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i agree
i work at your competitor :) and easily 80% of the 360s we sell are replacement consoles. people say theyre either out of warranty or they simply want a replacement while their broken 360 is being shipped out. on the rare occasion we actually sell to a new customer, they go out of their way to look for a jasper. as a store we have been going out of our way to suggest ps3,even before the price drop, because were simply tired of the ENDLESS rrod,e74 and scratched discs.we'll outright tell the c... #17.3
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of this fud. everyday another rumor comes out, another ps3 system sits unsold, waiting for something that may never happen.

if you want one, go buy it now. id rather be happy now than sit twiddling my thumbs waiting for endless ms viral-marketing rumors to come to fruition.

im broke and i still was able to afford one 2 years ago. the same people who say its too expensive are the same ones who think nothing of dropping $400-$600 on a new iphone model. stop being c... #50
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i think
one of the main differences is that companies like sony and ms have "grown up" along with their audiences, nintendo hasn't, they're stuck thinking that games are a children's hobby for the most part. any mature games on the wii feel like a novelty, not par for the course. you can have mature games that arent blood-filled holocausts ala uncharted, infamous, etc that appeal to wide audiences without patronizing them. kids are simply more mature and jaded these days, theyre too a.d.d.... #14
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people whining over $10.its probably to recoup piracy costs because for all their elitism, pc gamers are the absolute cheapest sods on the planet,they dont pay for ANYTHING except their pc.

you were all gonna pirate it anyway so get off your goddamn high horses. #37
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looks like they swiped the unlocks from killzone and battlefield:bc, and the exp system from rainbow original. *yawn* #13
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id give juarez a 9
its the most badass game ive played this year and the storyline is truly compelling. #8
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if you like glorified dlc. forza is the only "real" 360 game coming out this fall. the rest is expansions. thats a fact. #9.1
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how much
more polishing does it need? its been worked on for 4 years now. remember this was supposed to be out x-mas 06. #8.1
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the narrator sounds like professor frink. gloyven! #7
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yeah but....
my atari still works and is played regularly.:P my 360? eh, not so much. for better or worse, ive bought more new 2600 homebrew carts this year than any new hd console releases. #13
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im no scientician, but doesnt it go to figure that $200>$250>$400? cheaper almost always sells more.

the question is, how much more can ms lower the price, before it starts looking silly? #22
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