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It's western Switch preorders (Europe plus NA) exceeding a year's worth of western PS4 sales (Europe plus NA plus Non-Japan Asia), so yes this is a big surprise for NIS America.

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Do have a read of the article as it explains things in detail, but basically if it were higher than 444mhz it wouldn't be able to keep that speed for long as the heat it generates would cause problems (lower battery life, a hot handheld, unstable performance).

It is a shame that Sony felt the need to sell it on big, infeasible numbers like 2.0GHz, as they could have just let the games speak for themselves.

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Sorry about the confusing article description. The 800MHz is the speed we all expected it to be based on factors like what Apple went for with its equivalent CPU at the time, whereas hackers recently discovered that Vita's CPU is actually clocked at between 44MHz and 444MHz, with 333MHz being the default.

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This. That Vita's CPU was clocked fairly low for Cortex-A9 is testament to the top tier developers' talent.

Of course, it does explain why a lot of the console-level ports weren't CPU-heavy, but I'm still pretty darn impressed with what they got out of the hardware. It's only really starting to show its age now, with ports like Geometry Wars 3 being quite pared back.

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Yeah, I don't think it was wise of Sony to state that 2GHz was the speed of the Cortex-A9, when that's the maximum feasible speed Cortex-A9 can run at, and probably something that would only be possible in a big console-like form factor.

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Sadly, Eidolon is right, Vita's CPU operates between 44-444mhz (click through to the article), which is the surprising part as we all expected 800MHz or abouts.

My bad for mentioning 800mhz as the speed we expected in the description, rather than the actual speed of the CPU (333MHz at default with dynamic scaling of 44-444MHz. The 800MHz is what most people "in the know" thought Sony would have chosen as its max clock speed, so I thought it was worth mentioning....

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I'm pleased with how this looks, you can actually see the people playing the games, not a big headset in front. Hope they depict PS VR like this in all the marketing, as it actually looks really appealing and genuinely cool.

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Since the Xbox One moved to monthly updates it's probably made the contrast bigger.

PS3 did get regular updates but proper feature updates were few and far between, basically.

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What's the deal with all the downvotes for comments celebrating the Vita?

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Really depressing, hope it gets a strong marketing push on PS4 too.

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Ah yeah, that makes sense, a lot of the big Vita games are coming out of Japan, yeah.

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Sad times, I was hoping for Vita stuff at E3, I guess it isn't going to happen now.

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This so much, one of the most inventive games I've played in recent times.

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Re: Last comment

Deadly Premonition's development had nothing to do with Microsoft, it was a third party game which was originally multiplatform -- the original Japanese release (called Red Seeds Profile) was released on 360 and PS3.

When Aksys Games decided to bring it to the west, they only brought the 360 version over. Then the Director's Cut happened by way of Rising Star Games. Neither Microsoft or Sony put a penny in the game's development, ...

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Maybe not PS4 because Microsoft Studios published and funded the game's development.

Consider that lot of Xbox One digital games are seeing their PC release on Windows 10 with cross-buy support for XBO/Win10 -- easy way for MS to push their new platform, and also come up with a compelling alternative to Valve's Steam Monopoly.

As nice as a PS4 release would be for those without a PC or One, it just isn't feasible.

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Wish I could reply to your reply but I'll do it here. You're right, I think it's because some of the screens show a very zoomed out view, so you're not getting as much detail as you would from behind the Karter. The Cheese Land image is a good representation though, I think.

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Mario Kart 8 doesn't use any antialiasing whatsoever, so regardless of the rendering resolution there will always be jaggies around the polygons.

If we were to view the 5k images on a high-ppi monitor at 2880p (the latest iMac has 5k on a 27" display), then the pixels would be small enough that you don't notice the jaggies anyway.

But if you zoom into 100% and view a small portion of the 2880p image at whatever monitor you're using (mine'...

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I definitely appreciate the sentiment made on this piece -- it does suck that every 3DS owner can't play Xenoblade.

However, the main argument behind it is technically based around factually incorrect information:

"Now I know why Nintendo decided to do this and that was to promote the Nintendo Amiibo feature"

This is not entirely true, it was because they needed the extra CPU power for an open world, and an open world requires m...

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