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yea, we don't praise every playstation brain-fart as the reinvention of the wheel. it's pretty easy to have 1 bubble when youre not a "power of the cell" cultist.

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it's nice to see companies that don't forget the concept of good, clean fun as opposed to the tittilation of the graphic child murder simulators on other consoles.

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agreed. it's all baby steps, stuff like a holo-deck doesn't just spring into existence.

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it isn't? *reloads*

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ironically these nerds also hold the record for "shortest recorded love-making sessions".

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no. people are dumb sheep who only buy what they know because new things are too taxing for their low i.q. learning new games costs brain cells that they can ill afford to lose. if they have to learn a new game they risk forgetting their name. the public is one big, perpetual kelly bundy.

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sounds pretty tasty.

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i'm going to be absolutely blunt and tell you why. the fact is that most peoples taste and brains are in their ass. the public at large operates with a damn near retard level i.q., that's why. the people buying this are the same ones who make brain tumors like lady gaga popular. they love populating their empty, dumb and pointless lives with empty, dumb and pointless things. this has been my observation over my 32 years of life.

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though we're all absolutely certain of what chris brown himself is, amirite? *nudge nudge wink*

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yes, frankly it was a mercy killing. how many decades of trite, cliche games full of trite, cliche characters could the world possibly stomach? if i NEVER see some preteen twink with amnesia save the world with a princess in disguise, a 15 year old war veteran, a child and a cat-girl, ever again, it'll be too soon.

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ign has good taste. mass effect 2 is clearly the best game so far this year and easily offers the most replay value. obviously all the graphics, t3h blu-rays and power of the cell in the world don't matter when you break it down to whats actually important in games. it's story and gameplay that's important, not how well rendered a titan's sack hair is.

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her face is a little rough but i would do things to that body that are probably illegal in most states.

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the author simply has an agenda.

i like bioware and bethesda because of the attention to detail they put into their games, the fiction has a sense of plausibility. they create living, breathing worlds filled with situations i can generally identify with. "game" or not, i simply can't take airships or guys with birds in their hair seriously. i need the grounding of reality in my games because it makes them believable and it's easier for me to get absorbed int...

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the same could be said about certain games that get praised to the high heavens or get multiple goty awards, for example.

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the problem with sp games these days is that devs are more focused on "holy crap!" moments than providing enjoyable gameplay throughout, especially in fps'. once you've seen the set piece it's kinda hard to be surprised a second time. it's like trying to rewatch the 6th sense and still be surprised by the twist, it just ain't happening.

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the closer a console gets to the end of it's life, developers are forced to do more with less and that's not necessarily a bad thing. i'd hate to see somebody hit the proverbial reset button just as we're finally (imo) getting great games.

i simply won't be buying a next gen console if it looks like we're still going to be drowned in shooters and the like again. modern warfare 2 may have sold 10 million copies but theres 70 million ps360 owners out the...

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of all the exclusive betas sony could have gotten, it's literally the one franchise i can't stand.

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that looks intense as hell.

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*pokes head in, looks around then clears throat*



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i personally consider stuff like heavy rain to truly be mature gaming. tits and blood dont equal mature imo.

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