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You don't understand, do you?

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No, he should not apologize

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It's a sad thing to see how the stupidest things attract controversy. While EA racks up cash by cheating a market, yanking servers offline from paying customers and using free to play to change their IPs into legalized gambling, a torso is what makes news.

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Hahahahaha. Yes, they would. That would be bad.

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GodChild: You have a point, but how many of those titles were cross platform or ports? Where is the originality? Sony is playing it safe with the Vita, and that needs to change. How many original titles can you count that were first party in the past year for the Vita - that were not released on the PS3? That is the problem. Imagine the next GOW as a Vita exclusive- or even The Last of Us. The PS3 won't lose hardly any sales as a console, and the Vita would have something major it could c...

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FAR from killing it. Turning the exclusive PS3 first party titles into Vita exclusives will not hurt what is already successful. Third parties can easily pick up the slack.

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When they are forcing consumers to pay for the Vita with barely any's time to let go.

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Why not do it on a Vita and give that platform something it needs to succeed?

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Not when Sony isn't doing anything with the Vita.

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Yeah, this is a bit much. Not the statue, but the controversy. It's a zombie torso, made for fun to promote a zombie game. Yes, it has boobs, but females tend to have those and a covered torso for a game that takes place on a beach would make no sense.

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Forza...more like Snoresa

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Yes, indeed it does.

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Pfft. walking dead>you.

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sadly, that Rare is dead, relying on old hits and kinect sports to keep their name out there.

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Yes! Pokemon Snap would be brilliant with the Gamepad!

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@KMCROC You got a point

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Read on a bit. Dragon Age has the potential to be a system seller, but it also can invigorate developers to publishers RPGs of the like if successful on the Wii U. I also think it is the least likely to take a beating by fans for getting exclusivity.

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Super Mario RPG 2 and Resident Evil 0. Interesting.

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Very bad game. The horror.

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Interesting read.

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