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Brave Frontier is probably better than all these games. It's not a serious game like these but its very enjoyable and addictive. #2
If you are satisfied with those 3rd party games then good for you since the list mostly consists of movie games and games targeted to a very young audience with the exception of a few like Transformers the dark spark, child of light, project cars and maybe one or two more that I over looked.
It's true the mario kart 8 bundle does provide an excellent value atm since it includes all the stuff you mentioned including a voucher for a free game if you buy it within a period of time an... #12.1.1
"bro how old are you? i dont think you have a firm reality rooted grasp on economics or business in general. why would nintendo lower the price below their profit margins? "

Easily by releasing a new iteration of the console with cheaper parts inside just like their competitors.

It was in my comment. #12.2.1
Unfortunately I don't think coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd is as important to Nintendo as it is to Microsoft and Sony since they have yet to make the needed change to push them further. Just look at Microsoft for example. They did a complete 180 in the 8 months the xbox one was out.
All Nintendo cares about is making as much money as possible no matter their current situation while maintaining their old ideologies. #2.4.1
When comparing Nintendo's console to it's competitors, you cannot only list exclusives. You have to include the 3rd party games that are not coming to the wiiU. Once you do that, you will realize how meagre Nintendo's offerings really are.
The position Nintendo is in right now is that they cannot prove to the core gamer that the wiiU can satisfy their gaming needs and no gamer deserves to miss out on the big upcoming third party games. #2.2.7
Mario kart 8 is not the wiiU's first major release. According to vgchartz, new super mario bros wii and wii fit sold 27.41 and 22.69 million copies respectively on the wii but failed to sell even a quarter of that on the wii U.

I think 2017 is too long a wait but if they really plan on making a console that is competent enough to compete with Sony and Microsoft's new console then I guess they have no choice but to wait. #13.1
The english fan translation just released after much effort was put in it. Assuming you also have a psp, PC or android device capable of running the emulator, why not play it one of those? #10.1.1
Since the Nintendo Wii U is not getting much third party support, the value of the console has gone down and the price should reflect that. I think the price of the wii U should be $200 - $250 since Nintendo fans are forced to wait an extremely long period of time between game releases compared to other gaming platforms. If they are not interested in releasing a new system then I hope they are planning on releasing a new cheaper iteration of the Wii U hardware very soon with an internal hard... #12
I'm a Nintendo fan and I'm also an adult. I have no interest in getting those toys and my fear is that future Nintendo games might feel incomplete without them. If they come with the game then it's OK but if they are sold separately then it proves my point. #10.1.1
I think it's a terrible idea and should be removed as soon as possible. Their conference was going OK until they showed those toys. To me, it comes off as an unnecessary gimmick that they brought in to milk more money from their unsuspecting fans. #10
IDK why people are thinking they will see dx12 games at e3. Microsoft has already stated that it won't be released until holiday 2015. #37
I have read the entire review and it should not be taken seriously by anyone that was interested in the game. The reviewer is complaining that the new additions does nothing to push the series forward and goes on to outline the changes in modes that most people ignore like battle mode while ignoring the changes to the core gameplay. #19
We cannot assume that it's always the same people buying these games on a yearly bases. IMO aside from people who might be buying it for the first time, a portion of the sales are from fans who chooses to buy these games once every two years to allow the content to build up. #10
Bad idea. They should just focus those resources on improving windows phone. #10
They have a promotion for mario kart 8 where if you buy the game or the bundle and register it online you will get a free download code for one of 4 wiiU games.

http://www.nintendo.com/wha... #3.4
Why is the media working so hard to bring down Destiny. I for one can't wait for it to come out. If it's anything like Halo + Borderlands then it will be a really fun game. #30
Due to the restrictions on content, Nintendo is the one destined to profit the most in China since they are in a position to push out higher quality games than Sony and Microsoft. Hopefully management is not completely ignoring that market. #18
Ingredients for the perfect Zelda game includes
1) Add voice acting. Its difficult to immerse myself in something these days through a wall of text. The standards have risen since 2000.

2) Remove those mundane and repetitive unlockables from the dungeons. I don't want to spend over an hour in a dungeon only to unlock a sling shot, bow and arrow, bomb, boomerang. Give me something cool

3) Add secret loot that is better than the items you would normally unlock by doing a series of events like they did wi... #12
I don't know why you have so many disagrees but no one can state why the game should not have voice acting. Link himself doesn't have to speak, he can just use gestures to communicate like he did with the previous Zelda games. When this games comes out in 20XX it better have some sort of voice acting. #1.3.1
No reason a game should be hard for the sake of being hard. To most people a game is much more enjoyable if they are wining and the only reason games of the past were so hard was because needed to make as much money as possible in the arcades. #13
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