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"Don't lie to yourself "


Awesome game! I just wish it had more characters i used in XXcore #4
yup & i dont even use them.. I just want them there incase a game releases that i want & cant find the amiibo im searching for.. Sucks that they dont make enough of certain types but understandable to an extent for shelf space.. At least allow people to order them without giving scalpers the joy of knowing they screwed u becasue you didnt order it the 1st 30 minutes it went live #7
i would go purely physical if i could but a lot is only digital.. I love the case work & manuals with my games.. it being digital to save a few bucks while releasing broken titles pisses me off #1
i dont mind if theyre 3rd party titles.. Just not purely indie.. I dont know if i wouldve bought the thing if it were gonna lose all support #10.1.1
if they do a price drop as well as drop the price of new software, the sales will increase.. $250 wii u with $50 games is reasonable.. The lack of internal storage & that huge gamepad turns off a lot of people.. U have to buy an external HDD, pr controller, & hold onto any previous controllers from Gamecube forward to get the best experience out of wii u...Them only giving fans 30 min to pre order certain items doesnt help either #7
gamecube bombed too.. This is sad but im still loving all the great games they release #5
Unfortunately only nintendo fans & people that buy family friendly games will consider a wii u.. Its such a fantastic system but nobody seems to want it.. Best exclusives around too #35
the anticipation is killing me! & theyre releasing Dark Souls 2 on PS4 with all the current dlc too.. The order is another AAA title for PS4 i cant wait to get my hands on.. Not to mention the NEW 3DS, Majoras Mask, & MH4U.. so much money im going to spend that its a double edged sword.. Ill be broke in February but ill have tons of games to enjoy.. #11
ill be playing a lot of games on the NEW 3DS when this releases but hopefully ill be finished with Majoras Mask by the time this drops.. Im really looking forward to it & praying its not a dud #7
if FF15 doesnt bring back that great feeling of playing a jrpg, i will give up all hope for FF all together #11
i have a gut feeling that this is gonna be a ps plus title.. Im still gonna buy it for PS4 but i think its gonna be released in time for free #6
I dont understand why vita doesnt have Resident Evil Revelations.. I think its getting pt 2 but i would like to have both on the same handheld.. Personally i would like ORIGINAL AAA vita titles released... Im so tired of ports & remakes.. Make something happen Sony! Japan gets way more titles than the US... Yea it isnt region locked but who wants to play a game w/o knowing what anything says? Just put something new out there instead of making it an idie system or remote play accessory for... #10
Its the perfect time to finish A LOT of games that i never got to complete because of the 3D breaking up while playing.. Kid Icarus, Luigis Mansion, Star Fox, Kirby, etc.. Im going to play Majoras Mask 1st.. Then MH4U & the others #6
that would be great if they announce a current gen version that makes use of its power.. Some nice cell shaded art would work & brilliant particle effects #9
Man i love street fighter but i hope there isnt too many super turbo hyper editions.. I can see 1 but they re release it so many different times that i have a feeling a hyper edition will release on all current gen consoles plus PC #27
i think all their IPs are good but wont catch on to the general market.. Nintendo fans will be there but thats it.. If mario kart & smash bros didnt hit the home run, nothing is #20
I got an email from one retailer to pick some up tomorrow but not from the rest.. I wonder why.. Dont they all release tomorrow?? #3
shouldnt nintendo let people know when these things release? Why play all the games instead of telling their fans? #1
I love their work so im always going to support them but people just dont understand it & AAA 3rd party is where the market is.. I myself require 2 home consoles to play the games i like.. PS4 & WIi U are it for this gen... PS4 has good support & good 1st party while nintendo has great 1st party & weak support.. #16
i already have tomb raider & thats pretty much all i liked that square published lately.. As far as NEW games go.. remasters just dont count in my book.. #14
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