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Thousands of jobs that are only giving 10 hours a week to everyone but store managers, if that - and pressuring employees into getting consumers into a pyramid scheme trade system in order to simply keep their job? How does that help anyone?

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*Looks at Opinion tag on article* For myself...and for others who feel the same way. This is not an attack piece. It is a piece about how Gamestop are demeaning their base to stay relevant.

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I think Sony was strong, as they didn't even need to show to be a success. This conference was kind of like "look where we are now". I am proud of a company that once ran third, learning from its past mistakes and moving forward full steam ahead. That said, Microsoft seem to be picking off their blinders and getting back some momentum - and hopefully that lasts. Nintendo is off being Nintendo, and as usual, that is just fine.

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A New Rayman game announced for 2018, and I would guess there will be a demo showing the features
A New Rayman Port announced for this year for the Switch, This Fall
Gameplay from the new Assassin's Creed Out November 2017
A New Trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2
Just Dance 2018
Just Dance Unlimited To Get More Songs; Free Pass for New users
Tom Clancy GRAW Returns and Gameplay is Shown
Steep Sequel

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This is the article equivalent of those outdated T-Shirts at Wal-Mart, which oddly enough mostly feature Stewie Griffin. CheatCC need to stop with these desperate attempt for views.

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This is clickbait. The warranties for this model have expired long ago as they have been out of print for at least two years...

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That grammar.

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It isn't game journos fault that you do not understand that reviews are opinions spoken in front of an audience. Ironic that the blog does a clickbait title (anytime you have half a convo like "I didn't like..." or "I thought" it is personalized clickbait. A blog entry that goes into detail of why one man can't fathom that people have opinions other than his own, with a string of theories to feed his need for answers. Sigh.

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No, I love NintendoLife, and several other websites that support Ninty. There are a lot of things wrong with the brand, but dragging a character in the mud that we know nothing about is poor form all around as it shows the lack of literacy of the writers as this foolish piece explores an area that is not even known at this moment. We know nothing about Linkle except she is a skin in Hyrule and will be featured in future titles. No backstory, nothing. This reminds me of when people were flippi...

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I have a problem with clickbait and downranked this website. If you were really fans, you would take time to read and find out that hardly any thing is known about the character you are throwing in the mud for heat on a boiler website. Wait, find out more, then educate yourself before you write.

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Destructoid used to be great. It's not the score that bothers me, but the pretentious snark that all of the new writers have. Sad how this site has fallen.

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Do you people seriously not understand what this event was? We got plenty of new games shown, more games detailed with actual history of the hard work that went into making them. Go back and watch it and tell me you don't appreciate Miyamoto's passion as he speaks.

It was a simple event from a company who announces games all year long through Nintendo Directs. How selfish of people to think that there isn't an audience for Federation, or Woolly World.

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Hopefully you can sell your Wii U to buy literacy classes. Sheesh.

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whatculture is a generic top 10 website that exists purely to provide linkbait. I see their stories linked on twitter from time to time, and then I go "oh, its just them". Top 10s are a crutch for poor writing, and this one was created just to generate hits.

Witcher 3 is sure to have flaws, but try actually speaking on them instead of creating a terrible list.

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That bundle is very tempting as well.

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I love streams personally. Its sad to see the big publishers turn their backs on their fans and treat them terribly. This is why indie darlings thrive on the PC though, as the userbase has that instant access after watching a video. We need to see more streams for titles that are not Watch Dogs and such on consoles. More creativity.

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Looks absolutely charming! The world needs more of these unique little gems

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I don't quite agree with that as Rayman is never going to be a system seller. To the hardcore market, the gameplay is solid gold. To us, that is. To outsiders that buy Nintendo products such as parents, he is just another cartoon for their kids, with no true weight compared to Mario, Zelda, ect.

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Rayman is great, but I am still a bit annoyed with how often Ubisoft delay things.

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Don't see a reason for this port, but since it was a fantastic game, no reason not to I suppose.

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