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compare that to the craptastic american cover-


western publishers need to put some damn effort into their games. i've seen deviantart accounts with work thats 50 times better than american cover art. it's embarrassing.

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wow, and americans thought that red cases on greatest hits were bad. with all the boxes and whatnot i'm surprised they even have room for the title.

i don't know about the pink but i like the artwork on the new cover.

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desperation tactic. they know nobody is talking about move nor cares that it's out next month so what better way to get attention than some t&a.

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if you don't like kinect, please go discuss move in one of the myriad of articles on n4g. all the game sites are talking about it.

i couldn't even hold a straight face while i typed that ;p. move is out next month and nobody cares.

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an interesting, relatively upbeat and information filled article about kinect?

theres no effing way this gets approved. ;p

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i don't know squat about paintball but the game actually sounds pretty fun.

kudos to greg for fighting activision, too bad tony hawk doesn't mind having them own his soul.

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female characters lend a much different feel to games. personally i'm sick of playing as walking tanks. female characters also seem to be more nuanced and likable than the typical "everyman" or "monosyllabic grunting retard" characterizations that make up every male lead or support cast.

activision tried to introduce more female leads but decided it wasn't worth the headache when bobby kotex wouldn't stop sexually harassing the characters. :)

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personally i'd pass right by a console that launched with the fourth installment of multiple series, no matter how much i enjoyed the previous games. if i'm dropping several hundred dollars i want some new shit, not a bunch of games i've already played before.

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i've noticed the british thing too. almost literally every woman in games has a british accent. from tripe like legendary and dark void up to mass effect 2.

i'd add a #6-

requiring you to pound the everloving s**t out of the controller buttons just to do mundane things like open a door or turn a crank. see almost every 3rd person action game from god of war and dantes inferno to uncharted and darksiders.

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no wonder girls hate games. if the only games marketed to me in my formative years as a lad were the equivalent of "have money and a massive weiner then girls will like you" i'd be pretty bitter towards the hobby too.

girls need more realistic games like "the creepy metalhead is good boyfriend material" "stay away from the jocks, they're all date rapists" and "look at him, he's so grateful to finally touch a girl that he'll t...

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aaarrrggh shes making that awful duck face!

listen skirts, you're not being cute nor clever when you make the duck face and/or flash the "v for victory" (thats what it actually is) sign. kat violates both rules and is therefore fail, no matter how much i'd like to be inside of her.

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they couldn't even make a decent movie out of Doom for Christ's sake. so what chance does Bioshock or Mass Effect have of being good?

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funny how they tell us not to buy highly anticipated games for whatever nit-picky made-up reasons but wouldn't dare warn us to stay away from bug filled stuff like rdr or mw2. journalists utterly fail to open their mouths when it actually matters.

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this is the type of game that used to appear on ps2, back when playstation consoles used to have a variety of 3rd party titles.

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360 owners don't play casual games like this, thats why it's not a platinum hit.

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this is so fake, ps3 owners don't play casual games like madden.

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man its gonna be crazy. i'll be buying 2, one for the bedroom and another for the bathroom so even when nature calls, the fun doesn't have to stop.

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"I do think we used to put out a great product each month that we were extremely proud of. But we were also a bunch of 20- and 30-something year old microsoft jock riders who, probably to this day, still haven't quite developed a fully mature brain yet."

corrected for accuracy.

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this can't be right, i was told that ps3 owners don't buy fps'. /s

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she's really cute.

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