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"Don't lie to yourself "


mine backs up to the cloud so i should be ok.. I havent installed the new update yet though #5
cant wait for it.. I loved this game but the lack of Japanese voicework is a bummer #4
A psp game remade should have ZERO issues on both systems! It would be PURE laziness if there were issues on either console.. The demo of FF15 is better on PS4.. Maybe a lot of it was developed on PS3 so porting it & tweaking was too much of a pain to make it identical.. We will see when the game hits if those problems persist #4
i really hope they dont remove youtube.. Its stupid to go through the browser to access it.. #2
i cant wait to dig into this but i have a full work week ahead.. I swear i wanna use some vaca for this #6
Great to hear.. IDK why sony cant get these devs as exclusive partners.. 1 or 2 games per system too so it doesnt get stale.. I hope they continue hitting home runs with these #16
Best game for current gen.. Its original & its not a damn remaster! Glad to be getting it today #40
I dont know why vita doesnt have l2 r2 buttons to begin with but i guess this is better than nothing.. The only reason i dont even use remote play is because of the lack of those buttons #11
I hope more classic characters make a return.. I really wanted smoke to be in it but he has been pretty lame since UMK3 so i guess its ok.. Sindel is awesome though i doubt she will be in it #13
beautiful! If i didnt already have a PS4 i would definitely get this or the metal gear variant.. I love red & black #5
home console sales & handheld sales arent to be compared.. Good job for both companies though.. To even be compared to PS4 sales is a huge feat on its own #9
i really want this on my ps3 but going through all that homebrew stuff is a turn off.. Just release it on the vita!!! #9
damn, i already bought the collectors edition.. oh well. Good deal for those who havent reserved it #4
enough remakes already! i know every gen gets em but still.. its been far too long #8
i understand all that but wii u should push for NES, SNES, N64, & GameCube games.. Leave the handheld titles for the handheld system #2.2.3
why doesnt the 3ds get more vc games like this? All GB & GBA games should be available on it #2
Good job! Now i have both N64 classics remade in 3D #3
The 1st revelations scored about the same as this so ill be happy.. I loved the Jill sections.. I dont know why this isnt getting a port on the NEW 3DS.. Its where this spin off started... Vita should get both as well #2
To a casual gamer, any zelda game would be too difficult.. I think the pacing is about right with them.. If it were too hard, people would complain #3
Why do these fairy's keep re spawning when i reset the clock? My magic power stays as granted but them pixies end up flying around again.. This game is fun & gets the blood pumping when armageddon gets close but why must i complete some tasks over & not others? #1
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