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Still waiting for a virtual mmorpg. #5
Uncharted 4 #237
All I want for Black Friday is a new GPU for my PC. #137
I'm am thankful for all the good luck and all the new things I have learnt this year. I am also thankful for sites like N4G that makes it easier to follow up on the news related to my number one hobby. #279
There is no way Nintendo will price their console at $400 when the competition is at $350 especially since their console is more family friendly than the others. $300 actually makes sense since it will be at least $50 cheaper than the competition and will give them the price advantage they have had all these years. #1.2.1
Sega wants to sell the licence to other publishers outside of Japan.

Also PSO2 is not the sequal that we deserve as fans. Even though the game is more fast paced than the older PSO games, the types of weapons to select from and the paywall behind key mechanics such as trading and selling loot is terrible. #29
I personally have nothing against a turn based battle system. IMO a real time battle system will lessen the strategical approach to combat and lean more towards hack and slash button mashing gameplay mechanics. I've played a few turn based battle games recently and I enjoyed them just as much as I enjoyed the ones from 15 years ago.(Child of light, Brave Frontier, etc)

There is also the issue with the story, character dialogue and acting. Who ever has been writing those c... #11
What would make me happy is price cuts across all Playstation products. I would also like to see big announcements of upcoming titles from all their studios including Naughty Dog. I don't want to see titles that are supposed to be multiplatform turn exclusive. New PS4 system features that will make us feel satisfied. No small increments. Sony knows what we want so please deliver and make it rain. #11
if by that you mean making it possible to see your opponent's ki and stamina bar then I agree #2.1
These are really good. #7
I'm not sure why any sane gamer would disagree with you. Microsft has Halo 5 and Tomb Raider coming this fall while Sony has nothing in the same tier as those two games. If I was in the store trying to decide between which of the two consoles would entertain me the most over the Holiday season, it would easily be the Xbox One. Sony needs to do allot better than what they are doing and get more serious about supplying high quality games if they want to remain competitive. Also like you sai... #12.3
its a shame this is an xbox exclusive. It seems that indie games are the ones that are most creative nowadays and I hope we can see games of similar quality if not better in the future available on all platforms. #9
I would have given it a 3/5 for the following problems.

The game does not come with a training mode which makes players who are not familiar with the tenkaichi battle system like myself have a hard time adapting and because of this I had a very hard time passing the powered up saibamen in the early part of the game. Like the tenkaichi series, it does not have a good tutorial like Budokai 3 and expects you to remember the entire move set at once then throws you into a battle... #3
Anyone knows how to create a new character without losing all your progress? #5
I choose a female saiyan too because I've never seen a female super saiyan but the game seems much more difficult than it should be. #1.1
Even though the game is said to be 30fps, the animations in the gif makes it look like its 60fps. Must be some new technique or something. #21
These are lacklustre expectations that has the bar set as low as it possible be.

Sony better not entertain the idea of a slim ps4 unless it comes with a lower price or extra features for the same price.

I don't see how changing the colour of the vita will make it any more appealing to people who have already wrote the vita off.

Everybody is showing VR but none of them has announced a price, release date or game line up. It's like th... #11
I disagree, when you look at the previous release schedule for the Kingdom Hearts games, it has showed that square has found a way to speed up the development time for these games. #1.1.6
My list for JRPG new comers:

Paper Mario 64
Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga
Golden Sun
Final Fantasy 9 #4
If it was then it would cause a panic since the majority of the users are children. #1.6
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