Don't lie to yourself
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I have it but havent opened it yet.. Im disappointed with the scores..

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Oh? I didnt bother to check.. Scorpio needs some games that make it shine if im to bother with it. If not, im not wasting my money..

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Good for them.. They need to draw in that kind of crowd so it makes sense for them to put effort into making the genre shine on their new platform.. Im not waiting on it though, getting it on PS4 and even though im getting VR, i dont think ill like it with this game.

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I know im not going to buy a slim if the scorpio is coming out next year.. Why would i buy the cheaper one if i can save up and get the better version later? I have a PS4 but im not getting the neo unless theres games and features that i really want to use it for.. That being said, im perfectly fine with the PS4 & Wii U for the time being.. Theres plenty of games now and more coming to keep me busy.. My backlog is massive. Behind on so many games i cant keep up honestly

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I wish my woman was cool enough to do stuff like that. She hates when i play my games lol

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I gotsta have this

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Landslide victory for sony. Game after game after game.. Thats what we want to see. Stronger hardware doesnt need to be shown unless theres software taking advantage of it

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They took out towns & other things so the game isnt spoiled before release

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IDK about these newer versions. Ill have to see software take advantage of the power before i make a jump

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There were so many i cant choose just 5

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lol then why are they behind?

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Sony owned Microsoft.. A beefy console is meaningless without software.. Show the games next year with the console and then i might care.. As of now, they have nothing that interests me..

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I saw the zelda trailer but now its nothing but pokemon gameplay.. Get back to LoZ!

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Thats ok. I have a huge backlog of games to play in the meantime as well as some other titles incoming for the rest of the year

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RE7, PSVR, & this will be greatness

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Can i have some of whatever your smoking? PS4 has many games out now and they're going to continue flowing in for years to come.. What good is a beefy console and fancy controller with no games? Sure theres multiplats but anyone can buy a PC and play anything xb offers. Sony owned E3 by doing what E3 is for.. Showing BA incoming new games

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Sony killed it.. That new scorpio may be a power house but it wont have games like this so i really dont care.. When will people realize that games are the most important part about buying a system? Power is good but without great support and exclusives, its useless.

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I love the fact PSVR will have a quality horror game but im not sure how i feel about a cannon RE game being in 1st person. Just going to have to wait and see how it turns out.. Wheres the RE2 remake btw?

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Insomniac will do a great job with this i think.. This might be the Spiderman game people have been waiting for.. Theyve been pretty crappy for a long time but this seems like a great change.. Since its an exclusive, theres a good chance the game ends up using PS4 to its potential.. Multiplats usually need to make different sacrifices to make the game playable on all platforms

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eh who cares? I really didnt care to play part 3 anyway so ill live. Theres plenty of other PS4 exclusives that take a dump all over this

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