuff like this as if they have a huge audience following their every move..."

I love when people who use "bad ass" self portraits to look cool on gaming sites make thought provoking comments that really really contribute to the discussion and change the face of gaming as we know it.

Super cool story bro, tell it again.

Back on track, I wanted to love this game... Diamond bling gre... #4.1
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It should be noted though...despite gag header, you really can set the Yaks on fire in game. And it's awesome. #3.1
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Might actually get interested in a Snowboarding game again... Haven't been since Cool Boarders hahahaha. #1
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Hahahaha setting a Yak on fire. GOTY. #1
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For some reason I find mesmerizing and oddly catchy. I don't know what to think about it. Such an odd random mash up hahaha #1.1
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Co-Op questing is on the list :D #1.3.1
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