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I'm guessing everyone ignored the announcements of Steel Battalion, a Suda51 game, a game from the director of Panzer Dragoon,etc, at TGS. Those have me excited for Kinect, not the launch tripe.

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i wouldn't laugh, ps3 hasn't had a good game since what, march? and the only thing you're getting is gt5 this fall.

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Uriel needs a 'roid pillow for his industrial strength butthurt

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I've worked at Gamestop. I think their problem is too much inventory on hand. They're handing out cash just to have 1000 copies of Madden sit in the back room, money that will never be recouped and games that will literally never sell. They need to be more selective about what they take in.

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If you're that addicted to games suicide is the only sure fire cure. Or simply unplug your computer.

Seriously though, I see it as big pharma looking for another excuse to dope people up. I'm sure the side effects are worse than the perceived problem.

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I wonder how fat he is. Somebody who spends 20k hours playing a game has gotta be 400lb easily.

Heh heh, Smallwood.

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Maybe it's just me but more and more writers seem to be biting off Seanbaby's style.

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Fair enough but unfortunately I'm seeing people treat this as yet another excuse to get in some 360 bashing instead of a happy event. ME2 is a capital A Amazing game and I LOVE that more people will get to play it. My Mass Effect fanboyism far outweighs my console fanboyism. I will buy it again just to have an excuse for yet another playthrough.

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We'll see. That's all that can honestly be said at this point. It may be meh now but it could be mind blowing a year from now. I'll at least give it the benefit of the doubt.

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I think I've seen one of Metroid Prime being beaten in an hour so which is pretty impressive. These take a level of determination that I will never possess.

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Re-release as a greatest hit?

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As an Atari collector myself I can assure you that plenty of people want to play old games in 2010. I wish they'd put Halo 2600 in there so my cartridge doesn't get dirty. Yes I paid $25 for a new "old" game in 2010.

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I can't stand that every friggin secret in games these days is blown long before they're even out.

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this game still isn't out yet?

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That's pretty crazy.

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They had too much success and ceased being "hungry", much like Sony at the beginning of this gen. Too much success goes to peoples heads and they stop trying.

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The world needs another an hero.

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I take offense at the use of the word "artist". If he didn't somehow get lucky he'd have been too stupid to even get a job flipping burgers. Alot of these guys are literally functionally retarded.

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I wonder what the % of people who actually want to play this game is vs the % who simply want to gloat. So far I'm seeing more gloating than genuinely excited people.

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I don't know why you got a disagree for that true statement. Stuff like Wizardry and Ultima, which used AD&D and Lord of the Rings archetypes were around long before FF and DQ were even dreamed of. Most jrpgs use the same stat & "dice roll" system that AD&D pioneered.

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