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this game raises the bar so far other platforms cant even see the bar.

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fixed? it wasn't broke. an that blonde guy looks like a ton o guys you see in taiwan.

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preach it. gies is a classic her and a example of everthing wrong with game journos.

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add me to the list of rebuyers

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my wallet is ready.

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animations are rigged to the character. very little to do with how the game's gonna look. gotta read the article cause it's misleading as a headline. an when they won't talk directly about the way the game looks you k of their not close.

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ubi should learn how not to lie to the public bout real game play. preach on it sucker punch.

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money money money. and as they said he must a called in a favor.

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josh Brolin got my vote for joel. for ellie I gotta say a newcomer.

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hey doolin, the ps4 had a launch to make in japan. mos of the ps4 stock went there. you cant outsell somebody by the same amount when your stocks in anoither country. also the infamous launch is two weeks further out than the titan launch was. facts my man facts.

just ask yourself two questions. which console had a exclusive with the biggest advertising budget? which console was never ever out of stock the whole month of february?

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i just know ill pay anything to get that on my new ps4. its updating now. can't wait.

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just got home an unboxed my ps4. i havent gamed in a long time an I went ps4 months ago.

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i love it when people don't know of when to not say something.

i come back off deployment for this? just got my ps4 for this? you dudes, dominate an no limit should have let it go. now you look worse for what you did. 

you claim morg said he went to epic an seen gearsowar running on a ps3 dev kit and he said show me where i said that. he said he saw bug reports an posts on the dev net. he admits that. has for years on this site. 

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I have no room in my common sense gaming life for John Lewis.

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Call me when Crytek makes their first PS4 game and goes into full bore apology suck up mode.

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Yeah not really hacking when they are telling you its allowed, are telling you how, and giving you tools.

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Ninty betrayed him first.

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Painfully tedious? Sounds like somebody is a incompetent gamer.

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Really bad marketing move. GAF will rip his talking points and ms will be worse off.

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Know how to use the internet? No didn't think so. Just look at retail reports on preorders. This ain't 2005 buddy.

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