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PS+ anyone ?
Have a good day.

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And can we do that with other consoles to explain that they sell more or is it just for the Wii U in particular ?

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I think it's the same guy that wrote the review of Far Cry 3 on 1up
He gave Far Cry 3 a B-

He is more attracted by linear games than Sandbox, i say that because he also gave a B to Borderlands 2.

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First time in Years we see an article saying something like that about Microsoft.

Most often it is "Sony is doomed", so really surprising to see that on N4G

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Looks gorgeous.

What would have been great is a commercial done by Ghibly to promote the game on TV

How could Sony miss that ?
This game need advertizing

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If this game could sale well, it would turn more developpers to produce very ambitious JRPG like Ni No Kuni on current & next gen. Glad to see there are still oldschool reviewers and players in this industry that can appreciate and love traditional japanese RPG. Great read.

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So let see one thing DMC has a 9.0 score for "longevity" and Nino Kuni an 8.5 like Mass Effect 3.
Oh well seems leggit.

What ?

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Massive, that what you expect from a Game of The Year contender. =)

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Can an administrator of N4G confirm me tht we can report "Pachter news" or everything related to "Pachter predictions" .
Because by still pusblishing those news we promote his name, and this guy is less reliable than my young cousin or is always saying things that we know from months/years.

I am very serious, i think that this is a freedom for all contributer of N4g to start reporting all those news and stop considering what he says like something ...

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Rushed ? maybe not, maybe the game has just been developped for the DS and has been ported to 3DS

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No article to say that WiiU is doomed ?

Who are the people that write about the Vita's failure ?

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Maybe one of the greatest JRPG ever made

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Nope i'm just pointing that in 2007, remote playing was actually possible. There were not big articles about that, it was not the big thing, but for people who tried it, it was more than just a little feature.

Technology has certainly evolved we're talking about a 5 years feature here (it can be considered as a century for technowhore :p). At that time people could also stream the game through the PSP and play on the go.

With the same logic that the ...

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And when you could play back in 2007 Lair on PSP was it meant to sell the WiiU ?

Oh maybe.
Who knows ?

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"if you look at them for what they are, handheld games, you’ll soon realize that they’re some of the best ever created."
Wise man

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I think people should stop believing when infomations come from blogs with those poor speculations.

It's the best way to be disapointed if it's not true.

This article is only based on speculation, it has been written to generate clicks.
So if i were you i would be more hyped by games like Phantasy Star online 2, Tearaway or Soul sacrifice.

Those games can already be considered as potential best game of the year on Vita. No nee...

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Can we report every pachter news ? I mean we have reported Hip Hop Gamer for his news but Pachter is always saying things and only 15% happens each time.

It's time to stop mentionning him on N4G

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It's not WiiU haters that should be educated. More and more webzines and so called journalists have been through years building their articles on console war, on doom articles and click oriented reviews. This has generated all those cycles where everyone copy each other, there are no more opinions, there are good or bad opinions, and that's a problem.

Gamers are just following the trend initiated by some stupid people. The result you can see it everyday in those headline...

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In fact it has plenty of games that are very pleasant to play. It has a lot of good games.

I think if it lacks something it has more to do with the press/zines covers

This console is too hardcore for mainstream gamers or iPhone or android gamers. And of course it's not always designed for kids, therefore you can forget the excuse : "ok this game is average, we have played it 500 times, but it designed for kids so it's cool" relayed by a lot ...

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The problem is that it is not "Journalism"
It's just about articles that makes views and are meant for money of adds campaign.

And what about the lack of knowledge of most of those so called "journalists"? They only know shooters games. The most specialized reviewers are working on specialized blogs that nobody reads because it's not IGN or Gamespot.

To have big scores nowadays it's "tell me how much your game cos...

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