Don't lie to yourself
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How did i miss this one? Ill have to give it a try on the PS4

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I am definitely buying this day 1.. This is what ive been waiting for at 15-20 years.. I wish it used 32bit sprites but ill take it just the way it is in a heartbeat.. The main 3 in old school form is how i grew up with it. I wonder why every time i see gameplay, its someone who cant play for jack lol.. The physics of old look spot on

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Yakuza is always fun

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If it only has a cart slot, it wont be.. My games are physical..

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I want some more characters to play as.. Hoping for Sakura and others from the Alpha series.. This will do for now but i still want a damn arcade mode..

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Thats not necessarily true.. The 3DS gets a lot of support and both divisions merged.. Its possible that they get 3rd party but they'll be smaller budget titles.. Indies too..

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So in a nutshell, its like the wii u but you can take the more practical gamepad with you anywhere & it uses carts like the 3DS does.. Oh well, i always appreciate their 1st party so i really dont care about specs.. No BC I guess so ill need to keep my wii u on another TV.. Im curious if the display on the TV will be 1080p at least since the handheld portion is 720

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Yeah, maybe ill pull off some elbow drops and hurricarana's with it so it will have more wear to it.. I never use the gamepad unless the game requires it.. My pro controller is what i mainly use.. I might buy an extra one of those this holiday to keep in the box for future use..

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So ill be screwed if my gamepad ever messes up

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Cool.. Where's Pippin though? There needs to be a meathead brute in it.. Oh well, im getting it.. Hyrule Warriors was the last warriors game i bought and this will be the next.. February is a long time away, did they delay it? I thought it was launching this fall..

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Something i wanted someone to do too... The story is brilliant

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I got a copy for $20 a long time ago from craigslist

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They said this about the wii u

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Looking forward for this sequel! Raven is probably awesome!!!

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The games will look/run better.. Plus the VR will be better.. Thats good enough for me with the optimizations theyre doing.. Not for everyone but $400 works for me

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TLG & FF15 for me.. Dont have xb1 or want any of the other games honestly..

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I wish it had the UHD player & a bigger HDD in it but the omission wont stop me from buying it.. I have a 4K TV so the upscaling & optimization techniques will look better than regular 1080p.. Plus im buying the PSVR and want everything to look/play the best they can.. I understand if some people dont want it but i do.. $400 is a fair deal imo..

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Good news. Everyone was crying "doom" because PS4 didnt sell well.. But like most of us predicted, they were waiting for the slim model and this game..

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misleading title but technically true.. Ill take the 60 FPS though

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Not surprised

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