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Sweet but im not buying all kinds of virtual console games again.. They need to have a better account system that gives you the license to re download what you've bought.. However, since this seems to be a collection of games, i might if the price and amount of games is right..

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I started gaming in the mid-late 80s and witnessed this all play out.. It was devastating to me when i saw sega die a slow painful death but i didnt hold allegiance to any one console.. I had nintendo, sega, and sony eventually.. I held off as long as possible to buy a PS1 but FF7 made me get it.. Now its just Sony and Nintendo for me.. I stopped supporting xbox mid 360's life when bioware went multiplat and fable swirled down the toilet..

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It is a terrible launch line up and that 1 2 switch shouldve been a FN pack in! However, Zelda is so damn amazing that it doesnt matter to me.. Ill play it all the way through then my switch will collect dust until mario kart or something releases.. I didnt purchase any DLC for it on wii u so ill play it again with the new controls..

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I think its a cool feature that shouldve been done a while ago.. BTW WTF can i order a damn pro controller?!?! Its not showing up anywhere at all

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Nice.. Im looking forward to playing the switch.. Im definitely buying a pro controller for it but i think the joycons in each hand will feel and play better than the nunchuck wii controls.. Kinda sucks that i wont have anything to play after Zelda for a while.. Mario isnt coming until holiday time ;(

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Do people even need to debate this? Its blatantly obvious Sony has a stronghold in that department followed by Nintendo who's exclusives alone are great enough to buy their systems.. Even without knowing when they're coming in.. With those two systems, you can play the best games ever

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Those splatoon tracks arent new? I never downloaded anything for the wii u version that wasnt free..

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As cool as the prime series was, i prefer the side scrolling metroid games much more.. A great 2.5D version that smokes team ninjas efforts would be great.. Ill take another prime game but i'd be more stoked for the original formula.. Sonic team is doing both.. Why cant nintendo?

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Where the hell are the party members?

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That's a disturbing question really.. I wished them the best after the troubled launch but they couldnt shake it.. Very sad because it really needs them.. Hopefully they scrap the scorpio and just launch the successor to the xb1.. Theres no coming back from this imo.. Losing scalebound made me just go with the switch instead

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Gravity Rush and Valkyrie Revolution are must haves for me

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another game im adding to my collection.. I read there was no 3D on this one though... I wonder why.. Its for the 3DS after all

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day 1 for sure.. I liked the prequel

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Good enough for me.. I loved the prequel

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Wow.. The only exclusive i considered buying the xb1 for too.. Oh well, if they want my business they better get others im interested in.. Some may not care but i do.. They really screwed up this gen imo..

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i hope so.. Nintendo are the innovators of the gaming industry

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I bought it day 1 and still havent opened it.. I played a little bit of the PS3 version and know its a great game but i dont have the time to dive into it just yet.. Possibly when i take my vaca from work ill give it another go

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nintendo is filthy rich.. They wont go bankrupt but might go 3rd party

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crossed fingers for a sequel. They said Dark Souls is finished but demon souls and Bloodborne still have a chance.. Excellent developers.

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Doesnt mean they cant work harder to get things done

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