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yea, modnation really burnt up the charts. /s

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show me something from killzone or uncharted that matches the scope of what we've heard about reach so far. it's easy to have amazing graphics when your game is linear as f**k. both killzone and uncharted were painfully linear games that almost literally shuffled you down a single corridor for the entire game. look at an open game like infamous, that's easily the weakest looking of the top tier ps3 exclusives. theres a clear trade-off between graphics and scope.

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fps' still haven't really advanced past doom. they're still linear corridor crawlers with "monster closet" gameplay because devs need to show off their explosions and set-pieces. i think far cry and bad company 1 are examples of what they should be heading towards i.e. relatively open and tactical. "rat in a maze" gameplay is beyond stale.

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i don't need a sequel to jericho, just an ending would be nice.

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thats what happens when you let dust build up on electronics. had there been some games to play, the motor wouldn't have clogged and overheated. :p


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untermensch game

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Much in the same way that Catholic Church once denied to possibility of a heliocentric solar system, so too do Sony Fanboys deny the likelihood that Playstation Move is little more than a glorified Wii remote. Anyone with two working eyes can tell you that's the case. Yes, the sensor bar is now a camera, and yes the nunchuck is now called a "sub-controller" but the technology is nearly identical. Not completely identical mind you, or Sony would have a lawsuit on their hands, but...

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needed moar mashup.


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that is all.

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if they sold more than 2 copies retailers would stock them. they can't afford to stock stores with products that simply don't sell.

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so does mom. less pot, moar proactiv.

why are they all so greasy looking?

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the developers found that bobby couldn't stop sexually harassing the characters.

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i will play this for the lulz. yea it's a licensed game but the gameplay actually sounds interesting.

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i doubt they'd sue the man who brought bungie to the xbox in the first place and pretty much secured the future of the xbox brand.

from what i read on another board,where mr fries is a poster, he actually sent bungie copies.

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sorry to disappoint, this is my only account. i take my 1 bubble like a man and don't cheat the system.

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sounds fantastic and absolutely epic. i'm getting the feeling that the campaign will be pretty lengthy.

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biggest exclusive this year. i don't see any #s for a certain driving simulator being submitted so don't even bother mentioning it.

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wait...some fanboys told me 4 players wasn't possible on kinect.

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the fps sh*t-storm is never going to end. *sighs*

want a return to glory? do something different instead of shovelling out "me too" generic shooters like moh. you don't gain popularity by being a follower instead of a leader.

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