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its a current gen hd console with built in wi-fi for $200. whats a "rip off" about it? i can see complaints about being 4 gigs but thats purely from "gamers", the average person doesn't care. as long as theres enough memory to save games its good enough for them.

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i like ID but i've already played borderlands and fallout. its gonna take some heavy convincing to play this.

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how many new titles have i ignored because i just can't get over this game?

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i like this idea, not only for us gamers but for other things like new release movies too (i don't pirate). if it can be distributed digitally, why not? at least give us the option. frankly, with the technology we have today, physically having to go (legally) aquire digital entertainment is an outdated concept. i would love it if a new release was posted on psn or xbl at midnight, like steam does.

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glenn beck would make an awesome ps3 fanboy/commentator, the spittle raining, frothing anger and indignation is surprisingly similar. :p

jk, i actually like glenn beck.

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the difference is that 990 of that 1000 was simply animated, a.i.-less background animation.

same with resistance 2, they were just dumb drones that ran at you.

edit-damn, beaten to it.

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but will it detect gang signs? picture that in something like gta or saints row.

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capcom: f**k you. your titles are now in my "buy used" pile. i don't know where you went wrong, you literally used to be one of the best publishers out there, alongside konami. but somewhere along the line you lost the plot and its a shame. between your bad decisions and frankly bad games, i can't support you anymore.

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nobody besides gamers even knows what move is. the average consumer will look at it and see a wiimote with a ball stuck on the end, nothing more. even if you showed them what it is they'd say "thats cute but i already have a wii".

i'm not defending the kinect but fanboys are projecting this perception of move that simply doesn't exist in reality. the reality of it is exactly what i described. the only thing that the move will say to average consumers is ...

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unfortunately those games are way too cerebral for the average madden player, replace mass effect and dragon age with dora the explorer.

seriously, what madden-purchasing frat boy, wanksta or hood rat has the brains to play dragon age? thats like giving a book to somebody buying cod. they'd stare at you and tilt their head like a dog.

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video game companies have the worlds worst business models. spending $200 million dollars (1/5 of a Billion dollars!) on advertising yet crying and bitching that "oh woe is us, we can't turn a profit. we need subscription plans. oh gamestop is stealing money from us" the rest of the year, is the absolute epitome of retarded. do you know how many new friggin games $200 million dollars could fund??? $200 million to advertise a game that everyone and their mother knows is coming, ...

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heres a ground breaking idea- any company that truly hates gamestop/used games should simply stop doing business with them. stop shipping them your games and certainly stop giving them exclusive bonuses. put your money where your mouth is and only ship your game to stores that sell new products.

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publishers need to look at it another way: not everybody is a fan of these big name shooters. cod may sell 10 million copies but there are 70 million ps360 owners who didn't buy it. there are actually people out there who don't like these games but are looking for a choice.

i don't want cod or gt5 so games like splatterhouse and gothic 4 will be getting my money instead, see how that works publishers?

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a part of me is going to support it simply because it is a single player only game. i'm going to vote with my dollars and show that single player games are indeed wanted by the public.

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oh god i hope so, doom is my favorite series.

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you're absolutely right but the cultists here will never admit it, their indoctrination is too strong.

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theres alot of specious reasoning in this article. just because apple A sells well doesn't mean apple B will do the same.

"I’m sure Sony would have not let Alan Wake slip in to the pile of underrated games."

hows modnation doing, the game that unlike alan wake, got a demo, a beta and prime time commercials? did that even hit 250k sold so far?

the graphics aren't even worth talking about considering we'll never know. it m...

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i agree with 3D Dot and Flower, the rest didn't do much for me.

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oh for the love of god give it up already, the series is dead.

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