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"Don't lie to yourself "


The problem was they were released at different times! some places released em earlier than others.. Target isnt even selling some wave 2s until the 30th which is stupid imo #3
build one GREAT GAME! No fn dlc or added crap later.. Make a huge roster & tons of levels, extras, etc the 1st time! Dont milk the franchise & make fans hate the series #8
excited is an understatement! will it have english voicework???

I hope sony can get vesperia in the US for vita or something.. Maybe a collection remaster for PS4 #5
my email said they cannot legally reinstate the order but will update with info on how to do so..

The reason its such a big deal is because they had a sale of buy 1 get 1 40% off & people are pissed! Like myself #2
i hope all those vita games get localized.. Im getting really fed up with this waiting game.. We barely got tales of hearts #3
all those games are just the beginning for devs to get used to the hardware.. It happens every gen.. Greatness awaits.. Best believe it when the metal gears & kingdom hearts type games start coming around.. Oh & bloodbourne? man 2015 & up will be awesome for current gen #26.1.1
better exclusives is correct.. Not better hardware though.. When the remasters stop & they start with the new engines, wii u will be forgotten unfortunately.. After zelda u, the console will have peaked & not much more will come from it.. Its almost dried out 3rd party wise #26
yea, im just not into PC gaming.. But it would make the perfect combo! #10.1.1
exclusive wise, wii u has the best.. I have PS4 for my 3rd party #10
im so pissed that toys r us cancelled my pre order of lucario & king DDD.. Their excuse was that there was not enough.. Even though i pre ordered on the day they were announced.. smh.. Im just not buying any more of them.. Its BS that they play games like that with store exclusives #8
mine got cancelled.. BS they gave me was there wasnt enough stock #1
rosalina sold out in 40 min a cpl days ago.. stupid.. Im not gonna support them if they dont make enough for everyone to have a chance #4
There was a huge shipping delay on this game.. It will be readily available nx week during christmas unfortunately.. Thats what i read & was told because i pre ordered the collectors edition & GS didnt have it..
http://shoryuken.com/2014/1... #4.1
i dont buy any games from sears but i remember momma getting me sonic 2 from there many MANY years ago.. Oh the joy of seeing that glorious platformer on those tvs was just priceless.. Honestly i didnt even know they still sold games #35
Maybe it sounds biased.. Maybe i am biased! However if i dont want it, i wont buy it.. Maybe they have a few exclusives that YOU personally like, but i dont care for any.. Killer Insinct & Tomb Raider later is all i want on there.. 2015 sony exclusives are what im waiting for.. Especially Bloodbourne! Theres many more i wont get into but yeah.. Not to mention Guilty Gear Xrd that im buying nx week..

All of wii u's exclusives kill everything xb1 has imo.. That me thou... #4.1.1
Im buying this but it really pisses me off that Jam, Dizzy, Bridget, Baiken, Testement, & MANY others arent in it! Really?!?! They said dlc later & ive seen concept art for them but its a shame they were omitted.. Watch an extended version come out later & then i have to buy this game again.. smh #3
It doesnt matter.. Good competition is healthy.. Im glad theres some sales to keep sony on their toes.. Yet i still see no need for xb1.. I have all i need with wii u & PS4.. Maybe ill buy xb1 when it gets a redesign & more exclusives come around that i want but for now, no way im supporting them.. Then i have to pay for xblg too?! NO! just no #4
im buying this for my vita.. I never got a chance to play it & love old school jrps.. Idk how this slipped passed my radar so many years ago... Then it got too expensive to buy so i let it go.. Now its only $10 so ima grab it #8
If you dont have a wii u, get it now! The bundles plus these sales will save you big on a nice little collection of AAA software.. Not to mention all those nice nintendo reward points #4
damnit! another?! lol why not just make a sequel?! I bought damn near every iteration of guilty gear & blaz blu... Now i have to buy Xrd & Phantasma extend PS4 all the way.. Unless maybe they make DLC for the new characters #13
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