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Price and release date are frankly the most important. The 360 was successful because it came first and was cheaper than the PS3. I honestly don't think Sony can afford another obscene launch price again, no matter how good the specs are. It's gotta be $400 or less if they want any kind of early adoption.

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Average consumers don't care, we do because we're outside the norm. Most average people don't know about exclusives and the like, all they see is games they want to play. I worked at Gamestop for 3 years, in my time there I think I met one customer who used the term exclusive and that was it. Fanboys and whatnot simply don't exist in the real world.

All it is is a fanboy pissing contest due to the anonymity sites like this offer. In real life I think most peop...

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Awesome post. I vividly remember a multi-tiered pricing structure up until this gen. Budget games were actually budget priced and more publishers actually charged prices relative to the games "worth". These days it's pretty much $60 across the board, granted there are a few $40,$50 games but that's pretty rare. You're paying the same $60 for 4 hour long games as you are for stuff like Fallout 3.

Last gen I used to buy a ton of $...

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So what changes besides ps3 fanboys having even more bubbles now?

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As it should be. I'm glad that Hollywood has also rediscovered the concept of a "hard R" rating and the art of R rated adult comedies.

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I actually agree. Only in America do you see grossly obese people and "eating disorders".

If I can quit smoking after 16 years, a habit that's said to be harder to quit than heroin, then somebody can put a g-damn cheeseburger down. Why don't obese people ever gorge themselves on fruit, why is it always donuts, doritos and greazy slimy pizza?

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Movies that we play? Ok then, moar First Blood, less Rambo 3 please. If you've seen the movies you know the difference.

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They should have added the blatant homosexual overtones in order to capture the spirit of the film.


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Sounds good. I was a tad iffy but now I definitely want this.

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Good article.

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Lol I'll be 40 then.

*feels old*

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*searches for porn sound effects and dialogue* I can't wait to make my Sackboy squeal "Oh yea,harder!" as he pushes a boulder.

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Then he said anybody who insults his blessed mother's gravy is gonna get a pair of cement shoes.

Please.... Tell your people not to walk around like wannabe wise guys and maybe this stereotype will end. Almost every Italian guy I've met plays up the mafia s**t.

Personally I'm offended because all these games are is Goodfellas rip offs. There hasn't been an original gangster game since that movie came out.

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Maybe so but at least you can enjoy your 360 games without being online or tracking down a cracked copy.

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Sounds like it'll be intense, something that's unfortunately lacking in many of todays games. I crave fast, insane action.

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Sweet, haven't had a chance to play the sequel yet.

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Rick looks like a real hardcore, pipe hittin *blank*

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Oh I thought they meant Nancy Kerrigan, I was about ready to bust some knee caps.

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Playboy is tacky. Why pay for Playboy when you can see "more" of hotter girls for free.

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Nah, 3D games aren't a trojan horse or anything, just like blu-ray. They just coincidentally happen to manufacture 3D tvs, right?

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