Don't lie to yourself
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Fun game.. Ima try new characters when this version comes out

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I miss the old days when each console had its own thing going and parity wasnt a thing.. Saturn/PS1 for example.. I had great games to choose from for both that were unique.. No online patches for the stuff either..

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All of them will but Nintendo and Sony will be on top.. However, nintendo better chill out with those licensed SD card prices.. Tech savy people know how to shop around but some dont.. Those sandisk micro switch licensed cards are way overpriced.. Having to buy an external HDD PS4/XB1 is another punch in the growing..

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So they can kill it like everything else.. I hate EA.. They destroyed westwood and bioware already.. Now this is next.. I hope im wrong but after command n conquer i never forgave them..

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I agree.. Nice machine but it needs the right support 1st.. No way im giving them $500 plus HDD plus accessories plus xblg until they earn it from me..

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ONE reason to buy it.. If you want your multiplats to be the best they can be. Personally i like exclusives more but i dont blame people for wanting this.. The PS5 will have the same appeal in due time.. Give me exclusive sega games, tecmo games, Fable 4, KOTOR, and all those other titles they used to have and ill bite.. Until then, illl wait for sony's move in the next couple years.. I do think the xb1x is an impressive piece of hardware.. It just lacks the support i support... Eastern d...

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They should remake the first 3 LOZ games on one cart.. OoT already has a 3ds remake.. I would love to see the original, adventures of Link, and a link to the past remade with modern tech... I would much rather have a new game though..

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I saw the scorpio edition on amazon available... If i see multiplats i really want on a different level, i might get it one day.. For now i honestly couldnt care less about the differences.. I have a 4K HDR set up but multiplats are a dime a dozen.. I want unique, built from the ground up software.. Then ill consider it.. Its a nice console but i like exclusives WAY more than loot box cash in titles.. **cough** Ubisoft, EA, Activision, etc.. Red dead 2, Monster Hunter worlds, and a few others...

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In game engine cut scenes dude.. Are you hating? The prequel was great and if you thing this will be worse, you dont know crap about games..

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Sucks for whoever feels that way.. Im glad Ellie and Joels story still is a mystery.. I want this game to be a complete surprise.. ND earned my trust so im buying it and diving in without reviews.. I do agree with theories about that woman being Ellie's mom and them wanting the baby but who knows? 2018 is looking good!

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Nintendo fans are loyal if a quality title comes around.. I know i always buy exclusives for their consoles.. Still have a decent NES collection in my retro room.. Multiplats cant compete with something fresh imo

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ill grab that 128gb micro sd card as an extra for the switch.. Dont really need anything else though ;(

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Sonic forces isnt a bad deal..

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The game is great.. This new generation sucks the fun out of everything.. Movies, jokes, art, games, etc.. Nothing more than parasites in the modern world.. I feel sorry for women actually. Theyre going to be surrounded by sterile/neutered men and just go lesbian instead.. Good luck! Glad i got to enjoy the world before all this garbage tainted everything..

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This gen is already won.. Not because of the pro or x but standard PS4/XB1.. PS4 almost sold as much as PS3 already and its not slowing down with 2018s lineup.. The switch is coming up too as more people see its versatility and fantastic software.. Xenoblade 2 is almost here too.. Great year for nintendo and next year i feel sony is going to kill it

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Havent bought a COD game since modern warfare 2... Ill rent them here n there though

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I cant give a company my money unless they earn it.. I cant say im not buying the xb1x because i cant see the future but they havent earned it yet.. I wouldve preferred they invested the money in exclusive games and launched with a beast next gen.. If i give them money now it will give them the wrong impression.. I can wait even if the pro doesnt take full advantage of my 4k set up.. I enjoy the switch so ill be just fine for the time being.. I bet the games on the x look great though

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PS4 has a vastly superior software lineup and fantastic incoming games for 2018.. If microsoft gets the picture and releases games like they used to with the OG xbox, sure, id get it one day.. Its going to take a while to build up a library though.. Sega, tecmo, bioware, lionhead, etc used to make great games only playable there but those days are over as of now.. Ill never give up yakuza, tales of, persona, nier, king of fighters, guilty gear, or any of the other eastern developed games i lo...

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Microsoft needed to launch the xb1 with this type of mentality.. I think its kinda late to make something like this right now but we'll see what happens.. I might get it if red dead 2, monster hunter, and other games i personally like are vastly superior.. If its just resolution/textures ill wait until PS5 comes around.. Hopefully everyone who gets it enjoys it though.. The PS4 and switch earned my money through software i like.. This seems like multiplat enhancements that wont benefit me...

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Then why invest in the X?

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