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i played the demo, the game is crap.

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having games would be a nice feature for a change.

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PS3 fanboys truly are the biggest fags on the internet.

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Spin spin spin. GT5 isn't gonna do shit in America, it only sells to those Euros who only buy that and Fifa. Kinect buries the ps3 this x-mas, keep denying it all you want.

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Dude, this is a review of Castlevania, not f*ckin Halo. Halo shouldn't even be near this discussion. Take your hard-on elsewhere.

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The biggest difference between ps3 and 360 titles is that the 360 games like Halo and Gears are still being played years later, most ps3 titles are forgotten about within weeks.

Maybe Sony should stop stroking their graphics dick and start producing games that have more staying power than a single playthrough.Most of the games you listed are possibly the most linear games I've ever played. I don't give a shit about graphics, I want games that I won't be trading in...

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Obviously there are still plenty of people out there who see the value in owning a 360 over a ps3.

Isn't it odd that with all these supposedly amazing games the ps3 has, it's fanboys still find PLENTY of time to troll the 360. How strange. If I was drowning in "AAA exclusives" I'd be off playing them instead of coming to N4G to troll things I dislike.

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This is the first I've heard of this, if George Bush had suggested it the media wouldn't stop talking about it. Hell, libs still bash Bush for the Patroit act despite the fact that Obongo not only continued it, he's done much worse.

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It sucks now because it isn't a ps3 exclusive anymore. Had they kept it exclusive it would have been a good game. Derp derp.

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Between Halo, Kinect, no games this fall and Move being dead on arrival, the ps3 fanboys must be losing their minds.

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Shouldn't you guys be playing Move or something? Oh wait, that was d.o.a.

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Bobby Kotex is a walking stereotype. Hell, the sight of him gives me anti-semetic feelings.

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Can this commercial get any more politically correct? Of course the white boy was the jerk and they had every minority under the sun except for parapalegic eskimo lesbians with harelips.

That being said, this will outsell Move within the 1st hour.

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Never heard of it. I'm not kidding.

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Gotta take success where you find it I guess.

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Body Harvest, Hybrid Heaven

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Gothic 4 here I come.

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