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i don't consider $40 to be "insanely low".

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it still has the time limits and awful structure of the first game?

it has now gone from day 1 purchase to being gamefly fodder.

edit-the saves didn't bother me, it was the fact that you couldn't explore. sorry if i don't find feeling limited and rushed fun.

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i'd be happy with bigger battlefields, kz2 felt much too narrow and linear for my taste.

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a little of both. on one hand its genuinely a step towards the future, one the other it's alot of pure bandwagon jumping. i think companies greed and absolute lack of creativity will end up doing more harm than good. let wii have it's success this gen but release your own technology when you have something genuinely awesome to offer besides wii 1.5.

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it affects me indirectly because companies are essentially brainless copy-cats who will imitate everything that they think will earn them an extra nickel each fiscal year.

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keep on buying this trash you gd dummies, leave good games for the rest of us.

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whatever you do capcom, don't have talented devs like ninja theory reinvent Strider or anything, nooo we need more devil may cry games. /s blech!

edit-after playing heavenly sword and seeing enslaved, strider would be a perfect game for them. just covering my ass before the dmc fanboy onslaught.

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this will probably end up being both the best halo so far and one of, if not THE best fps' of the decade.

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guys, when you see the inevitable "reach is on torrent" article, be on your guard because ps3 fanboys will be looking to spoil it.

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2 weeks to go until its up on torrents and spoiled by ps3 fanboys so stay away from message boards.

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they should have just released some animated miranda wallpaper or something.

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theres finally a good article on n4g. :p

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another one?

i don't want to hear one more friggin word about halo being milked.


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white ops just can't stack up to what black ops is packin'.

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because most games these days simply aren't fun. most devs are too busy making sure helghan ass hair is pristinely rendered to care whether or not a game is compelling or enjoyable throughout it's running time. instead of tying to perfectly capture a characters charm or crotch bulge, they should sit and ask themselves "sure nolan north gives me a tingle...but am i having fun?"

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haha, puss.

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it's a sign from god to chill out and go play something else.

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i found the originals to be shallow, generic affairs despite the pretty graphics. the games literally hit every possible platforming cliche.

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"Like thousands (dare I say, millions) of people around the U.S., I’m addicted to Jersey Shore,"

an hero yourselves immediately so you don't bring any more half-wits into the world.

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*taps microphone*

if i may have your attention please. i would just like to say "it only does cancelations". thank you.

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