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Read on a bit. Dragon Age has the potential to be a system seller, but it also can invigorate developers to publishers RPGs of the like if successful on the Wii U. I also think it is the least likely to take a beating by fans for getting exclusivity.

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Super Mario RPG 2 and Resident Evil 0. Interesting.

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Very bad game. The horror.

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Interesting read.

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Wow. That is a project

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No. We don't need to punish anyone.

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Very much agree with you. Sad thing is that most don't seem to care if they are stealing or not.

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Sounds decent enough, but I think I will wait for the next SSB

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Wow. A 10 for a port. This must be pretty good.

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Looks awesome. Can't wait to see all that this game has in store

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I respect that. I don't review or play a game for the general community's opinions, however. When I review a game, I try to speak of what the product is like, and give my own opinions along the way.

The review score covers my experience, and I refused to score it any less because this is the type of game I will be playing for years to come. IGN, Gamespot, and Destructoid are made up of editors that are human as well, and they chose their scores based on their own expe...

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I wish I was. That would be fantastic to get paid for enjoying a game. ;) Capcom provided nothing but the reviewer's copy, and I had one of the best weeks all year going through all of the campaigns.

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As the author of this review, I am a bit insulted that some of you would throw up accusations of Capcom getting better favor due to advertising. Did you notice that Amazon, our own personal Amazon store is getting the link back? That is the only advertising we have given the game.

I loved every minute of Resident Evil 6, and 5 is/was my favorite of the franchise. This is coming from a long time fan. Every opinion is different, but it is really sad that people think every revi...

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Damn, you mad huh.

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meh. I didn't think it was coming out anyway

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That's a sharp interview!

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Feb was the US release date.

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How many were from Sony? And why is a price drop out of the question. It would only make sense considering.

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The 3DS sales say otherwise.

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