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On an artistic level, I love the ending. It's absolutely fitting and bittersweet.

As a fan, I want to see Master Chief kicking ass all over the universe.

I'm torn.

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He shouldn't have to play it on hard in order for the game to require skill. Spin it all you want, it's a button masher. You might have to hit the block button more but you're still mashing buttons.

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Correction, most games lifetime sales.

And F1 will be overturned by Fifa in a few weeks. Who cares?

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If you want CoD go play CoD. I don't care how "behind the times" Halo is, it's still infinitely more fun than the generic-ass shit brown "modern/future" war games flooding the shelves.

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This looks nothing like Twisted Metal, this actually has good graphics. :P

Isn't it all about t3h graffix, PS3 fanboys?

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Yet they're still beating Sony. How do you like them apples?

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Another day, another PS3 fanboy circle jerk over Kinect. Stop worrying about Kinect and go back to waiting for a game to play this fall.

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Utter insecurity, that's why. I don't want to hear about "better" PS3 exclusives when CoD PS3 will outsell them all combined. What's the use of having "great" games when nobody buys them?

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Exactly, it has the same effin launch games that Kinect has too but somehow they're better. Don't bash KInectimals and Kinect Adventures while you're out buying Eyepet and Start the Party.

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Amazing how the Sony battyboys will defend this for the same exact reasons they rip apart Kinect. Hypocrisy much?

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All I know is that fans of a certain console should really seek medical help for all the "bias" that they constantly hallucinate. These certain fans are so stricken with delusions that they even claim to "hear" bias in a reviewers voice. Those are symptoms of a mind that is unwell. Every word said about their console is taken as a personal attack. According to them, every single review is biased unless it's a score they agree with. Then it becomes utterly unshakable go...

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Talk about a generic genre. Pallate swap characters, small fast woman, big slow powerful guy, a school girl, a random freak "gimmick" character, etc. Fps' aren't the epitome of originality but fighting games are as generic as jrpgs.

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Only a 10 and not 11/10? Biased anti-Sony site.

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Only 6 minutes? Omfg bias against Sony, Halo Reach got 7 minutes!

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And an absolute bullshit story that people mistake for "deep".

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Don't people ever get tired of the "omfg they're just biased" conspiracy theories? You're starting to sound like paranoid schizophrenics.

It's raining outside, omfg bias against Sony!

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Same old friggin mode we've seen a million times before. Generic as eff.

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I'd say at least 2 years in between for "main" games.

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yay pudding!

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We always knew it,it's just nice to have confirmation.

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