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The thing is alot of Italians themselves feed into the mafioso stereotype. Stop talking and acting like wannabe wise guys and there wouldn't be this problem.

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Here's what they had to say about it-


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I hope they include this one, it's his best song-


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It was probably stolen anyway. ;p

This is why the world hates America. While they're drinking water that cattle crap in, we've got so much useless s**t that we can afford to just smash it for Youtube videos.

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Why do stories about games that will never leave Japan?

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Why just Wii? I'd like to play dinosaur games and whatnot on ps360, I'd certainly rather have this than more friggin A.C. games.

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No more Dems. NY is an over taxed state and NYC is quickly reverting back to it's pre-Rudy s**t hole status.

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I've worked at Gamestop and not once did a Wii buyer even inquire about, let alone complain about the storage size in the Wii. Why would only 4 gigs suddenly be an issue for them when the Wii only had 512mb and they didn't care?

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Back in my day being a "hardcore" gamer meant owning every system so you could play everything. Todays faux hardcore clench their 1 console like their mother's teat and hold on for dear life. They pass everything by due to some retarded sense of loyalty to a hunk of plastic.

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In all fairness though, if money is tight games should be the first thing you cross off your necessity list.

I think a serious concerted effort to shut down used game sales would simply collapse the industry. Nobody would be willing to buy any games for fear that they'll be stuck with a lemon. $60 is $60 and most people simply can't afford to take those kind of chances.

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The thing is that it didn't have to be $900, Sony simply needed a trojan horse for their new technology.
What real benefit has blu-ray brought to gaming? Are the games longer? No. Do they have more content or features? No. Smarter a.i.? No.

What I do see are installs, longer load times and in alot of cases inferior graphics. Blu-ray being "necessary" for gaming is possibly the biggest lie ever perpetrated by the industry.

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at least they don't make excuses for "meh" months. "just wait until the worldwide numbers come out fellas, that'll show those xbox fanboys".

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i'm waiting for the inevitable mass suicide of what's known as the "sony's gate" cult. they think that by killing themselves they'll end up on a spaceship with kratos, sackboy and kevin butler.

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looking at what i've beaten lately (mass effect 1&2, dragon age) and what i have preordered (reach, two worlds 2, gothic 4) i definitely seem to have gotten bitten by the long game bug. i used to buy a ton of stuff, tear through it and never touch it again or play a few levels and put it down. i've relegated pretty much every shorter/linear game to "get from gamefly" status. i simply wasn't getting my moneys worth, especially since i don't play online.

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now thats how you do a review. you don't slap a 7 on it and call it a day.

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good article, that's pretty much everything in a nutshell.

i think it's pretty much a given that games will hit $70 or $80 next gen. at that point i wave goodbye to the hobby, theres plenty of games already out there that i still have to play.

but i can't help but wonder if it's the tail wagging the dog. do most people really want super duper high end graphics and physics, or are we being TOLD that we want it? did anybody out there actually wa...

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considering it's an advertisement for shark week, shouldn't it be free? it looks neat and all but i don't dig paying for commercials.

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20 hours or so of well crafted story, impressive graphics and what looks like fun gameplay isn't getting your moneys worth?

how about the fact that i don't get my moneys worth out of games because developers short-dick the sp campaign so slackjaws can sit online and drool together?

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you can't even get angry at the publishers anymore, if the slackjaws didn't buy this crap they wouldn't put it out there. publishers pull alot of dick moves but ultimately the tool sitting there with his credit card is the one to blame.

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it's gotten to the point that even i'm tired of you and i'm probably the biggest a-hole on the site. if you're going to troll at least try to be creative about it. i at least attempt to be humorous and snarky, you're just hateful.

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